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Posted by Alan on February 15, 2002 07:23:31 UTC

Well, that was interesting!

Yes, I think Michio Kaku is on the right track; "entanglement" very much looks like being explainable via a higher-dimension space.

Yeah, I've been reading Roger Penrose's attempts to grapple with the spin-measurement entanglement problem. There is a possibility though, that R. Stafford has found a way to resolve these quantum puzzles.

Speaking of lines connecting two objects flying off in different directions: well I had heard about the so-called thread of "OBE-nauts"; but the only classical OBE I had in recent years involved so sense of that.

All that happened was I skiied very fast straight down a steep slope people usually turn on. I "couldn't keep up with myself"- the surprise and suddeness of high acceleration presumably fed sense-data in to me at a rate-of-change too fast to process the 'usual' way.

After the run I realised I had not blacked out for a moment of maximum acceleration; but had had a moment of feeling as if my center-of-consciousness was outside my body and could see in all directions at once.

This may be related to issues of brain-model-of-where-you-are-in-space and sensory-data-inputs of where-you-are-in-space getting out of synch. If you have difficulty "going with yourself" jumping from a high fence- what is going on there? Who going with who?

"Heart-in-your-mouth" experience when dropping suddenly can be explained by the "after-spacial-image" of where your heart/chest is, still not having faded when suddenly your actual body
mouth has travelled to that location.

A curious thing regarding strings: I had a circular rotation of water in a bucket that had had some laundry powder dissoved in it and an item washed in it. The surface of the water was covered in fine "bubble rafts" (areas of tiny bubbles connected in groups forming many 'rafts'). The various rafts would collide and split up. I noticed a very curious thing.

When two rafts split up, you would get a narrowing of the 'neck' of tiny bubbles that connect the two rafts.
The rafts would move apart; but on closer examination I noticed that an extremely fine string (presumably of very tiny bubbles) remained connecting them. The string would grow longer as the rafts drifted further apart. An easy experiment to do but a curious thing to see. Whether it has anything to do with what you say I don't know.

Certainly if consciousness left the body it seems reasonable to say it is linked to the body; I'm not sure a string is other than one way of perceiving it. (I didn't notice a string).

In my opinion there are correlations between your analysis of memory and my "standing wave" view of human-historical-'data' storage.

Quote: "Personally I think that entanglement explains thoughtforms. My evidence is that if you want to remember something, especially some system thing, all you have to do is to recall one small element of it and suddenly the whole system of thought is recalled."

Also: "Entanglement has to be the mechanism that keeps the information in one place, just as it probably does in each of our memories."

Considering what you said: my view is that all the data is in a kind of multiply-superposed standing wave. If you are in a very very very quiet location; you can try just listening.

My guess is most people will detect a kind of "transparent" or "soundless" sound. It has been called "the singing of silence". It is like an ultra-high-pitched version of the very high faint sound a camera-flash-gun unit makes at the top of its warm-up. Some TV sets emit such a sound. In humans it is almost transparent, it is so high.

I discovered what this phenomenon is. It is the signature, of what logic suggests is, a multiply superposed standing wave that contains all your history in an instant.

Here is an account I wrote once of the discovery:

(was part of a larger account of how I made discoveries when I set out to "notice what exists")

I decided to investigate my history. I decided it would be useful if I wrote down what I knew. So I wrote down recollections of my past. The younger the age, the fewer the recollections there were. So for the younger ages (say
7 back to 4) I tended to write all I could come up with.
Before 4 there was a blank; except a few items that were uncertain as to age but could have been 3 or something.

I decided that "sleep" was an interesting area to investigate. I wrote down dreams, and those dreams that I had in my past that I still recalled.

I decided to investigate the world of internal thought and awareness. A teacher at primary school once had the class do an exercise in awareness. "Just listen", was the idea. One closes one's eyes, tries to pause the "internal thought-chatter", and just listen. What does one hear? A distant dog barking perhaps, or the sound of traffic, or birds chirping, the rustle of wind in the trees, a distant aircraft, distant people talking, or whatever.

The "internal thought-chatter' seems to be not so easy to silence. You know, the "internal-voice" that everyone uses; say to read something silently to themselves, or think in language with. How long can you refrain from saying anything in your head (while conscious)? I decided to try to increase the period of internal quiet; and to just allow whatever images, awarenesses etc. that tended to form, to form.

I noticed that there was a tendency to censor or repress or constrain the free appearance of images, awarenesses etc. when one "lets one's mind wander'. I wanted the "wandering" to be free, without censorship or repression. I became better at allowing phenomena to occur freely.

I made sure to "notice what exists", effectively registering phenomena, so as to be able to later document whatever phenomena occured. I explored the capabilities of the "mechanism' that produces one's "language-using thought chatter". The same mechanism can play music, for example. But one is aware of a more independent, accurate and different mechanism that can play recalled music too.

I decided that it would be interesting to see if I could catch myself falling asleep. I wanted to catch myself at the very moment of falling asleep.

Warning: At this point, I must warn the reader that given the way our society operates, it is very very dangerous to carry out this experiment. What you may find, may revolutionise your view of the world so completely that
you may have difficulty in submitting to our present social system. If you had great wealth and no future-ties, the experiment would be less dangerous. But maybe I overstate the danger; Stephen La Berge of Stanford University has dared to explore the world of lucid dreaming ( Bob Peterson has dared to explore the world of so-called "out-of-body experiences". A T.V. report showed researchers could re-create phenomena like "near-death experiences" by use of very weak electromagnetic fields. Neurologist Oliver Sacks has explored bizarre phenomena such as "phantom limbs", people "trapped in the past" (he writes of "Awakenings"), people dis-owning their own limbs, a "man who mistook his wife for a hat", etc.
I read in a recent book "Mind Mapping" of people who mix up their senses (seeing sound; synathesia etc.). But to my knowledge, no one has discovered what I was to discover.

After some weeks of trying to notice all phenomena that occured towards the moment of falling asleep; but always falling asleep without catching the actual moment; an amazing thing happened. I was lightly asleep and a noise like a screaming jet engine occured in my head. During this experience, I had enough of a "corner" of consciousness to be noticing this phenomenon. In other words, just as in the movie "The Matrix", where people are actually inside the virtual world of a computer; there was say a 5% part of my awareness that was a bit of me that can document what's going on.

Noticing this amazing screaming very loud jet-engine high speed sound; I tried to slow it down. The pitch of the sound became lower as I did this. As I reduced the speed and thus the pitch of the sound, I realised that the sound was in fact a very high speed audio-playback of audio-sense-data from my past. Just like if you play a tape fast enough, it just becomes a sound-blur, but if you slow it down, you begin to realise it's a sound track even when it is still too fast to make sense of.

Still, even though I had slowed it enough to know it was an audio-sense-data sound blur; it felt like the speed was only reduced now to say 3 years of audio-data per second. So I slowed it down further; the pitch became lower, and, amazingly, a high-speed "picture-track" evolved out of the now slower sound-track.

I realised that this was a high-speed run of visual-sensory-data from my past. Just as if one could play a movie projector on to a screen at phenomenal speed, one would realise what it was, but not what the images were of.

So I slowed it down further. Slow enough to almost understand the sounds and the images. But I had a sense that it would be too dangerous to be able to identify what the sounds and images actually were of. I 'woke up', although in a sense I had been in a state not 'wake' or 'sleep'; as I had sort-of a 5% 'presence of mind' during the experience enabling me to document it and control it.

This experience took place December 1983 I think. From then on, I knew I contained within myself a complete record of all-sensory-data for all the senses plus the record of my moment-to-moment awareness, feelings, etc.


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