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If He President Is ON TV, It Is FAR Too Late!!!

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Posted by Tripp McCann on February 6, 2001 14:49:09 UTC

YEAH, Stephen.. it sure would be nice to VIEW NASA imagery from mars in full 24 bit true color with such amazing detail that we could ZOOM in on tracks and identify the vehicle and find out if that vehicle bears any recognizable brand name from Detroit and see if we might actually recognize the driver of that vehicle and see if they are balding or bearded or perhaps totally hairless and having a lizard-like skin with dark glass oversized eyes with no apparent retina.

It would be nice to have these things.. but that ain't "real world" and is unrealistic.

Let's review what we do know. We know that a group of scientists sent a satellite named the "Mars Global Surveyor" (MGS), to a distant planet. This trip took some 9 months of travel in the deep cold of space ending with its calculated rendezvous with a planet, Mars. We CONVENIENTLY like to view this planet, Mars, as our "neighbor" but in truth this 9 month voyage represented a "window of opportunity" of proximal orbits. This satellite managed to survive beyond its first year of expected "best case" scenario performance expectations for its mission and went on and imaged mars until only recently, January 31st 2001.

I'm not going to overwhelm you with NASA jargon or detail but I'm going to tell you what I know of the imaging system.

  • The satellite, beyond doubt employs a LIFO (last in, first out) imaging processing method whereby the pixel images that are recorded first are the last images sent back to earth. As in filling a tall glass with marbles, the last marble in is the first one out. I know this myself because Malin Space Science Systems` (MSSS) earliest imagery processed did not invert the imagery back to their proper orientation until it was "mapped" and many images were "upside down". This sort of processing uses a memory that is more durable and used less often than memory that allows random access, and, indeed, we would not need such random access to view the imagery. The images are only stored until sent back to earth in batch when the satellite transmits

  • NASA used by and large only black and white imagery. This reduces the byte size for each image by nearly 1/4 or more in not having to send color data. YES NASA did choose to image some areas in color and they were indeed nice to see. However they were a luxury. The satellite's purpose was not detailed views of specific areas: it is a "surveyor" satellite intended to map the planet overall and get an idea of the planet's local morphology and major lithologies and thereby interpret both the past and present conditions. They were never intending to take imagery with such detail as reading the letters on a car's license plate, as some reports state our spy satellites are capable of doing. As it is, some of the image files were 4, 5 and 6 Megabytes in size and greater.

  • Beyond doubt NASA did employ other imaging capabilities aboard the MGS. I am certain that the satellite also contained thermal imaging systems. I know this because on numerous occasions NASA went to great effort, going out of its way, to take "narrow angle" higher resolution images of specific areas. These images were obtained by canting the angle at or near an extreme angle of approximately 35 degrees off of vertical. I am certain of this because in many images where I have found clear and undeniable artificial evidence, I have seen that in the approximate *center* of these images is a clearly evident, strong source of a heat signature. IN the case of "The Ship" on Mars UnEarthed this heat source is evidenced by 600 foot tall plumes of steam and associated condensate runoff. Another case is seen in my posting "The Temple" [Part 4 of 4] soon to be posted here, which shows several large gaping "holes" in the topography which are giving off smoke or steam.

Why has not NASA made public recognition of the thermal images and presented them on the web site also? ANSWER: because this thermal imagery would be like a church's bell calling all to worship, drawing all eyes to exactly where NASA does not want the public to focus all too quickly

ALL of the Data gathered by the MGS satellite, color imagery, narrow-angle and wide-angle imagery and Thermal imagery must be delivered by the satellite in an ongoing, effective manner which allows the memory buffer to be emptied and ongoing imaging to not be interrupted. While earth-bound satellites in earth orbit can do so easily by either direct line of sight or employing an extensive array of other satellites in relay, the options available to the MGS to feed data does not have such conveniences. Some have speculated that MGS might have used its LASER capabilities to relay information in a direct line of site with the Hubble telescope, I do not believe this was done. NASA itself undoubtedly had to be concerned with.. band width in relaying the data that was collected, the same bandwidth that plagues us over the internet, to greater or lesser individual degrees.

Unlike you, Stephen, I am not curious at the lacking "clarity" nor detail in the MGS imagery. IN fact, I have been shocked by the overwhelming clarity and detail in this imagery and what it DOES SHOW, despite all the above mentioned conditions and limiting parameters. While you may see "fuzzy" imagery and grainy details in the imagery I am presenting on this bulletin board, Parts 1 through 4 of 4, I myself see an overwhelming amount of detail resulting in a confusion of topography that intimidates people visually and disinclines them from recognizing what is non-natural. I see low lying fog that travels valley topographic lows; I see smoke that rises abruptly until it is equalized along a thermoclinal boundaries and then spreads out broadly and adds further turmoil to the topography beneath it, yet that topography is amazingly evident through that smoke.

I see stunning detail of undeniable and startling artificial constructs on an alien landscape that should not be there.

You say that you and everyone are unlikely to recognize REALITY of what these images shows until the president himself announces on national TV what these images show and "The Truth."

Well Stephen, I've got some other realities i'd like you to consider:

We live in a society fueled by the speculative economy of persons savings and retirement monies being inexorably tied to the fluctuations of the Financial Markets, The Stock Market. Investment in this stock market is the life-blood of virtually all American companies, both large and small, and provides them the ability to operate, grow and expand. This market of investment ties America with virtually all major economic markets all over the world. We SEE the import of this market on every evening news broadcast, in the policies of that .. President.. and his selection of advisors..and we feel the decisions made involving these markets in our prices in the grocery store and most alarmingly of late, at the gas pump.

These prices are not just based on "realities" but are based on emotional responses of the purchasers.. the investors..the market itself. Sometimes these emotions are bad only because a company did not meet its projected expectations. Sometimes these emotional responses are overly GOOD, like the amazing soaring prices of "tech stocks" involved in the internet and its amazing erupting market of "unbound potential", despite these companies not even operating in the black, having no profit whatsoever.

You might ask yourself what do these things matter to what's on Mars? Well, in 1929 banking itself was growing into prominence and it too was relying on a similar "money multiplier" that the stock market employs in its lending policy of persons .. SAVINGS. Some loans were going bad and as a result of troubles in the farming community and this led to persons losing faith in the banks and an overall rush on the banks for their own personal monies. The end result was not only the Great Depression in the united states, the desolation of a large swath of farm land that became known as the "Dust Bowl" but also an economic crisis of global proportions that effect the world and contributed to the World War.

What is present on Mars has the ability to lose the populace's faith the Government's ability to protect, loss of faith in and demoralization in religions..and lead to an overall panic and "hoarding" of everything from arms to food supplies and removal of monies from the GLOBAL stock market that has more reason to cause serious social and economic collapse than that stock market crash of 1929. The worst imaginings of "Y2K" catastrophe are a cake walk in comparison. Not only would the economy collapse, but food and fuel distribution systems would fail..and petroleum would become an even scarcer commodity.

You think I am kidding but I am not. Already in my postings I have made mention of a Presidential Executive Order made by Clinton in February of 2000 that removed the previous state of "Martial Law" including its Military Tribunals or "military court" in the event of a National Security Crisis. The removal of this military court was done with the implied suspension of all civil liberties in allowing any and all persons to be imprisoned without reason, for any duration. This was obviously intended to be used in only a worst case scenario involving total economic collapse. However Clinton obviously viewed this legislation as such an immediate need that he pursued it immediately after having been impeached, when he was a "lame duck" President and should have been more concerned with cleaning up his legacy.

Stephen, you and many, many others need to shed their naiveté if they believe for ONE MOMENT that the news of the Truth of what is on Mars and elsewhere is EVER going to come via any President over a publicly held broadcasting company or news agency until absolutely unavoidable and total hysteria of a cataclysmic event which was unable to be "spun" or disguised has already caused severe harm.

Yeah.. there are persons like Hoagland who do a good job, however Hoagland is primarily a P.T. Barnum-esque showman who has his fingers in so many things he does not do any one thing with any real depth. Even if I only examine his presentation of what is on Mars, I am much more discouraged by what he has presented that is actually Natural than I am impressed by what he has uncovered that is artificial.

While I have many things that already on my site, Mars UnEarthed , that i think are undeniable and conclusive proofs of both artificial constructs *AND* an immediate current presence on Mars, the images not yet on my site that I am posting here on the Astronomy Bulletin board show things that are so startling that they raise the evidence to a whole other level. I have recently spent several days sharing these evidentiary imagery with TWO PHD's in Geology, one a professor. Both are now unabashed believers; Believers, yet they too steer away from the presentaton and publicizing of what this imagery shows because they know the damage that those with belief systems similar to that held by you and others would do their careers and families in the meantime.

Stephen, if you wish to wait until the President of these United States announces these truths over publically held TV News broadcasts, I heartily suggest you will have waited far, far too late for your new "belief" to make a difference in your new lifestyle. The Last I recall of a President being on TV in a "Crisis", it was only to cover his own personal wazoo and shake a lying finger at the public in hopes that we would all remain ignorant.

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