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Light The Source Of Gravitation

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Posted by Selsick on December 11, 2003 00:36:31 UTC

Light holds the Universe Together.

Light induces small currents in all matter.These currents or
Zitterbewegung cause the attraction of gravity.A lack of light
would effect this induction and cause the Allais' effect. Obviously it only effects gravitation if the light is actually blocked out as in an eclipse and not every month.This current amounts
to about 30mA/kg/m. As it averages out is not measured in any other

The gravitational masses of the sun and other planets have been
calculated backwards and may not correspond to an amount of matter in the way that we generally think.

The weak and strong forces inside attoms are caused by induced dipoles
and thus are proportional to 1/r^4.

Light is the source of all force.

(This is a proposition but could be explained slightly differently
really affecting the main theory.)

Mach had a theory that all particles in the universe are intimately
blended together.Inertia and gravitation only exist by reason of all
the other particles existing in the universe.

In order to understand this beter we will assume that the permitivity
and the dielectric constants of a vacuum are both absolute zero.

Light and other electromagnetic radiation cannot travel in a complete
vacuum but....

Instead of the energy of the electric and magnetic field being stored
in the vacuum between the plates it is stored in the whole universe on the otherside of the plates.(A parrallel multi plate condensor in a vaccuum somehow uses the plates themselves to store this energy.)

The electric field vibrates by polarising the matter in the universe
perpendicularly while the magnetic field generates currents parallel
to its path.These currents are all extremely small.

On the average there is the same distribution of electromagnetic
radiation all over the universe.Starting from any central point and going outwards we should have the same amount of energy from any particular shell of the surrounding globe. Any zone further away would have k1*r^2 more light signals which would be k2/r^2 as weak.From any layer we would have an energy of ck
arriving.This is similar to Olber's paradox that the whole sky
should be full of light.

Including an infinite number of layers we should then have an
infinite amount of light energy arriving.We shall assume that this
energy does not mutually annul themselves.

This is now called the Zitterbewegung.It is the famous Zero Point
Energy.For many this zero point energy is the golden pot at the end of the rainbow. If we could even tap an extremely small percentage of this nearly infinte source there would no longer
be any need for all carbon based carburants and their polutions. It
is the green energy which would save the world.Whether or not this energy can be tapped is another problem.

I propose that this Zitterbewegung is caused by light and other
electromagnetic radiation. It is not completely random. It will induce equal tiny currents in two large masses. From elementary electricity we know that like currents flowing in two
parrallel wires attract. These very tiny currents are not averaged
out to zero.Just like an antenna has many currents flowing in it all mass as well has this universal reflection of light.

From some well known experiments we could go a little further.
1.f=m*a and f=G*m1*m2/r^2.In the two equations all experiments showed
that the two masses are equivalent.Whithin the errors of experimentation no difference was found between inertial and gravitational mass.

2.G . The big G - the famous constant in the equation of Newton
varies a lot from one experiment to another. It seems that G is not the same on earth as in heaven.To calculate the position of the planets another G is used.

The Chinese it seems have a slightly different version of G from that in France.It also seems that the direction in which it is measured gives different results.

Some even claim that g changes when there is a Solar Elipse.It is slightly less just before and just after an Eclipse.As small g depends on the big one


it seems that big G also changes.

Occording to Newton G=G. There cannot be a differnet G for a Chinese
scientist working in China and another for the French in France.

Also for Newton it would not matter if G was meusured standing on our heads straight down or diagonaly.

G is strictly equal to G at all times at all places and in all
directions.All G's are created equal. Some G's cannot be more equal than others.

Could it not be that the light passing the earth somehow induces very
tiny currents in the nucleuses of all atoms. These like currents cause the attraction between the masses.

Large variations in the light distribution such as an
eclipse would cause small deviations in the small and big Gs.

We can now consider for exemple two large bodies at the centre of
these shells.Small induced currents come from all the layers in all the shells from those just outside stretching out without any limit.Billions of micro currents are oscilating synchronously in both the bodies. Any parallel current in two wires
attracts. This is the force of gravitation.

The currents come in all kinds of different amplitudes and
frequencies. On the average they all add up to zero.A zero current would not have any effect on any other wire current or charge as its average is zero.

This average zero current leaves us with a completely balanced electric and magnetic field.

To find out how much induced current must be flowing to create the
force of gravitation we start of by using the well known equations of Newton and Ampere.

F=G*m*M/r^2 ===> for a wire F=2*G*M*m/L/r

As the forces should be equal we have ;


Thus for a mass of 1 kg on a 1 m wire we would have 34mA of induced
current. Although this is a little large it represents the some of the induced currents which must be almost all in the nucleus. This must be so as inertial and gravitational masses are equivalent. Most of the mass of an atom is in its nucleus.

These currents most come from electromagnetic radiation with
higher frequencies of that of ordinary radio waves.

Part of this was developed 100 years ago by Tesla,Lorentz and
Velikowsky .It was vehemently rejected by Einstein.Einstein claimed that gravitation and its forces (as well as electromagnetism) was due to a curvature in space-time.

Soon many theories abounded which claimed that there
where more and more dimensions.

A little later the dimensions where not enough...

The world of strings arrived.

Strings turned in all directions making short circuits in
time and space.Strings and dimensions with gravitons and Higgs where
all "invented" in order to try and arrive at a Unified-Field theory.

The one theory which would explain everything.

Assuming Tesla was right.
Assume that the universe is really very simple.
It only has time and 3 dimensions ...

This would be just another high voltage Tesla discharge shock.
Einstein's famous theory would be delated
And become just another good science fiction.

After all ....

Space-time is relative!!!!

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