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Posted by Brian Kirk Parquette on January 13, 2001 19:40:14 UTC

THE (‘hypothetically beastly’) RELATIVITY EXPLOSION, by Martin (Presumably) Gardner Speaking of ‘hypothetical beasts’ (HoHeeHaw!): A word from our PsyWar practising sponsors. DORITO’S: The Chevy - ‘Only kidding’ - Chase comedian-endorsed potato chip to mug & manslaughter old ladies - kill, die and DEATHSPEAK for. ‘Only kidding around’. Lighten uppenseig! ‘JustJoking!’ DORITO’S crea-tively educational and highly contagious, network broadcast appetite for violent Psy-War as entertainment is not usually called ‘rant’. Though nazi-busting reflections like this usually are (Why the wretched, neo nazi opposition is out of 3-D time & space, continued): WHY: THE BIG BANG THEORY IS WRONG ‘From Eureka (!) To L.A. Stop For Some Feral Cuisine At THE ROAD KILL CAFE. Where you can dine freely on all the morsels you can gouge or scrape out of the radiator grille or from between the treads and correctly identify. Continued: The Big Bang Universe ‘has a (speculatively presumed ‘super split second’) beginning’ and a speculatively presumed (entropic ‘heat death’) ‘ending’. Un-like the Steady State Theory; which for many substantial and eloquent rea-sons does not proffer a beginning or ending; which (Steady State Theory) was abandoned, because the (recently and unexpectedly discovered) proven ex-pansion of the spatial universe ‘must result; "inevitably" in the dissipation of occurrent numbers (density) of objects occupying given units of space over extensively progressive periods of time.’ A Steady State Theory projects a general uniform density of space, rather than a dissipating space projected in a *Big Bang translation of Universal History. From the more dense - relatively smaller - past; into the increasingly less dense and ever-enlarging future. *Space always becoming more dissipated with increased passage of time in the spatially expanding, Big Bang. Which is what is said to ‘inevitably’ result when the dissipating universe of the present and future, is back-tracked into the conceptualized universal (consequently ever smaller and more dense) past. Eventually ‘intersecting’ very densely, when and where an explosion (*Big Bang) is said to have occurred. Proclaimed by the big bang gang to be the cause of the recently discovered, spatially expanding universe’ - *therefore ‘thinning out’ with the passage of time. Big Bang Cosmology. Product of a desperately concocted (1927 emer-ged, Henry Silpher discovered, Edwin Hubble refined, Lemaitre generalized), ad hocly makeshift history.The big bang theory is ad hoc, in the sense that it was conjured up in response to the unexpected discov-ery that the entire spatial universe is expanding (1927- ‘34). Back tracking the observed expansion through past time seems to find the observed expanding universe at a point of convergence - an intersecting point where all the matter of the universe was presum-ably joined in one singular ‘cosmic egg’. What seems ‘inevitably’, to be (‘therefore’) an ending of space, and a ‘beginning of space and time’. A ‘universal beginning’. A NO EXIT Linus blanket. A dead end. Yet, there is, in astrophysically proven and agreed upon fact: no common center from which the spatially expanding universe recedes. Fact #11. The expansion is proven, dynamically structured as though the center (alleged origin of the ‘big bang’ - said to be the beginning cause of the observed spatial expansion of the universe) is every-where. No matter the location of any given observation point: the structural dynamics of the observed expanding universe are such that always the ‘red-shift’ recession of the measurable surround-ing universe (of receding objects) is: in direct line of sight; mov-ing directly away from points of observation; wherever they are located.. This is not a 3- dimensional signature. It is 4 dimensional. Establishing a structural expansion corroborating a physically and spatially expanding - steady state - universe. Where ‘the cen-ter’ is (‘would be’) everywhere; as it is in fact observed to be. Pro-ving every point of mass (‘charge’/’disturbance’; systems of com-bined particles) and its (their) generation of omnidirectionally expanding electromagnetism and gravity as the collective cause - and ‘origin’ of the observed, red-shift measured expanding uni-verse. The Big Bang is categorically founded on a 3-D premise. In what is (insanely) insisted to be an ‘acknowledged’ 4-D Universe. Refer, George Orwell’s 1984 DOUBLE-THINK. NEW & DUCKSPEAK : The Big Bang imposed retroactive progression to the bygone past’s inter-section of three dimensions to a ‘point of origin’ (the anticipated ‘end’ of ret-roactively expanding space - traced backwards in time to ‘an inevitable inter-section’ and consequent point of ‘beginning’), does not apply to a four dimen-sional space-time continuum. The past of which is progressively smaller, to endless 4-D infinity, when the observed, spatially expanding (‘Big Bang ori-ginated’; 3-Dimensionally fixated) universe is traced backwards through past time from the present. Back tracking the observed spatially expanding universe is popularly said by Big Bang advocates, to eventually arrive at an intersection where ‘space ends’: in three dimensions. There is no open argument against the omniscience of the four dimensional space time continuum here. It is simply and altogether excluded as a solution (refer ‘option’/ AKA, ultimatum). The Big Bang Theory denies altogether here, what its perpetrators say they acknowledge... Mean-while. The Big Bang Theory instantly goes extinct, when it comes in contact with the (Invisible, ‘What? ‘) four dimensional space-time continuum. Whereas, in four dimensions (when space-time is not excluded from the universe, as the Big Bang Theory excludes the 4th dimension altogether), past space goes on ever-smaller forever; smallness proceeding as end-lessly as largeness: with the relativistic center (source of expansion) located everywhere in the occurrence of matter-field ‘particles’ (without a spatial limitation at the falsely assumed and foreseen intersection of all matter, culminating in the alleged explosive ‘beginning’); in the increasingly distant, ever smaller past to infinity, and grow-ing ever larger forever in the increasingly distant future; to in-finity. ‘Discussions about black holes’ belong in diminutive parentheses; until further notice: (Although black holes have yet to be proven, they are nonetheless extremely controversial and have strangely taken the foreground of discussions in theoretical physics. Their cause - if they exist at all - is not controversial. Presently, with the exception of this offering, there are not even any formally submitted guesses as to their cause. If black holes exist, until further notice, they are - ostensibly - the causative result of a contracting four dimensional space-time continuum; that is to say, a four dimensionally contracting mater-ial system, becoming ever smaller and more dense: to microcosmic infinity.) The four dimensionally expanding steady state universe (uni-versal density) remains always the same relative density; consisting always of the same amount of energy, increasingly distributed ov-er - creatively becoming - an ever enlarging space; from micro-cosmic infinity, to macrocosmic infinity. Without infringement on the law of conservation of Mass-Energy Matter is found to be expanding (and how); regardless of ‘why’. 4-D smallness (of past space-time) as infinite as 4-D largeness of future. With the present eternally in the middle of microcosmic past-smallness and macrocosmic future largeness. Whereas, the 3-D pie chart intersects ‘end-space’ where all of it’s ever narrow-ing slices come together (with the Beatles?) at the center. A weightless apple pie, without gravity. In your four dimensional face. Whereas, the four, five and six dimensional universe demonstrates and reinstates a (Bondi-Hoyle represented, 1948 introduced, then abandoned), Steady State universe; without beginning or end. The same amount of ever-expanding energy distributing itself over increasing amounts of space - all densities per coordinately systematized frame of reference remaining rela-tively stable and ‘unmoving’, ‘static’, ‘not expanding’: relative to all other comparably expanding material in a given coordinate system - to infinity. ‘Disturbed areas’, ‘spreading indefinitely.’ Generating 4-D space-time: con-ducting itself: Ostracized From Reality, by the politics of social experience. The Discoverers & Practitioners Of Insulation From The 4th Dimension ((Hailing from Eureka, California?)) (((Points further south?))) Finding the so called Big Bang: a lot of sharply sibalent sounds of rapid depressurisation. New world radiating background noise said to represent - falsely said to prove - ‘a universal beginning of space and time.’ The Big Bang: a 3-D pie charted non-event, in four dimensions. A popularly fabled time and place where all of the matter in the universe (with no common center from which the expansion occurs) was 3 dimensio-nally gathered (carefully excluding the 4th dimension every parsec, light-year, mile, yard, millimeter, Angstrom unit and quantized photon of the retroactively backtracked, analytically retentive way), and then and there the 3 dimensional contents of all the 3 dimensionally expanding universe (‘had had enough’, ‘ran out of space’ to back-track into the past, and naturally, due to said convergence and resulting pressures and temperatures of all the matter in the universe gathered - retroactively compacted - in one place) explo-sively ‘went off’. A grim fairy tale. The Golden Bough & the Iron Boot of fic-tional physics. An errant, prevaricated fingerprint in the ill perceived 3-D sands of time. Big Bangology as dominant MACHO paradigm. (Pull my finger?). Hotly speaking airy volumes of Jeremy Rifkin inspired futility Held up today as the reason the spatial universe is presently (was recently and unexpectedly discovered to be) expanding. Silpher discovered the expansion in 1927. Hubble described the structural dynamics of the expansion in the early ‘30s. (Science & Excrement, continued) Whereupon, Lemaitre (and a host of other #2 gangologists, since), ventured to generalize that a moving picture of the observed, measured and agreed upon expanding universe, if played backwards, would inevitably find the stellar bodies, planets, galaxies, stars et al, retreating backwards in time toward, and eventually coalescing into an ‘inevitable intersection’, where all of the matter of the universe ‘must have coalesced/intersected/been converged’ . Then, so it is said, due to enormous gravitational pressures and resulting ex-treme temperatures: exploded. Went off. Big Banged. Satisfying Freud, grati-fying Adler, fulfilling Jung and potty training Carl Sagen’s multi-billionaire sponsored Hollywood COSMOS. Thereby causing the observed, proven, acknow-ledged expanding universe (increased speed of recession with distance). Crescent mooning TIME-LIFE’S 2-Seater Universe, continued: Decades after this archaic, three dimensionally laxative theory came for-ward, Hollywood actor Peter Ustinov, will be hired to narrate Einstein’s work and proclaim that ‘Einstein predicted the Big Bang Theory.’ Untrue. A newly spun fable in a heavily stitched passel of lately unraveling yarns. (It was a dark and stormy nightmare. Something about a haunted bowl of ALPO, bluegrass and a beheld pale equus. Ridden by the name of Death. Versus the allegory baddest blade in Baghdad., with hell following behind. Orders to fill. Designer britches Labels - children and stitches in time - to kill. Stitch: yo oppositionally patched back pockets. Continued) On the other hand, Einstein did predict the (4 dimensionally) expanding universe; which is not at all the same as the Big Bang’s grotesque 3-D inter-pretation of ‘why the universe is *expanding’ - a relatively very recent, very solidly proven *discovery that took the entire scientific community by sur-prise (1927 - 1934). The Big Bang theory is the hurriedly cramped, rest-room rushing attempt to compensate for the unexpectedly revealed ignorance of the entire scientific community; regarding the generally unexpected (Einstein predicted) discovery that the entire spatial universe is in fact expanding. The expanding universe has since then been met and conquered smartly, of and for the Big Bang, by the Big Bang Gang. Who are doing outstandingly well - SouthPark smooth - without the 4th dimension. For which they have no use. No applications anywhere to that which is ‘fully acknowledged’ to be everywhere. Nothing can be made or non-mathematically understood of it. (Refer: ‘QUARANTINE: ‘Unstable; dis-turbed area’. ‘May expand or contract at the slightest provocation’. KEEP CLEAR! Beware Of Reality. Don’t be re-fooled again; ‘If the earth was moving, our straight lines of snorting credit and credibility would fall over and be dusted down like a row of dominoes & ducks’. Copernicus is a bewitched, pot smoking commie-Jew; etceteras). The Big Bang regularity has displaced the 4 dimensional space-time continuum (no universal beginning or end: a Steady State universe) altogether. The inquisition still lives. Only its methods have changed. (Refer, the ROBERTSON FAMILY CONSPIRACY, p.p. 47 & 48.) The Big Bang is said - by the dominant scientific paradigm and its mass ‘media’-created and maintained perpetrators and maintainers - to be the cause of the (observed, proven, measured) expanding universe. Pictorial glossies - featuring blue and red, cold and hot spots (Ain’t this the trots?) - of the alleged ‘aftermath of the Big Bang’. Sold to earthly tourists, as alleged 13 billion year old souvenir replicas of the ongoing aftermath of the so called Big Bang. Giving what is unproved, precedence as a standard over what is proven. Ergo: everything geological; having to do with flora, fauna or human life profane and divine, proves the Big Bang Theory (‘That Einstein was right in predicting it’). So says the mercenary Peter Ustinov. Exemplary SPIC & SPAN man. Behind the three dimensional fan. Whereas, Einstein predicted an expanding uni-verse: before the universe was serendipitously proven to be expanding. On the other hand, the Big Bang was formulated: because, the universe was unexpectedly proven to in fact, be expanding. ‘The beginning of creation.’ A subjectively invented, finite crutch for objectively manifest infinity. An empty box of 3-D promising CRACKERJACK. A surprise infra-dimensional crazymaking toy inside. Featuring a 3-dimensionally exploding universe that ignores - finds and maintains an insulation against - the 4th dimension. Excluding it from reality altogether. (The jestering insistence that there is no gra-vity and that ‘the 4th dimension sucks’ ). If a bullet in Dealy Plaza, Dallas, Texas, 22 November, ‘63, can be theoretically taken seriously and passed on to the public the way that famous, president-murdering (gun jumping) bullet has been passed on; along with all of the other impossibly awry, krazymaking contingencies of that event. If the president can be murdered as he was and the nation deceived (force fed) into thinking one man acted alone to carry out that murder. Simultaneously deprived of locked up evidence for fifty ongoing years after the fact (with the president’s brain missing and the hardest evidence - the Zapruder film - withheld from the public by TIME magazine for 13 years -until 1976, from ‘63. Nine years later their feature article proclaims: "George Orwell’s 1984 predictions are ridiculous". - TIME magazine, 1/1/’84): why can’t Hollywood and Carl Sagen have their (dynamically ridiculous) Big Bang universe? Why can’t Peter Ustinov’s professional, Hollywood in-spired theoretical physicists continue to persuade everyone that an elephant can hang from a cliff with it’s tail tied to a daisy? Ever Enlarging Tolerance Thresholds Why can’t they have a three dimensional universe to fight gravity, promote and pimp off 12 year old girls in movies (Pretty Baby. Blue Lagoon) you have to be 18 years old to see, Why not ‘revise’ the history of science, laws, morals and social reality? What - and who - is to stop them? Reality must be irrelavant and irksome here. The 4th dimension is pesty. Surgically exterminated by the presiding, friendly fascist authorities. Carl Sagen and his confederates not only authorize, but also play God over exactly such 4 dimensionally bereft COSMOS. Repeatedly tell the world where Einstein was at. What Ein-stein meant by this. What Einstein meant by that. What Einstein couldn’t possibly have meant. Without correction. No absolute auth-orities on the subject (is a comforting thought - a hastily hallucinated port of false refuge in an inescapably ship-wrecking maelstrom ) Golden Gate - and Brooklyn - Bridge sales (along with arsons on the county Vets Hall) are coming up behind U. The Rules (‘Watch your back!’) Have Changed. Inquire deeply within. Mountains may crumble, seas dry up and gravity fail, but Joe the excrement salesman will always prevail. Finding and marketing his buyers. ‘Going ‘global!’ with the - ‘MAKE 7! UP YOURS! ‘ - latest anal rape-as-everyday-enter-tainment in Large Corporate State sponsored - and meticulously designed, Neurolinguistic Program seasoned - hard core Amerikan soft drink advert-ising. ‘Parental discretion advised’. Segue to a report from the White House Oval Office, parental discretion advised. If you can’t govern, administrate or journalise: entertain. P.S. Go for the crotch. TOYOTA is bound to drive you like you’ve never been driven before. The perennial, verbally intrusive, invasion-ary and poly-abusive word, and everything that rhymes with it, in and around the obediently corralled - television and entertainment industry mesmerized - remotely and directly controlled herd.). ‘Life’ got cheaper & tougher while EXCEDRIN got richer, stronger, slicker and more expensive. With Mr. Telephone (Is not Ma Belle): now charging for information that use to be free. Information 411 services, moreover, automatically include not only a new (previously non-existent) service charge, but also a boldly imposed commercial. Featuring a woman’s voice (to blame), praising the corporate state invasion of your telephone service; that the involuntarily paying cus-tomer must wait through (Time is money?), in order to get what they are paying for. (Miss Information?) A time of the signs.

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