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What Kind Of Science Saves One From......

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Posted by Mohammad Isa Mirsiam on January 27, 2001 08:34:34 UTC

what kind of science saves one from any kind of doom, call it incidental or planned ?
In The Name Of Allah (G_D) The Most Generous The Most Merciful

In advance I truly love thee brother Hagee as dose our Leader Allah (G_D)

Let it be so known that I take much joy in writing to you about a subject held very dear to my heart.

It is most important to pay off the national debt while at the same time leveling the income tax by introducing a flat tax rate of 5% on any individual or corporate gross income. A flat tax is both biblical and useful in that it insures that there will be no usury guilt on the part of those who use loopholes to escape paying the poor dues because this money would have been used to help rehabilitate the poor and the destitute who will soon become productive by Allah's leave and also start paying in to tax pool thus each period the pool will grow larger and further the goal for the use of these funds for additional population re-education programs.

Let the Churches (all houses of Allah) and its population (including those outside of the Church Body) be informed well and encouraged to be involved in charitable organizations who will by the doctrine of generosity open orphanages in order to bring about an end to the doctrine of sacrifice which is daily being executed in the living wombs of women as was once done outside the womb and in the belly of Bail the worshiped Idol which acted as an escape goat for the promises that the servants of the cursed devil (Shaitan) could not keep (in that they made promises to deliver freedom and/or financial freedom but did not because of their greed for territory) so that the population was sacrificed (reduced in number ) in place of lands and wealth such that the large reserves were not sacrificed for the benefit of life or the living! Generosity! if correctly administered will end sacrifice!! [ now HELP those who protest against abortion and find out from them that if they had an alternative to sacrifice would those who promote sacrifice not accept it?! (and why not?!) And if that alternative was marriage and dignity and family and wholesome living in the sight of both Allah (G_D) and mankind what of these qualities?! Find out from the rebellious ones who live in sin and fornication and defile the minds of our young children and adults what would it take to have them reform themselves?! Ask these questions and the truth will appear to the population who blames the churches and Allah (G_D) and wholesome living for all their problems or loss!! Is the Lust in corrupted hearts that powerful that reason and mercy can not win them over in spirit and in flesh for flesh dose have power over ill spirit if the laws are observed by simple practice and repetition ; by re-introducing and placing the Ten Commandments before the public eyes [and enforcing the rule of the law(s) in mercy and not in Sinicism as is normal and natural and beneficial to those who receive correction and not punishment] the ones who are offended will be exposed. The false doctrine of sacrifice and falsehood will start getting agitated in to revolt and revolt will be suppressed with the armies of truth which obey the Laws of Allah (G_D) in generosity and in mercy and not in sacrifice by way of reason in mercy and by way medication or treatment and by way of the grace of Allah and not by only human means. Let the voices of revolt be heard and let the truth expose the revolting corrupt liar(s) who perish daily by their own hands if they be impenitent even after mercy and generosity is accepted then abused or rejected by the same liars. Take all good measure(s) to stop any violence potential or otherwise by employing and placing - unarmed - Security Personnel (the army of Allah who are amongst the believers who believe in Allah (G_D) ) at every street corner and apartment building and office building and recreation center and every community as eyes of a greater army who will infiltrate and reason with the potential victims and even the wrong doers. Show the lost sheep (even the wolf that is willing or unwilling to be tamed) the way to life through good labor and daily prayer for what good is a church which is limited by the walls of its structure for the structure should be the earth, nay! but the heavens also!

Let us consider:

Of what use is Sacrifice when Generosity and Mercy prevail over all evils when administered in accordance to the Law(s) / Commandment(s) of Allah (G_D)!

Of what use is the voice of the church of Allah (G_D) when this voice is in a box which can be switched off or switched to the voice of rebellion. The living voice is life! And the Living Light is for ever! Let not the Living Light of men live in the eternal fire of hell! Help those who are astray (lost) save their Living Light(s) from the impending doom that will surly come upon them if they should not be warned in time for to chose to be corrected! There is no compulsion in Religion!!! But the Religious are compelled to preach only good news of a salvation which is at hand in order that none may argue that it was not heard or seen!! Let the Living light of the righteous shine (by good examples) upon the face of the visible and invisible worlds!!

Of what use is taxation "made or formulated by degrees of exemptions which only the rich can afford to deviate from paying" when an even handed 5% tax is encouraged from out of every carnal life's income (including corporations which are governed by carnal bodies) would more than suffice for the needs of the truly needy such as the incapable ones, and the ignorant and even the fool! Charity must fill the shortfall or gap if any should come in to existence!! For out of charity is derived true Mercy and not out of forced labor which brings resentment and greed amongst the productive and the blessed population who in a natural spirit of rebellion against unfairness create or find other means of holding on to what they (the blessed of wealth) have thus falling in to sin by habit in that these same blessed ones will forget charity altogether and replace it with unhealthy competition and greed in place of competing to give of what they (the blessed ones in wealth) receive of Allah (G_D) in both mercy and in generosity as it is sent to them in the same manner but that they relies it not because the walls of the churches and their homes and buildings increase in height and splendor (outwardly only) thus ever more so isolating themselves from the path(s) of the truly needy ones.

Of what use is the matter of the materialist(s) when it will not increase them in aught but impiety and rebellion and disgrace in the sight of both men and Allah (G_D)! Though there may be many uses in the matter of the materialists there is more harm than good in all of them (for those who know not good use when good exists in open view) for it takes a village to raise a child and not toys large or small sophisticated or simple!! For out of generosity comes mercy and out of mercy comes the sacrifice of matter(s) for the benefit of the spirit which dwells in the temple which is the body for which one aught to live for another's benefit and not for just the self! For out of the self comes selfishness and covetousness and sacrifice of the living life for the sake of gaining more material means by which the lost measure life which is without measure in Heaven or in Hell! The result is important to observe for an example a mirror was fascinating to the real fool but evil to the one accused of being a fool for the one who is accused of being a fool is wise by all measure(s) in that this one being accused of foolishness feared not the mirror but for what it stood/ stands for which is the fear of loosing touch with reality in that this one saw his Wife and his Daughter and his Son being separated by way of selfish vanity in place of generous vanity which is the in the benefits one receives in grooming or tending to dressing their own Son and Daughter and Wife and husband as the case may be for it much pleasure is found amongst the wise or the learned who find joy in sharing precious time with one another for at one time the reflection of face in the waters were once sufficient and joyous to the beholders of the vision of the reflections for the accused fool reflects in his family and in spirit and not in the mirror which is a devise of selfish comfort and is Divisive in that it attracts one to oneself and robs the family of the joy of sharing life which is found only inside precious time through each others reflections in their mind(s) and not just in the carnal eye(s) by which the spirit is often confused in that the eye seeing the outward beauty of itself forgets to look inwardly in order to notice the loss or the void in which it now exists in that it has separated itself from the whole body (the family) which belongs to Allah (G_D) who manifest his generosity in the life of mankind embodied in their day to day interaction(s) and reflections of mind and spirit one reflecting upon the other in good faith and in generosity and not in Sinicism!! Oh but man is ever blinded by Shaitan's light which is in the devises which transmit or reflect dead light and give dead matter which serves none but itself and its maker Shaitan!! Though Shaitan is willing to do all that is wrong Allah is also willing and able to requite all the wrongs in that by this devise which many use for ill means I have been blessed to write this letter to you. So you see Brother Hagee: Allah (G_D) is able and so is man but only in the way of Allah for Allah wrongs not man but man wrongs himself in that the flesh dose have power over evil ways and dead matter when it is given this power by the spirit of Allah (G_D) if and when the law(s) are observed and if one by example replaces time spent on evil with time spent on GOOD!

With Much Love

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