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Posted by Harvey on October 16, 2002 15:44:24 UTC

***Wow. It's amazing how that since I believe in the flood, which millions other believe too, including hundreds of scientist, it makes me completely brain-washed and indoctrinated.***

Most people aren't faced with the facts as you have been. When the median size of Jurassic dinosaurs is 3162 kg, and the median size of Mio-Pliocene mammals is 316 kg, and we are dealing with thousands of such creatures, to even suggest that they fit on the ark is ridiculous. To even suggest that Noah could feed, rid the waste of, clean, water, and give those animals exercise, while there is a huge storm (presumably enough to create the Grand Canyon, etc) in a wooden ship that leaks more water than you can imagine and still remain buoyant given the weight on the ark as well as the storm and balancing of that weight, is so preposterous that I can only think that you are completely brainwashed and indoctrinated. If other people are simply having a belief in a story even though they think of it in ignorant terms, then you cannot blame them, but you are intelligent enough to know better. The only reason you do not know better is that you are fully indoctrinated by your home schooling.

***And you attribute it to my home-schooling. Aaron is not home-schooled, and he believes as I. I would bet most of the ICR scientiest were not homeschooled, and they believe as I.***

Aaron's not that intelligent (sorry Aaron). On the flip side, Aaron appears to be more rational than you. He actually seems to be affected by arguments, whereas you just brush it off in a cocky sort of way. However, you are very intelligent and it is shameful for you to allow your home schooled past to prevent you from moving forward in your life. I think you are just afraid of knowledge. This is the wrong attitude. You must face truth, accept truth, and grow from truth. The fact that you refuse to do that in the guise of being true to your religious convictions is not impressive. It contradicts, in my opinion, the heart and soul of religion.

***To continue on that point, why do you think that at least 74 scientists (ICR) write dozens of scientific articles about, write books about, present speaks about, and debate about Noah's ark (and other issues)? Why do they do this? Oh yeah, I forgot. Creationist are in it for political power, right?***

You underestimate the power of self-deception. People, who want to remain in-line with their religious convictions, will believe all kinds of baloney. I learned a longtime ago that you have to be convicted of truth and let the cards fall where they may. I think that is a wise policy. You cannot allow prejudice and desire to believe certain things from believing truth. You have to be intellectually honest otherwise your faith is meaningless. God is truth, and whoever seek to properly worship him must do so in the spirit of truth.

***What did you want me to say about them? Yes, I believe they were on the ark too.***

Such as the herbivorous pelycosaurs? They often exceeded 15 feet in length. It's unbelievable that you cannot see the folly in these beliefs (or more likely you refuse to see).

***Actually a young Brontosaurus would easily fit in a 9 feet deck. They take 12-13 years to fully reach there maximum size, a height of about 20 feet.***

Where did you get those estimates? They are totally misconstrued. Brontosaurus reached 85 feet in length, 32 tons in weight, and 35 feet height. It is thought that they needed to eat constantly in order to fuel their massive frame. In actuality, you might be able to fit two full-grown Brontosaurus' on Noah's Ark, although it is doubtful the ark would float and it certainly would have tipped over if there was a storm. Of course, reality is not something that you care all that much about.

Here are more dinosaur sizes, just as a sampling:

Brachiosaurus: 40' tall, 80' long, weighing 60 tons.

Camptosaurus (iguanodant family): 7' tall, 22' long, 2 tons

Dyslocosaurus (sauropods): 55' long, 6 tons

Edmontosaurus (hadrosaurs): 16' tall, 43' long, 3 tons

Iguanodon: 12' tall, 33' long, 5 tons

Pachycephalosaurus: 8' tall, 25' long, 1.5 tons

Parasaurolophus (hadrosaur): 15' tall, 35' long, 3 tons

[Stop me if any of this is getting through].

Pentaceratops: 13' tall, 26' long, 3 tons

Segnosaurus: 13' tall, 26' long, .5 tons

Supersaurus (sauropods): 54' tall, 98' long, 60 tons


Tenontosaurus (iguanodant): 7' tall, 22' long, 1 ton

Acrocanthosaurus (top-spined lizard) 19' tall, 40' long, 3 tons

Albertosaurus (Alberta lizard) 15' tall, 30' long, 3 tons

Allosaurus (other lizard) 17' tall, 40' long, 2 tons

Apatosaurus (deceptive lizard) 15' tall, 75' long, 33 tons

Argentinosaurus (Argentina lizard) 70' tall, 120' long, 50 tons

Baryonyx (heavy claws) 6' tall, 30' long, near 1 ton

Ceratosaurus (horned lizard) 13' tall, 20' long, 1.5 tons

Diplodocus (double beam) 24' tall, 89' long, 11 tons

Gallimimus (fowlmimic) 8' tall, 18' long, 260lbs

Mamenchisaurus (Mamenchi lizard) 35' tall, 69' long, 30 tons

Megalosaurus (big lizard) 12' tall, 26' long, 1 ton

Ornithomimus (bird mimic) 8' tall, 15' long, 300lbs

Plateosaurus (flat lizard) 7' tall, 26' long, 2 tons

Seismosaurus (tremor lizard) 84' tall, 150' long, 100 tons


Spinosaurus (spiny lizard) 8' tall, 40' long, 7 tons

Tyrannosaurus (tyrant lizard) 23' tall, 50' long, 7 tons

Ultrasauros (ultra lizard) 53' tall, 100' long, 70 tons


Ankylosaurus (armored lizard) 7' tall, 35' long, 5 tons

Camptosaurus (bent lizard) 10' tall, 23' long, 2 tons

Corythosaurus (helmet lizard) 16' tall, 30' long, 4 tons

Hadrosaurus (bulky lizard) 15' tall, 30' long, 3 tons

Lambeosaurus (Lamb's lizard) 18' tall, 30' long, 7 tons

Ouranosaurus (brave monitor lizard) 10' tall, 23' long, 4 tons

Pachycephalosaurus (thick-headedlizard) 10' tall, 18' long, 2 tons

Shantungosaurus (Shanshan lizard) 25' tall, 51' long, 7 tons

Styracosaurus (spiked lizard) 7' tall, 17' long, 3 tons

Stegosaurus (plated lizard) 11' tall, 30' long, 3 tons

Tenontosaurus (tendon lizard) 10' tall, 23' long, 2 tons

Torosaurus (bull lizard) 7' tall, 21' long, 6 tons

Triceratops (three-horned face) 9.5' tall, 26' long, 7 tons

I could go on and on, but what's the use? This guy is completely irrational and doesn't even bother to use his cerebral cortex. He only uses to argue, not to think.


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