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Posted by Richard Ruquist on April 23, 2004 15:11:56 UTC

[Like Wanda I have copied over Glenn's text. But my responses are insereted in brackets-like these]

Glenn says,
In a human brain, there are at first thoughts, then inference, and then logic. The brain differentiates the phenomena it has perceived in the universe into things that are alike or unlike. Similarities are inducted from things alike. As a system is concluded, a theory is brought forth. For instance, water, essentially composed of H2O, appears in three different states as a solid, a liquid, and a gas under the law of physics, depending on temperature.

All human civilizations are achieved by means of such a logical elaboration. However, such logical elaboration is built upon the observation of the changing "forms" within the three realms and keeps looking for the nature that unites all changes until an ultimate answer can be found. Such a way is partial because it does not make evaluations from the overall perspective of the ten great characters: Essence, Form, Wisdom, Virtue, Principle, Practice, Energy, Effect, Time, and Space. Although logical elaboration is based on changes in the forms, it still has real value. The real spirit of science lies in that we have to presume a theory is right before we find the evidence to prove that it is wrong. And then we will take various steps to observe, test, and infer repetitively until we find the ultimate answer to the forms.

Humankind approach finding the ultimate answer to the forms in two ways: one is to explore the state of the universe from the largest aspect of the form and the other is to find the fundamental particles of matter from the smallest aspect of the form. In high energy physics, starting from the atom and electron, they found proton, neutron, quark, and leptons. And next to this is the state of anti-matter. These are the fundamental particles. From cosmic expansion, they discovered the black hole, the white hole (its counterpart), and the worm hole - the speedy passage connecting galaxies (for example, the Milky Way where we reside and other galaxies).

[White holes and worm holes have not been fonud yet and none depend on universal expansion]

As for the passage between different universes, we shall have the theory of Gu hole. In order to understand the origin of the universe, for example, the Big-Bang theory they believe it is necessary to understand the fundamental structural unit of the universe. This accords with the characteristics of the Buddha nature in Forshang doctrines stating that one is infinity, infinity is one, the perfect harmony of one and plural, and the perfect harmony of the greatest and the smallest.

[Not amenable to math]

Buddhism also states that the Bodhisattva can transform into one hundred metamorphic bodies and is able to know what has been done in the past and what will happen in the future. In the past these were things that some scientific theories can never concur. However, in July, 1995, Steven Hawking published a well-known essay, in which he admitted that he has been wrong for the past thirty years in rebutting the possibilities of time travel with numerous theories stating that it is impossible for humans to go back to the past and that time travel is impossible because it violates all the existing scientific theories. In this essay, he openly apologized to all the scientists of the world that he now knew with his current understanding of the scientific theories that time travel is absolutely possible.

[Please reference that essay. No scientist believes in time travel]

Theoretically, human brain waves are capable of exceeding the limitation of time and space if some appropriate development is applied. All these are perfectly right. Thus, the supernatural power to know the past and future stated in Buddhism are finally recognized.

Moreover, the Forshang doctrines provide the ultimate and perfect explanation to the concept of the universe and all the phenomena of the universe, which is based on the ten great characters - Essence, form, wisdom, virtue, principle, practice, energy, effect, time and space, the integration of mind and matter, the conversion of mass and energy, the unity of time and space, and the integration of existence and non-existence. Put simply, the universe is formed in the unity of time and space with no differentiation of forms. Steven Hawking has already calculated that the smallest unit of time is 10-57 sec, being the infinitesimal. He has also figured out in mathematical calculations that the second is the eternity. He then had some beginning understanding of the unity of time and space.

[This is from loop quantum gravity which Hawking has not published in yet. You are just throwing arouind names without understanding]

Yet, he cannot come up to the understanding of the integration of existence and non-existence. In scientific experiments conducted several years ago, it was discovered that any form of existence can come out of a vacuum state. However he ran into problems while looking for a way to unite the concept of time and space. In the conversion of mass and energy theory, Einstein already figured out E=MC2, but he did not find the equation E=1/MC2 which takes the spiritual field into consideration.

[Your Buddhist equation is diemensionall incorrect. Have have to get the dimensions correct to be physics]

Modern science has only touched a bit of the integration of existence and non-existence, the conversion of mass and energy, and the unity of time and space. What it cannot figure out completely is the integration of mind and matter. The most fundamental of Forshang Buddhism mental doctrines is the integration of mind and matter. It is called the integration of body and mind in terms of our cultivation. Body refers to your physical state and mind refers to your mental state. All beings have Buddha nature. Current science cannot prove this concept. What they can establish is that all beings have energy fields. All existence have magnetic fields. The human body has the biological energy. All living things possess the biological energy. However, they cannot come to understand the integration of mind and matter, which touch deeply into the Essence. That is why humankind comes across many difficulties as technologies advance.

(excerpted from Master Lee's 11/12/95 class lecture at Los Angeles Branch.)

The Black Hole and The Big-Bang Theory

Nowadays, world renowned scientists such as Steven Hawking and others who study the black hole theories, the worm hole theories, etc., have not yet gotten anywhere. They are still far away from the truth. About eight or nine years ago, I talked about the principles and phenomena of black holes eight hours a day for ten consecutive days. When I look back at all the new discoveries and understandings about the black hole and astronomy in the past nine years, none exceeded what I had then talked about in the first day eight or nine years ago. In every human study on the black hole, the Big-Bang, and the origin of the universe, there exists loopholes that cannot be mended. What I will talk about now is the astronomy of the 21st century of the humankind. And then? Some day I will be proven right. Perhaps, I will win the Nobel Prize in Physics just because of this theory.

First of all, let's look at the definition of the black hole. It has such an extremely high density, with a gravity that will absorb any substance including light passing through it or within a certain distance (event horizon.) If that is the case, then theoretically, the black hole should keep absorbing substance and expand until all substance in the universe are absorbed into itself.

[No. Centrifugal forces are as great as the gravitational forcef lack holes thus preventing absorption. Master Lee does not apparently know physics]

Then, why did the Big-Bang still happen? That should be impossible. But, is the Big-Bang still possible? It is still possible, but not in the way scientists have understood it through observations using astronomical telescopes and inferences. What scientists understand today is still a bit of the surface of the truth.

Figure 1: The gravity of black hole X is out of balance due to uneven absorbency of substances. The splitting is inevitable as gravity ratio is 1:3.
(Click to Enlarge)

[No. All mass is absorbed into the central singularity where it undergoes a phase change.]

What is the relation between the black hole and the Big-Bang? The black hole may explode or split. But why will the black hole split when its density is so high? The one and only reason is the imbalance of gravitational field. Suppose this part of the black hole "X" (as shown in figure 1), called Section A, absorbs more substance in relation to Section B which absorbs less substance. Under the continual effect, the gravity of Section A of the black hole gets greater and greater while the gravity of Section B on the other side gets relatively smaller. Because of this imbalance, distortion occurs. Let's put it this way. If an object as hard and solid as a piece of iron or iron ball will not break up by itself, why would something like the black hole break up when its density is so high that a bit of its substance would be heavier even than the earth itself? This would not happen unless its gravity inside is not in balance and causes the distortion. It breaks up because of the extremely powerful gravitational distortion.

(Greene in his book 'The Elegant Universe' specifies how a new universe can break away from a black hole due to a quantum fluctuation. The ratio of sbsorbed mass is not a consideration. Lee mass imbalance indicates that he lacks knowledge of fundamental physics]

Then, what is the ratio supposed to be? The answer is the difference ratio of gravity is 1:2, the minimum value. When the ratio is 1:3, it will break up for sure. Remember, these figures are of great importance and value. This is the first time I talk about this theory and these figures to the humankind. As the gravity ratio is between 1:2 and 1:3, the black hole will break up.

Figure 2: Black hole X splits and distorts like maltose sugar that are loosely linked when broken up.
(Click to Enlarge)

[sweet hogwash]

Figure 3: As black hole X splits, section C is separated from section A, which is equivalent to section B in size and quantity.
(Click to Enlarge)

What is the actual process of breaking up? We will use maltose as an analogy. When breaking up, if this section A is the light side and the other section B is the heavy side, the black hole will be pulled apart along these two sides, just like a mass of maltose, on splitting, will not break completely but be jointed loosely like a broken rootstock of a lotus. This is how it splits and distorts. (as shown in figure 2.) And then what? Black hole X is distorted and pulled apart because of the imbalance of the gravity. After that, other things happen. If this Section A is simply distorted and split, then that is it. The thing is that black hole X does not simply break up into two pieces in the way we think. What is actually happening? Out of this separated bigger black hole A, another black hole in the same size of that smaller black hole B will be created. (as shown in figure 3.) This black hole C separated from black hole A has the same size as black hole B. What I am describing and showing in figures is exactly what the black holes will look like as it is splitting. This is exactly the way it is. There is no exception. This is absolutely the way it is. In figure 3, given that black hole B is 1, and since this bigger black hole A gives rise to a black hole C equivalent to black hole B in order to balance itself, then this black hole A must be greater than 1, A=>1. We just came up to the point that the basic condition of splitting is 1:2. Because as A=2, it will derive a 1 out of itself and the remaining part is also 1, right? Given the ratio is 1:3, this is the best condition and the black hole will surely break up. Black hole B is 1, black hole C is 1, and black hole A, after black hole C is separated from it, will be 2 and will be called black hole D. Therefore, after splitting these two major areas, or after these three black holes are created, both sides regain the balance. We come to a conclusion that given the original black hole with unbalanced gravity at the ratio of 1:3, there will definitely be a break up.

What will happen as the original black hole X breaks into a state as shown in figure 3? Let's put it this way. What is the black hole? It has an extremely high density, once broken up, black hole B and black hole C created on the left side, should be drawn toward each other by the force of gravity existing between them. Therefore, theoretically speaking, the original black hole X that distorts and breaks up due to the gravitational imbalance should be drawn together again on the instant. Therefore, black hole B and black hole C will be drawn together by the force out of high density and collide into each other again. The big diffusion resulted from the collision of these two black holes of extremely high density is what is known as the Big-Bang. The mass and energy contained in these two black holes are emitted generously into the entire universe.

[more hogwash. But he is warm. New universes do come from black holes. But he does not understand how. He thinking like classical physics. He should learn some quantum physics]

Figure 4: As Black hole B and C are drawn to collide into an explosion, while black hole D is propelled outward by the explosive force.
(Click to Enlarge)

Figure 5: The galaxies moving to the left form our universe including the Milky Way. The galaxies moving to the right will eventually be swallowed up by black hole D.
(Click to Enlarge)

Figure 6: When the galaxies of the anti-matter universe in the right side are absorbed, a "inner reaction force" generated inside black hole D will move itself to the left.
(Click to Enlarge)

What will happen to black hole D remaining from black hole B on the right side? The radiant force created by the Big-Bang as mentioned before will push black hole D somehow further away to the right, just as shown in figure 4. Out of this Big-Bang by the attraction between black hole B and black hole C, half of it will move toward the left to become the Milky Way and countless other galaxies that we know as the universe today. The center of the Big-Bang creates radioactive dusts to form planets and galaxies (such as the Milky Way). As galaxies of the left side continue to move to the left, galaxies of the right side also move to the right and expand outwardly to form another group of galaxies, leaving a big space between the two sides. Then, remember what we said before about black hole D being pushed by the great radiant energy after the Big-Bang? Up to a point it will stop and return, absorbing all the galaxies of the right side into itself. Therefore, what is life? Life is not an accident. Life is luck! Remember, your existence is not an accident, not a slow evolution beginning from a DNA or RNA made by flashing or thundering. Not like that. Life is luck because you are in the galaxies of the left side and not of the right side. Lives in the galaxies of the right side, are all absorbed into black hole D and die even before they are created. This is the state as shown in figure 5 and figure 6.

[all hogwash, as Wanda so aptly put it]

O. K. Now I will bring forth a new concept in physics - the "inner reaction force". Modern physics has not come up to this concept yet. The reaction force we usually refer to is called the "external reaction force." For example, when walking or throwing a ball at a wall, a reaction force, the "external reaction force," will be rendered from the ground or the wall so that you will be able to move forward or the ball will be bounced back. However, what will happen in the vacuity of the universe? Although black hole D will move toward the right in the beginning without external friction, the inner reaction force will be rendered to make it come back toward the left. Why is such an inner reaction force rendered from within? It is because mass and galaxies diffused from the Big-Bang of the universe as we just mentioned will catch up slowly with black hole D and be absorbed by it. The inner reaction force in black hole D will then be rendered. Black hole D will then return to move toward the left and eventually swallow up the Milky Way in which we live. Please see figure 6.

Today's human astronomy has made some observations. Looking from the earth in the Milky Way back to the center of the Big-Bang, the newest finding is 14.3 billion light years. Up until last month (June, 1998), we can trace back to 14.3 billion light years. Thus, scientists believe that we can trace back to see the Big-Bang. Why? Because if we suppose the Big-Bang will always exist and the light will travel 15 billion light years to reach us, as long as we can trace back to 15 billion light years ago through the astronomical telescope, we will be able to see the Big-Bang. Now we have reached back up to 14.3 billion light years, and human presumes that the universe exists for only 15 billion light years. Suppose the life of the universe is 15 billion light years and suppose when we reach up to that point in space, what we can observe is only emptiness without even a star, then that will prove that the life of universe is indeed 15 billion light years. This is a notion humans believe.

[more nonsence. Stars did not exist until 1,000,000 years after the big bang. We cannot see beyond the background microwave radiation which was free to radiate 300,000 years after the big bang. Before then the universe was opaque]

Figure 7: The universe where we reside comes to be for at least 15 billion light years and so is the anti-matter universe, which has already been absorbed by black hole D. Black hole D will return and continue to swallow up our universe. The entire process is called a great kalpa. The dark matter in the middle is several thousand times bigger than both areas.
(Click to Enlarge)

[Anti-matter was absorbed by matter at the time of recombination even before light was free to propagate]

As shown in figure 7, the group of galaxies on the left side exist for at least 15 billion light years and it will also take 15 billion light years for the galaxies on the right side to catch up with black hole D. The area in the middle is the dark matter. At the year of 2007 the real dark matter will be identified and understood. It is a "formless matter" that exists in the state of an energy and a mass at the same time. When the Big-Bang happens as mentioned before, the energy is so high that the dark matter created in the energy field in the hyper space will become many times bigger than the universes on both sides in terms of volume and space in the three dimensional world. The question is how big is the area in between. It may be thousands of times bigger than the black holes. It is this state of vacuity that humans have never exceeded. So far we have reached back up to 14.3 billion light years. Even if we can reach back to 15 billion light years ago, we will still see a vast expanse of white. Why? This vast space is bigger than the areas next to it and can never be exceeded by human.

[Lee seems to be confusing anti-matter with dark matter. Also, he seems to think that the big bang expanded into empty space. Actually it created space]

Here comes another question: Why is there a word, anti-matter? Corresponding to the universe on our side, the universe on the right side is called the universe of anti-matter. Humans know theoretically that there is a universe of anti-matter but cannot actually locate it yet.


However at the year of 2020 it will be confirmed. What is the dark matter or black matter? This void in the middle is called the dark matter. At the year of 2007 the real dark matter will be identified. The farther right side is the big black hole. Therefore, it will come back someday. Of course, on our side there are some scattered small black holes and some remaining black holes unbroken by the explosion. Those are the black holes that we have usually observed. However, the real black hole that is thousands, ten thousands or hundred millions times greater than our entire Milky Way is the black hole D, which will come back to swallow up all of us. The entire process is the so-called kalpa. In Buddhism there are three thousand medium kalpas in one great kalpa and there are three thousand small kalpas in one medium kalpa. Kalpa actually means time. That is why we say every great chiliocosmos (meaning three thousand great universes), or each reincarnation under the cycle of life and death.

[Godd. We only need to wait a few years to see that Lee is full of it]

(excerpted from Master Lee's 7/4/98 class lecture at Los Angeles Branch)

Time Travel

In the introduction we mentioned that Steven Hawking once admitted in one of his lectures that time travel is possible. We believe that the human brain is theoretically capable of breaking through the limitation of time and space if appropriate development is applied. With correct mathematical calculations, he should be able to figure out that this is a problem that involves great volumes of energy. If this energy can be generated, it can reach to the anti-matter state. Time stops in the anti-matter state. You can choose any point of time as the zero second to start with and to go on to the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd second...This starting point can be in the past or future. You may make your choice beforehand. However, this energy is too powerful to be rendered by any technology humankind has achieved. Only the universal energy can make it. However, this powerful universal energy can be generated within a human brain. The most prominent scientist of humankind will bring forth theories to prove that brain waves can be properly developed to achieve up to such a refined level.

[more nonsence. There is no world of anti-matter]

(excerpted from Master Lee's 11/12/95 class lecture at Los Angeles Branch)

Principle of Single universe and Multiple universes

In Buddhism, it states that the universe is structured into thirty-three heavens, meaning the universe is divided into thirty-three areas in terms of time and space. The planet on which we live is a three-dimensional environment. On this planet, is there a two-dimensional animal? Yes, the two-dimensional animal on this planet is the ant which crawls only along the straight line.


Does a four-dimensional state ever exist on this planet? Yes. However, the four-dimensional state exists only when time and space is distorted under particular circumstances. Such circumstances happen occasionally every year. Is the five-dimensional state possible on this planet? Yes, but it is very very rare. The five-dimensional state occurs inside of us. The fourth dimension is time. The fifth dimension is energy.

[more hogwash. Energy exists in three dimensions]

Is there the sixth dimension? Yes. However, it is not easy for a human being to understand. Basically, the thirty-three heavens refer to a group of energy states in the universe. How about the black hole? Where does the black hole belong in? It is between the fourth and the fifth dimension. The thirty-three heavens are ways to describe the different states of time and space.

(excerpted from Master Lee's 7/4/98 class lecture at Los Angeles Branch)

Figure 8: The Space, worm hole, position of sun/earth. The four quadrants of a single universe. The four spindle-shaped quadrants are in equilibrium. The space represents the possibilities of infinite expansion, but is circumscribed by the circle in the outside. The central point stays fixed.
(Click to Enlarge)

In recent years, there have been many discussions on the multiple universes in the scientific field. How much have humans found out on this subject? I have no idea, but I don't think it would be much. Let's take a look at the third mark of Forshang Buddhism(see figure 8), which is actually "the four quadrants of a single universe" existing in three dimensions, yet expressed in a two-dimensional illustration. It starts from a point (in the center) and extends outward to the circle in lines that turn into planes that again turn into countless spheres and that is the state of multiple universes.

In figure 8, what we see is the third mark of Forshang Buddhism made up by four spindle shapes surrounded by a circle. One of the spindle shapes represent the universe we are residing which came to be more than twenty billion light years ago. The point in the center is the point where the Big-Bang originated. Our planet, earth, is over here (see figure 8). As we look at the part connecting the outside circle and the spindle shapes, they appear linked and yet, not linked. In fact, there is still space there. That space represents infinite possibilities of expansion. At the same time, as we know, these four spindle shapes are in perfect balance. As one begins to expand, the other three will expand, too. To see further, they will never go over the circle on the outside. Never. Unless this circle has a force that contracts. This is what is called "the four quadrants of a single universe"; however, this is not yet the real multiple universes.

Out of this two-dimensional plain derives a cubic sphere. Just like a flat tortilla that can twist and rotate. It is mobile, twisted, turning, like a marble bead. In the real Big-Bang, or when the black hole is distorting, or splitting, the central point is fixed because it is in balance. It will not go anywhere but instead stay at the same place rotating in angle of 360 degrees. In Buddhism, these four spindle shapes are called the four heavenly kings or the four great heavenly kings under the Sovereign Sakra Heaven. Any being, or even any deva within any of the four quadrants of this universe can never go beyond this quadrants or this energy field.

It is impossible to pass through among these four quadrants unless through the central point. This point has been discussed theoretically, and was mentioned in some theories similar to that of the worm hole, but none of those ever mentioned or proved explicitly that the central point of the Big-Bang is the worm hole. Therefore, their theories are still incomplete. However, the worm hole can be created on the very central point of the Big-Bang of the single universe¡Awhich will keep emitting a great volume of energy. However, because energy is imperishable, over a very long period of time, it will cool down and the phenomena that happened in Black hole D, and Black hole X will repeat itself over and over again as mentioned in the previous chapter. This state of cooling down is just like a fixed star that burns out its internal energy and collapses to become a black hole. Then, how does it penetrate time and space? Scientists discuss only about the travel from one quadrant to another at the most. None has ever touched how to go from the entirety of a single universe to the entirety of another single universe, in other words, how to travel between multiple universes.

First of all, we have to understand that the worm hole exists in above the fourth dimension and the Gu hole is at least in the eighth dimension or above. Since we have already known that the worm hole is closely related to the Gu hole, we can find the worm hole through the black hole so as to travel among galaxies or the four quadrants of a single universe. As for the passages among multiple universes, we should find the primary worm hole of a single universe, then we can find the Gu hole in a higher state of energy field. Once the Gu hole is found, it is not a problem to travel to other universes or any quadrant or any galaxy of that universe. A simple analogy would be that the Gu hole is like a central terminal of a Metropolitan Transportation Agency where we may choose to go to different city's central terminals (worm hole) where we may take the bus to go to different areas of the city.

Figure 9: The central point of the single universe extends outward to form a line on which are numerous single universes.
(Click to Enlarge)

Figure 10: From the single universe, point turns into line, line turns into plain, plain turns into bigger sphere, which is the multiple universes. This is also the fourth mark of Forshang Buddhism.
(Click to Enlarge)

Then, in order to make further description of the state of multiple universes, it is necessary to begin with the single universe of three dimensions. It starts with the central point, extending in one direction into a line, of which each point is the central point of the Big-Bang of a single universe. Along the line, there are many, many single universes, as shown in figure 9. Many lines turn into plains, which aggregate to become a bigger sphere, encircled within an unbreakable circumference, as shown in figure 10. In terms of the sphere representing the single universe, it will roll and spin all about into a bigger sphere representing multiple universes. Therefore, we can understand now that the center of the Big-Bang of each single universe is the "passage between the single universe and multiple universes." Through this central point, we may go into any quadrant of another single universe. According to Buddhist doctrine, all phenomena of universe are described by the revolution of the ten great characters(Essence, Form, Wisdom, Virtue, Principle, Practice, Energy, Effect, Time, and Space) into each other or within one character itself. No matter how far the ten great characters have revolved, the great Essence is the same. No matter which character are you in or how far have you revolved, once you enter Essence at any point of revolution, you go back to Essence in the first turn of revolution. Also, we have already stated: one is infinity and infinity is one. Once understanding the center of the circle, any being can go to any point of time and space.

(excerpted from Master Lee's 12/26/98 class lecture at Los Angeles Branch)

Universal Perspective based on the integration of the ten great characters, the integration of mind and matter, the conversion of mass and energy, the integration of existence and non-existence, and the unity of time and space

To put it simply, the entire universe itself is the conversion of mass and energy, the immeasurable and the infinite. The universe has no end. The void of the universe is the energy, what we call the Buddha nature, the spiritual body, or the Dharma nature. For example, suppose a planet is at the farthest boundary of the universe, once you go beyond it, what will there be? In terms of the integration of existence and non-existence, beyond the planet are infinite possibilities. Infinity itself is the energy that causes the conversion of mass and energy. Therefore, it can expand infinitely without an end. The void is immeasurable and infinite. The expansion of universe as humans have observed is detected by spectroscopy and red-shift, as a proof that the galaxies in the universe are moving apart farther and farther from each other, and then further inferring the Big-Bang theory, to which some scientists are still opposed. From the standpoint of Forshang doctrine, I can tell a little bit about the truth of the universe.

The expansion among galaxies as observed is not resulted from the effect of the Big-Bang. What we understand through astronomy is only a short process limited within millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions, or tens of billions of light years. Two or three hundred years later when the human civilization has evolved due to some breakthroughs, then they will come to understand that the Big-Bang theory is a mistake when they find out that the universe will contract back. The way in which the universe expand and contract can be liken to a ball, upon dropping, will always bounce back to the same height if there is no friction to slow it down in the vacuity. It will not expand up to a point and stop when the force of expansion is used up, and then begin to contract back and collide into another explosion, as some scientists presume. That is not the way.

As stated in the 4th section, the universe has a balancing force within itself that will make it contract after expanding, and when expanding, not expand infinitely (although that is also a possibility) and when contracting not collide into an explosion. It is pretty much like our breathing which keeps the same rhythm. Then, what is the source of this pulsation? It is the Buddha nature, from which the past, the present and the future of the universe created instantly from the unity of time and space. And the universe comes and does not come into existence at the same time (from the standpoint of the integration of existence and non-existence). Since time and space are united, and existence and non-existence stand at the same time, what is the process of having all the differentiated forms? It is one's ignorance that makes one think that all Forms exist, but the existence is actually illusive. Upon understanding the essence - Buddha nature, ignorance turns into enlightenment on all things. As one is enlightened on all things, there is nothing else but Essence only.

Therefore, from the standpoint of the ten great characters, the infinite thoughts, causation, karma of all beings in the universe will render an intricate effect on each other. The internal is the external. Every thought projected from the inside will spread over to the entire external universe, causing a wave of energy. Currently, the wave has already been expanding for more than tens and hundreds of billion light years, and this phenomenon happens to be detected in the way humans understand today. The prevalent Big-Bang theory has so many irresolvable weaknesses simply because modern science is set up under the consideration of Forms, instead of on the integration of the ten great characters, or Buddha nature - Essence of the universe. Then, will humans have the chance to make use of this pulsation of universe in the future? No. That is because the human race will come to an end and not have such a chance. Humans of other worlds will be able to gradually catch up the pulsation of the universe, which will be called the cosmic wave. Through the pulsation of the universe or the converging point of different waves, it will be fast and easy to find the part of intercommunication - worm hole, not the black hole. The hole of the universe is called the worm hole. As soon as you can spot the worm hole - the point where pulses interact or interfere to become void, you will be able to swiftly penetrate several quadrants of a universe. The distance within a quadrant of a universe is more than hundreds of billions of light years, not to mention those numerous universes beyond this universe. The worm hole and the Gu hole are the only ways to commute among universes.

[For the record Gu means dark in sanskrit. Guru means dark-light. ]

This is not a matter of light speed or super-light speed, which has no meaning in a worm hole. The interference from the pulsation of universe is a result of thoughts of all beings in the three realms. They are completely unable to utilize and harmonize the pulsation of universe. Let's take an example. As mentioned before, in passing through among the four quadrants of a single universe or into different universes while having no control over the pulsation of the universe originated from the thoughts of all beings, the original data or rhythm of the pulsation might be completely destroyed due to outside influences. The result might be either that you would not be able to come back or that you may be completely destroyed or absorbed by any bit of the wave. These are results of the inappropriate function of senses when a Dharma seeker learns to practice doctrines that teach them to seek outwardly. Therefore, one should take Forshang doctrines as the basis of one's cultivation. One should do the mental and physical cultivation passed on from the Dharma system in order to take refuge in the five treasures because whatever happens to you, your master will come to the rescue. The entire cultivation turns into the inclusive scientific perspective of the universe. The state of the ten great characters of your internal Dharma realms is in continuous and intricate relation to the transformation of the ten great characters of the entire universe. Thus, humans have a very limited understanding of the universe as of yet.

[What a waste of time. I feel guilty just to have read thru such baloney]

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