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Posted by Al Gobeo on February 17, 2001 23:53:18 UTC

In the interest of this forum, God and Science, I submit the following.

45,000 BC
There is evidence of human ritualistic burials at sites in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

15,000 BC
Cave paintings in Europe points toward human worship of animalistic deities.

6000 BC
Civilization begins in the Tigris and Euphrates River valleys. From this early culture cam the Sumerian civilization, they worship the sun god AN and the mother goddess Innin along with a pantheon of lesser deities.

4004 BC
Estimated date of God’s creation of the Earth, from a Biblical analysis performed by Bishop James Ussher in the seventeenth century.

3000 BC or 10000 BC
Beginnings of Hinduism in the Indus River Valley. The Hindus revere a wide pantheon of deities, all of whom are revealed as expressions of the one true Supreme Being. Thus Hinduism may be seen as either pantheistic or monotheistic.

2800 BC
The first Egyptian dynasty. The Pharaoh is proclaimed as the “God King”.

2000 BC
The beginning of Judaism in the Middle East.

1750 BC
Stonehenge established as a religious center for the Druids, this site was most likely a temple for sun worship.

1500 BC
The beliefs and values of Hinduism are expressed in the Rig Vega. This document will be expanded over the following thousand years with the Brahmins, the Aranyakas, and the Upanishads.

1385 BC
Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV establishes the short-lived monotheism of Aton, the sun god.

1100 BC
Moses receives the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai, laying down a general code of morals that is still followed today.

950 BC
Brahmanism begins in India, teaching individualism and the existence of the soul.

900 BC
Greek civilization emerges with their pantheon of gods and goddesses.

753 BC
The city of Rome is founded and many of the Greek deities will be adopted by the Romans and installed as the state religion until the birth and expansion of Christianity.

630 BC
Approximate birthrate of Zeroaster, founder of the Persian monotheistic religion, Zeroastrainism. Some accounts place his birth as much as 1000 years earlier then this accepted date.

600 BC
Captive Jews in Babylonia first inscribe the Old Testament.

550 BC
Vardhamana Mehavirs Jina establishes modern Jainism in India. Jains believed in the liberation of the individual soul through asceticism and is one of the few major atheistic world beliefs.

525 BC
Lao Tzu founds Taoism in China with the book of Tao and Virtue. This slim 5000-word volume announces the Tao teachings of humanity, peace and unity with nature and the universe. Today Taoism is as much a philosophy as it is a religion.

500 BC
Running parallel with Taoism, Kung Fu Tzu (Confucius) founds Confucianism in China. This rationalist philosophic religion emphasizes reliance upon the self, devotion to virtue, and honoring of ancestors.

500 BC
Prince Siddartha Gautama (Sakyamuni) founds Buddhism in Northern India. This major world religion now practiced by more the 250 million people, teaches the value of the “Middle Way” between asceticism and hedonism.

1 AD
Approximate date of the birth of Jesus Christ.

33 AD
The death of Jesus Christ, His disciples will spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire over the next several centuries.

470 AD
Height of the Mayan civilization in central Mexico. They worship a deity pair bond know as Xpiyacoc and Xmucane who created the universe.

476 AD
The fall of the Western Roman Empire at Constantinople ushers in the Dark Ages in Europe.

600 AD
The Prophet Muhammad founds Islam in Mecca. Followers of Islam worship Allah an all-powerful monotheistic deity.

632 AD
Buddhism becomes the state religion of Tibet.

1191 AD
The Japanese monk Eisai founds the Rinzai school of Zen, a meditative form of Buddhism.

1233 AD
Pope Gregory IX begins the Inquisition, which will spread throughout Europe over the next three centuries. It is an attempt to destroy individual religious thought through Church sponsored interrogation and torture.

1517 AD
Martin Luther uses the printing press to circulate his 95 critiques of the Church causing the first major schism in Christianity.

1543 AD
Copernicus theory of the sun-centered solar system, this contradicted the church held belief that God created the Earth as the center of the universe.

1600 AD
The Catholic Church has Giordano Bruno burned at the stake for suggesting that the stars might be suns, complete with orbiting planets and possibly intelligent life.

1620 AD
English Puritans land at Plymouth escaping religious prosecution in England.

1776 AD
The United States of America declares its independence from England, establishing freedom of faith.

1859 AD
Charles Darwin publishes The Origin of Species.

1905 AD
Albert Einstein reveals his theory of relativity.

1927 AD
Physicist Werner Heisenberg questions the nature of truth with his uncertainty principle, which states that the act of physical observation changes the properties of the phenomena being observed.

1939 – 1945 AD
Mankind unlocks the power of the Atom.

1953 AD
James Watson and Francis Crick discover the double-helix structure of the DNA molecule.

1957 AD
Russia starts the space age with the launch of Sputnik.

1968 AD
Dr, Christian Bernard performs the first human heart transplant.

1969 AD
The United States of America land men on the moon.

1978 AD
Steve Wozniack and Steve Jobs introduce the first commercial personal computer called the Apple.

2000 AD
Earth population exceeds six billion.

2001 AD
The Genome Project completed.
Human Cloning becomes a reality reported by 20/20 ABC news show.

Acknowledgements: Most of the timeline from the above was taken from the magazine called Magical Blend, this magazine tracks the changes that society is undergoing, and it endorses no particular political or religious philosophy. I did add a few dates and comments of my own.

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