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Announcing A New Religion

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Posted by Richard Ruquist on October 21, 2005 14:37:20 UTC

Yesterday on NPR I heard of a new religion based on thumbsucking that may or may not be sweeping the country. Well, they did make a movie out of it. And religious principles were used to overcome the thumbsucking by the principal of this new religion. Seems it stopped after he got married and had children and established close emotional ties with loved ones.

So it must be OK to describe the religion I invented on this forum. I'm happy if only the admin gets to read about it.

You see my new religion combines religion with both science and superstition. Superstitions are allowed and practiced. After all, any atheistic scientist would claim that everything of a religious nature is superstition. To fold science into religion, I must also adopt the prevalent scientific attitude about religion. For example, believing that a supernatural world exists is clearly a scientific superstition. Yet that is the basis of this religion, called yanniruism, the 'light of wisdom' in sanskrit.

So a supernatural world exists in which there exists a superfluid with various levels of entanglement. The human brain is a cavity in the superfluid wherein a certain level of the superfluid is completely entangled. Similar cavities, usually in the shape of a sphere according to some who claim sight in this medium, can exist outside the physical body as disembodied spirits.

So the supernatural can sustain intelligent beings in perhaps spherical cavities. Now it seems that these beings are constantly trying to influence human beings, probably because they have foresight in the superfluid and are fearful of the future. Or perhaps god just tells them what to do. But note that god is not a necessary ingredient in this new religion. The supernatural could as well be populated by committees, just like on earth.

So among the many practices associated with yanniruism, like chanting while walking, a commandment from the Old Testament that Jesus said was the most important commandment, or meditation while lying down on the 96 chakras on the surface of the human body, while touching each of them with one's fingers, and saying each chakras name to one's self, (e.g., the name of the middle eye is jehovah, the name of the heart chakra is yahweh), to describe the two principal practices; each desciple must be constantly vigilant for communication from beyond the veils.

Such communication is certainly scientifically superstitious. Some forms like channeling, a biblical form of revelation along with visions, are amenable to experimentation and may someday be removed from the list of the superstious practices of yanniruism. But one particular practice is certian to remain superstious forever, the reading of license plates, i/e., 777 is a good omen and 666 is a bad omen.

However, what prompts me to come out of the closet, so to speak, at this particular time: is that yesterday I saw a plate that read:
Of course, like in all scripture, interpretation is a requirement, in fact every possible interpretation is required.

For example, a principle of yanniruism is that superfluid beings see every future possibility, for the future contains many options. Revelation by John contains both the prophecy of nuclear holocaust and a thousand years of peace. Those are alternative interpretations of that scripture; or better said, alternative futures of the human race. What actually happens depends on the actions of human beings once nuclear weapons are invented.

So my first interpretation of that license plate is that the WW stands for the next world war, and the numbers says when. Using symmetry, a basic principle of yanniruism, or just reading backwards like in Hebrew, the year of the next World War is 9,663, roughly in 8,000 years from now, and specifically in Sep, also on the plate.

So I believe that we are being told that we will escape nuclear war in our generation and many generations to come. And it's even more optimistic than Revelations where we only escape WWIII for 1000 years.

That is what prompts me to announce my religion at this time- the promise of no world war for some time...... Now I am the only convert, the only practitioner of yanniruism. I am the founder and owner- of the YANNIRU Foundation- donations welcomed on paypal- However, I expect that Mike Pearson may be converted. But actually conversion is not necessary as yanniruism contains elements of all other religions including cosmology, except for Islam. Eating only at night is our one Islamic practice.

But that is not the only interpretatuion of that license plate. If you add up the numbers, they add to 24, the number of space dimensions in string theory. There are also two time like dimensions for a total of 26. So the message of the plate is that string theory is on the right path. It's also the number of Hebrew letters and the Kabala contains Abraham's Book of Creation, which also supports string theory including compactification in ten dimensions. Six dimensions just roll up, leaving 4-d spacetime.

The license plate may also be telling us how the 24 space dimensions were divided up during the various stages of compactification. The leading 3 of course refers to the uncompactified 3 space dimensions that we all live in, including the superfluid beings. The next 6 must then be the 6 dimensions that rolled up according to Abraham, who BTW is the name of a disembodied spirit that channeled the book of creation and not necessarily the Old Testament Abraham, but it could be.

Now religious entanglement must be described. In the compactification of 9 dimensions down to 3, fermions are created, particle/anti-particle pairs specifically, which fly off in opposite directions in 3-space, but remain entangled by a thread of 6-d compactified matter, and behave as one particle, until they interact with the environment and the thread precipatates into 3-space as axions. However, the axions remain entangled and are the superfluid, or at least one component of it as concurrently another 6 dimensions are compactified, in a sort of mirror universe. The 3-d particles created by the secondary 6-d compactification could either remain entangled forever, or more likely interact with its own separate environment, perhaps generating the supersymmetric particles needed for superstring supersymmetry.

So the license plate is telling us that both axions and supersymmetric particles exist in the supernatural world, but probably only the axions form a superefluid. BTW there is at least two levels of axion mass, as there is two levels of 6-d compactification.

What about the first 9d compactification. As in Hebrew, we often read time from right to left. That gives us the year of WWIII, as well as the order of compactification. Only bosons can live in the original 24 space dimensions. In fact, only bosons of the unifield field. To create a larger assortment of bosons, it is necessary to break symmetry; hence the first 9-d compactification. We could identify this compactificatuion with Dark Energy, and the later 6-d ones with Dark Matter. But Dark Energy is apparently some form of the force of gravity, and we also need bosons for the GUT bosons, the electroweak bosons, and finally photons and waek force bosons. Now it is also apparent that gravitons are entangled forever, as the shape of the universe is determined by them and gravity seem to operate instantly. So gravitons are all entangled.

I postulate that all 9-d must compactify to split gravitons from the GUT bosons. Gravitons and GUTs have no charge- so it is not clear what an anti-graviton would be- perhaps a geometric chirality. Regardless, gravity is entangled through out the universe, and determines the acceleration of the expansion of the universe as well as its shape, a 4-d anti-de Sitter holographic universe according to Maldacena in this weeks Scientific American. Perhaps the GUTs are also entangled, but not with gravitons. The GUTs then split into Strong bosons and electro-weak bosons at the same time that quarks are made along with charge. The Strong bosons just confine the quarks. Then when electrons/ positrons are made, the Weak bosons split of from the EM bosons or photons. Photons do not experience the passage of time. But polarization allows for the anti-particle pair. Subsequent interaction with the environment generates interference patterns. So it seems that every partice made has an anti-particle that it can either be entangled with or separate from. It also seems that EM waves indicate the region over which photons could be entangled. And detection disentangles the EM waves of quantum coherent photons.

On the other hand, the 9-d could become 3-d just like in the creation of fermions. In this case the uncompactified 3-d is likely to be a superbig 3-d space in which out 3-d world exists. And in analogy particles form in this cosmic 3-d world, of which Dark Energy may be composed. So with this assumptions, all compactification is of 6-d space inside a 3-d space that becomes either the universe or the megaverse.

So anyway, this religion is clearly as attractive as the thumbsucking religion, although thumbsucking is more emotional and is complementary to yanniruism.

What does admin think? And if this gets posted, what does Mike, my strongest critic, think. Can I cash in on the heroism?


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