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Welcome to the Astronomy Net - just one member of the family of Astronomy.Net sites.
Here you can find resouces to help understand perhaps the grandest of all sciences.
Employing widely disparate disciplines astronomy boldly attempts to understand nothing less than the universe itself. This site exists to help you achieve this goal.

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Triple Planetary Conjunction May 25, 2013
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Something from our Image Gallery
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Astronomy Image #20
John Huggins
Please send your photos to for inclusion in the photo gallery.

The AstroGuide

This site includes lists of manufacturers, vendors, software, etc. organized in the AstroGuide to help when you are looking to purchase your tools. Login to help us verify the links.

Astronomy News

The popular Astronomy News sections organizes current and past astronomy news headlines for your convenience. Login for more features.

The Astronomy Shop

Astronomy, Science and other Discussion Forums

Need advice? Your question may already have an answer waiting for you in the Astronomy Forums. Use the search engine to seek out your information. Can't find it? Create an account and post your question in the appropriate forum. Our patrons are numerous; I'm sure at least one will be glad to help you. You may also find what you seek in the many articles written by our patrons.

Astronomy Articles

Several patrons have written articles to share some of their knowledge with you. We hope you will find them helpful. Are you interested in writing an article for the Astronomy Net? Let us know.

Astronomy Clubs

Ready to take the next step? We suggest seeking the fellowship of a local astronomy club to continue your pursuit of astronomy. We maintain a list of clubs and associations in the astroguide for your use.

Amateur Radio Astronomy Net

Amateur radio operators with an interest in astronomy are asked to join us when they can in Astronomy Related Ham Radio Nets.

Calendar of Events

See what happening in our onine calendar of events.
Add your event so others may find it.


Information on the constellations can be found here.

Image Gallery

Check out the images our patrons have made available for your viewing pleasure. Here is one example.

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AstroImage #19 Northern Lights
John Huggins

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Here is our complete list of what's available on this site.

We have been helping SETI@Home process data to aid the search for possible signals from space..
Please join our SETI@Home group.

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