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Re: Space-Dimensions?

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Posted by thed /">thed on May 20, 1998 06:47:25 UTC

: I draw a cube at space. : This cube has X-Y-Z-dimensions. : How big is it(km)?

The volume = X times Y times Z, in whatever units you choose. If X,Y,Z are in kilometers the volume is in kilometers cubed, if in feet is is feet cubed. Choice of units is arbitrary.

: How big is that cube, what we really known, and proved!

You can not "proove" that is how big the cube is, it is a statement of fact.

: We speak 'light speed-distances'. : What is speed of light?

Approximately 300,000,000 meters per second, or 2.99792458 * 10^8 meters per second exactly.

: It born at sun, speed is zero?

When light is created it is created moving at the speed of light. Light can not stop or have a zero speed.

: Formulaes, where 'light speed is constant' is :not nature 100% fact.

Care to provide a proof of this. Have you read of the "michelson-morley" experiment that first expermimentally showed light speed is a constant independant of the observor, done around 1850. This was later used by Eintein in the Special Theory of Relativity to show how space and time are interrelated as Spacetime. Basically the only constant is lightspeed, it is how we relatively view the universe that changes.

: Space is space, where is material, which move, and make, planets, living things, etc.

Space is spacetime, a flexible thing that can be bent or stretched. Matter is matter independant of spacetime yet it can modify local spacetime by bending it.

: This material, when it move, make energy, light, etc.

Agreed. If somehting moves it accelerate, this requires energy. You can not "make" energy only convert it. Bent spacetime contains a lot of "potential energy" that be converted to "kinetic energy", moving energy if you will. This is what we feel as Gravity.

: It make it, without explosions, atoms.explosions.

I assume you are referring to the Big Bang! The fact that remote Galaxies are moving away fom us fster than local ones implies some sort of explosion occured in the begining. Atoms exist, that has been well and truly proven, yes.

: There is no beings like; Black holes,Worm holes, etc. : 'Black hole' is black 'rock-material', and light dont 'mirror' it.

I appreciate English is not your first Language but I having problems understanding the above, you seem to be trying to say all Physics is wrong. Black Holes do exist, plenty of candidates have been observed, see my posting of a week ago. Worm Holes do not exist, you are right. What do you mean by "light don't 'mirror' it". Black Holes are not made of any "rock-material", the make up of them is beyond modern physics to understand, at present.

: Also; We speak 'dark material', at space. : There is not being 'dark material'.

You mean Dark Matter, I assume. Something exists that does not create light that gravitationally effects Spiral Galaxies. What it is has yet to be determined. It is Dark, because it doe snot emit light, it is matter.

: Material is 'seeing type', or 'see through type', or space 'without material'. : We see material at shis space, when light-material come, and 'join' to color-material. : This materialcomposed 'flying' our eyes and our 'in'.

Parser error. Sorry, but that does not make a blind bit of sense.

: Time has confused us, and we believe Big-bangs, bubble-space, etc. These time-theory : is not nature 100% thing.

Sorry but there is plenty of evidence that the Big bang happened and time is not a constant, static thing.

:Human-doings things has form, like ice-cream-cone-form.

In our every-day world, yes.

: Human-doings things are not same than nature things.

We are no different to anyhing else in the Universe, we have no special place, meaning or form.

: Nature dont have same behaviour, same cone-idea continous.

nature does what it wants independant of how we want it to behave. The fun is trying to work out what is going on. To so this you have to drop what you think is common sense and create experiments that help us understand the reality of nature. Science is about not deluding yourself.

: Astronomist peopple must draw a cube at space, with Z-Y-Z-dimensions. : Middle this cube is earth, because we make : our 'seeings' at earth. : Measuring unit must be distance, like kilometers, miljon kilometers, etc, but not time.

Think of this, when you are asked to go some whereso you ever say "It is only 10 minutes away". Humans naturally use time as a measure of distance. We naturally understand that time and space are inter-related what is not obvious is that time and space can be modified depending on who is measuring it.

: And we must drawn only that cube, what we really known, and have measured. : Out this cube, is then mind-imaginations, believings, theoryes, etc. : That is the way, how to do this thing, then we can stay at nature thruth. : Space is space, nature, thruth. : Space is like 'room' without 'skin'. : Basic off all is? But what and why?

Go and read The Special and General Theory of Relativity for an answer. Then read up on Quantum Mechanics if you want something that really makes no sense at all.

: Humans dont known it, and our scientific-cone have made some errors, which make picture : not 'clearly seed'. : Errors like; : -Mathematical Zero

If you have an Apple and I take that apple, how many apples do you have. ZERO, none, nada.

: -Speed of light is constant

See above about Michelson-Morley.

: -Atom is basic material.

Quarks are, so you are right. Please provide a cite that anyhting else is true. Make sure you provide as much detail as possible as you have to disproove thousands of people working for millions of hours a year on Physics and Chemistry.

: - Color born at light.

colour is who we perceive the wavelength of light.

: - Separate, energy and material.

Again, please read the theories of Relativity.

: - 'Time-borned' space.

That is what Relativity is about.

: How do fixed these errors? : - Make mathematical map.


: - Check light speed(also sound.)

done routinely in physics labs around the world. It has never been measured at any speed other than the one I quoted above.

: - Make atom-theory form of atom, picture.

Done that. It is how nuclear bombs and power stations where invented. It also explains who computers work, how your TV works, how sattelites transmit. Every bit of modern technoology around you, every drug you take is based around an understanding of Atomic and Nuclear theories. Anyone claiming this is wrong must have very, very, very good evidence that the accepted ideas are wrong.

: - Look how color born.

See above.

: Space is space, where is material, which move, and make energy, love, feelings. : Our brains is material process, with nature-love. : These all is space. room like space, and we dont know, : Why? : What is basic off all?

That is the question Physics tries to answer. i don;t know any more than you but please leave the new Age philosophy out of it.

Dave Barlow

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