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Death From Above: Issuances Continued:

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Posted by Brian Kirk Parquette on June 21, 2001 21:35:33 UTC

Death From Above: Issuances continued:
As though cosmology could (afford to) do without the 4th dimension. The Big Bang Theory is based on the notion that the 4th
dimension as a universal ingredient is optional. On again off again. Here today. Gone tomorrow and on alternate Wednesdays.
The Big Bang menu is the biggest, singularly 3-dimensional burger being sold: sans 4th dimension (A 3-dimensional wish sandwich) in
academia's corporate state sponsored kitchen. (With emotionally peeled onions.)
What the tactile universe looks, touches, tastes and feels like without the 4th dimension. No time. No motion. No Ronald Reagan re-runs. No expansion or
contraction anywhere. No bone for Carl (Gimme Shelter Howling) Sagen's mis-spelled Weimeriner. No place to Dr. Jekyl or Hyde (No air)...
Stephen Hawking's Universal Road Kill Cafe
What happens: when the order is for a ham sandwich and the waiter struts boldly out of the galley and delivers only an oink. Charges you extravagantly. Copping an attitude,
telling bad, diversionary jokes and spilling things on his customers throughout his remarkably animated three dimensionally flash frozen, pigeon excrement subjecting,
ominously fizzing, background radiation, dark matter, black hole, MACHO vs. WIMP acronym supported - boldly squealing - presentation. Blaming it all on - turning it all over
to - Stephen Hawking. Who likewise does very famously without the 4th dimension. Prodigiously engineered and back-tracked the Big Bang all the way back to the English
Bards original iambic pentameters. (Clickety-clack. Clickety-Clack. Clickety?) Back-tracked down to a fictitiously bygone gnat's caboose following a train of famine filled
dining cars. Jerry Garcia's Jonesy Case of needles and syringes. Meticulously registered, watched and monitered speed. Since the Nobel Prize was given to Dr. H. Kissinger for
hastening an end to the Vietnam War: it must only be a 3-Dimensionally precipitate matter of time before Domo Arigato (Darth Voder?) is likewise blessed by Daddy Warbucks.
(How much reality can a TV cathode ray take in - and share - after all?) With all that hi-flying, Rocky Mountain technology and aerobatic friends like John (Hiccup!) Denver (at
Pebble Beach?), it must be extremely unlikely (On the 19th hole?) that Mr. Hawking is wrong. And if he was, who could ever know the difference? (Glad you axed?)
Digressing To Actuality
Not to forget: what the 4th dimension of space-time does, upon its internationally accessible, non-mathematical introduction to the 7th grade class (for example): to
the Big Bang creationist school, its teachers and indefinitely spreading, anti 4th dimension, gravity fighting, Big Brother sponsored, pestophile-cult advocates (refer:
S.A.G. - Students Against Gravity ), at UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA., since the mid-80s, for
example. The yarn-spinning tales, wagging the lying - Jim Morrison StormRiding - boneless dogs. A korporate state enslaved, buzzword-wired bevy of volunteer
NEW-SPEAKING, deviled egg sandwich rustling, pink pantry raiding pestophiles.
A hysterical creationist fetish. Clutching and shivering together a fictional three dimensional blanket of fitful security. Swiftly running from safety, reason and the
overwhelmingly incumbent four dimensionally continuous, counter dogmatically accelerating facts. The growing obsession of a 3 dimensionally expanding
underground pool of historical revisionists. All agreed to find no conceptually measurable or comprehensive use for, or manifestation of the four dimensional
space-time continuum. In and out of their own acknowledged, as well as unrecognized experiences.
(Not counting Richard Robertson's Hollywood sponsored poly dynamic, Orwellean New-speaking pestophile feats and their undeniably vast and far reaching - highly
influential, swing-shifting, local, state and federal rogue government employee memberships. Refer, Tim - spice channel - McCormick and his entourage of wiggle-wriggling
pogey baits:~ pp.44 thru 47.)
The bespectacled search party in madly shoveling
pursuit of its pain digging spectacles.
Diving Into The Wreck & The Dig continued:
All of which airily bubble to the surface of Orwell's BEATLES plagiarized, entertainment industry sponsored Oceania, in the
joyful sea of above cited, indomitable revelations. A TITANIC bouyancy principle of which is repeated here, below (EYE wont
be fooled again, continued:):
"As long as we are considering an individual electron, we could be mislead into thinking that its waves are physical realities. Each electron
(disturbed area) in fact demands a 3-Dimensional Space to itself. This makes it obvious that these waves are merely a mathematical phantom;
consequently it is profoundly disconcerting to find that experiment confirms their existence. The apparent congruity between calculation
and experiment must be in some sense illusory. It is extremely difficult to avoid the conclusion that the experiments and their results have
yet to receive their proper interpretation."
(obviously matter is not expandING. - Ibid.)
The Steady State Theory was abandoned because it was unable to explain how the universe would remain at a generally uniform density while at the same time
becoming ever larger, spatially.
Hoyle-Bondi, at first (desperately; because everything else about the Steady State theory is an eloquently strong account of the observed, universal status quo)
proposed the *spontaneous creation of hydrogen to maintain the required uniform density of their Steady State universe. This reparative course was later abandoned,
mainly because it contradicts the law of Conservation of MassEnergy.
Whereas, the four dimensional space time continuum requires no such *adjustment - an adjustment that does indeed (prohibitively)
contradict the Law of Conservation of Mass Energy.
Whereas: 'These disturbed areas which are discovered to demand 3-Dimensions of Space indicate the position of the electron; yet we
cannot state that the disturbed area is the electron. Because any such locality has a tendency to spread, and if the matter of the
universe were a number of disturbed areas, by now it would have spread indefinitely'. - Ibid. (Hold that non-expansive thought?)
Exactly what the present day - indefinitely spreading - universe looks like: without the Big Bang. (By now it would have spread indefinitely:
- The 4, 5 and 6 dimensionally advantaged author, K.B. Robertson (Si)

Manifest Natural Precedence For Accelerating Expansion:
(Its The Water)
Very much on the order of 360 degree arcs of ripples (or pie-plate charted portions thereof) emanating from the center
disturbance point on the surface of a pool of water. The newer, earlier ripples not only expanding, but also accelerating. Moving
ever more swiftly; with the aging development of distance from center source of disturbance. Not only is qualified continuous
expansion, colloquially and precisely found here (on the surface of water), but also acceleration. A ubiquitous, natural systemic
emergence of an expanding; accelerating system. Laymen often flatly deny acceleration of expanding water ripples: they are
wrong (refer, All wet. Go fish, etc.).
When all else fails: read the instructions.
Good morning class. Today were going to wake up to sleep-inducing lectures on theoretical physics; from now on. From dawning spin-in to dusking spin-out.
Opposition here may optionally augur-in and/or crash and burn spectacularly at the front of the class. Once you're in, you're augured in for the revolving binary
duration. Condemned to keep adding up to the 3 Body Problem. Where 2 wrongs dont make a right. But, 3 doodoo. Please restrain any residual applause? (All
background noise, including hissing, booing and flatulence, will only be improperly interpreted as further proof of the Big Bang theory, and Big Brother pestophile's
multiple child raping 'solution.')

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