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Re: He Tells Me To Study Physics.I Tell Him Physics Works Only On Earth.

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Posted by TJ on January 23, 2000 16:04:47 UTC

: tjUniversal magnetism is area to be studied . if magnetism exist in universe then electric force exist too. : YelmalioIts called Elctromagnetism found by a guy called James Clerk Maxwell 100+ years ago

: TJI did not ask who founded electromagnetism

: My mistake, sorry for that. I thought that if you had studied Electromagnetism you understood it was only responsible for creating EM waves. I had hoped to maybe enlighten you as to where to start studying this topic if you where interested. Obviously you understand this better than I.

: why should i believe in somebody else's wave theory.

: This thread sequed elsewhere.

: Since A electromagnetic wave in itself is not understood properly.

: In all humbleness to a higher intellect, I beg to differ. how are radio waves (EM waves) used to transmit radio and TV images to your home, how do cell phones work, how is light interpreted from interferometers and spectrometers, how are X-rays used in hospitals, how do microwave ovens work, how did this message get received by you, how does a phone work? All the above and more are examples of practical applications of Electromagnetism.

: Can you explain this what is a wave and what is particle.

: A wave is a thing that that goes up and down, a particle is a point like object. What I can't explain is why particles behave like waves and waves like particles, Max Planck and quntum mechanics not withstanding.

: : : *******************************

: : : Is The black hole a Black hole or a Huge MAGNETIC FORCE attracting galaxies. : Magnetism is transparent its a force like gravity

: Magnetism is a not force like gravity, it's a special case of Electromagnetism. . Gravity depends on mass and (para)magnetism on aligned dipole moments in a material. But they are transparent, yes. Thay are also measurable.

: Sun has its own magnetic attraction.

: It has a magnetic field, that is not that same as an attraction. How would the solar wind escape otherwise. Why haven't planets crashed into the Sun yet?

: Each planet have their dipole North and South pole.I need not prove that to you.

: What about Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto and Charon?

TJ Replies /************************************************* They have too.As long as there is universal South an North pole There has to be planetary Noth and south pole. Since earth has it against universal South and North pole. /*****************************************

/**************** : Dipoles are due to an asymmetry in the charge distubrution in an atomic nucleus. Paramagnetism is caused by the dipoles all being aligned the same way. I am not aware of a current, accepted, theory on why the Earth has a magnetic field, the courts out on details but has something to do with a rotating liquid mantle.

: Similarly each and every galaxy have their own : cumulative North and south pole.

: Cite? Where is the evidence?

TJ /************************************************ Fact that there is a universal South and North Pole is the proof enough That galxies should have Universal South an North pole. /**********************************************

: What is existence of these magnetic field . There has to be great deal of electric forces involved. gaseous are part of galaxy . Gases can create electric force.

: Changing magnetic fields cause electric fields and vice versa. An ionised gas, a plasma, is found inside Galaxies. A non-ionised gas is also found inside a Galaxy. Plasma != non-ionised gas != forces between galaxies.

/************************************************* Magnetism and Electric fields are action and reaction forces to each other. So if that is the case there has to be both of them to exist in galaxy.So even you are agreeing here /***************************************

/************************************************* : I will not tell you any author name to explain my point here you have to search for yourself to understand for yourself.

: I'm well read on Maxwell and Alfven thank you.

/********************************************* I did not ask you how well read your. Anyways that further proves that whatever you say is not actually what you say but what other ,author ,scientist have proved. No ingenuity. Thats acceptable as long as you point that as not your point of view. ***************************************

: As is well known Galaxies are nebulae. I won't quote any authors, it's up to you to prove me wrong.

: magnetic forces exist to stop flow electricity. Every action has a reaction .

: Eh! You are trying to convince me that the gases in a galaxy cause electricity to cause magnetism that hold galactic clusters together then say that magnetism stops electricity! Ever turned a TV on.

/******************************************** 90 % of galaxies matter are gaseous prove me otherwise.

/******************************************** : Microwave background is property of magnetism

: How so?

: Magnetron device are used to create microwave.. : Go search for magnetron.I do not want to explain here.

: You misplepped Klystron.

/*************************************** Magnetron as a device exist like klystron. Check out it works...

/**************************************** : Hubble redshift is for the movement of galaxy . Every galaxy is receding from each other But that does not imply Big bang took place

: Keyword: Receding.

: It can imply there are some huge forces which are attracting these galaxy.

: Keyword: Attracting.

: You said Attracting & Receding in the same context. This is a non-sequitor.


What i meant was galaxies may be attracted away from far ends of the universe hence they appear receding.I said maybe.



: Yelmalio>but Gravity more than adequately explains it.

: ******************* : TJgravity does not : *******************

: How?

TJ /**************************************** As easy as you said gravity explains it . I said it does not.. First explain your share Then i will do mine. /****************************

: Whats Gravity. Can you explain it.And why does it exist.

: Yep! It's due to the curvature of spacetime by a mass as expressed by the Einstein tensor, stress-energy tensor and Minkowski manifolds.

TJ /******************************************* This leads same common arena you point to some else works...I do not like it here...

Please do the bit explaining yourself here What is gravity or what you understand by it?


: There is reason for existence of magnetism and electricity.

: There is but it has nothing to do with holding glaxies togethter.

/**************************************** Yes it does as easy as you have said earlier as long as you have understood WHATS GRAVITY!!!!!!! /**************************************** : BUT Can ANYBODY create gravity.

: In fact, your'e right. It's damn hard to produce as it's hard to make anything big enough to have a gravitational effect. Whereas it's dead easy to make a magnet or electricity and meauser them. We know more about Electromagnetism than Gravity.

: Or is it Every Big Body planet/stars etc has a force of attraction And thats gravity. : I do not think so its as simple as that.

: Ah, ha. Sorry. We are all allowed our own ideas here. I think it's as simple as gravity.

: Please reply me on this since i have my own views here get back to you later

: Keep them to yourself.

/*************************** Yep i will it keep to myself. I will not share my knowhow to a person who himself does not know whats he typing about and always relying on borrowed theories and other author works to prove himself. Remember the real question remains

WHATS GRAVITY ? I do not want Einsteins view point or Manikowski manifolds.. I want to genuine answer straight from what you understand by it. That is if you want to reply. You are always welcome NOT TO REPLY.


: Physics is okay on earth . Rules of physics do not apply to Universe.

: Funny that, if I see a star in the sky it is not obeying the same rules as I am. So it's a marshmallow.

: Yelmalio - I don't want to explain here.

TJ /**************************** If thats the way you want it prove it otherwise.

as I would definitely say its marshmallows as say to ignorant Kids...


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