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My UFO Sightings(silvery Objects)

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Posted by VA on October 11, 2003 20:48:25 UTC

My UFO sightings

…First time in my life I touch optic tool before 19 years time at 1983 and it was small 8X30 binocular and of course first job than I want to do with it is to catch the planes on the sky that I know then only from aviation magazines like bulgarian “Krile”(“Wings”)…but the only poor result of this “action” was catching the street lights …In early 80’s my father often drives me to the airport near Sofia(capital of Bulgaria) and many hours time we watch the jets that take-off from the airport …and also I learn to read using aviation book and magazines , not like the other child starting with prepare-books …

…It was three years after in 1986 when one evening my father bought my first telescope - it was “Astrocabinet” system for pupils made in East Germany and it was maybe the best toy for young boy with aviation and astronomical interests . In the box except the telescope elements like lens , tube and tripod there is also and little book with instructions for many configuration telescopes and also instructions for establishing astronomical observation .After sunset when the Moon rising from east horizont many times I install the tripod of the telescope to the window and fix it under the magnification watching the lunar surface … Year after that in december 1987 I start every week serious astronomical observations and every one of them I write a report about it in books that I keep till today .In this reports I write date , time , weather , telescope magnification used , object of observation and report . Winter time I and my friends go outdoors in late afternoon and went to some not cover buildings when workers are going on and after that we installed the telescope on a window and start our astronomical observation exploring Moon and the stars using our poor telescopes and star map . Our tools are really only toys but when other pupils go to the school to broke windows with stones we went to our astronomical works. With months and years passing on we go deep to the astronomical science learning more for space , planets , star and other objects using small telescopes and reading astronomical books .Well I never go to serious astronomical science level , and for this there are many different reasons , but I never know what shall happened on the way of exploration the sky …
It was the great summer of 1991 and it was the last year that I have serious astronomical interests but maybe the most important facts happened at 1991 - first I buy new optical tool , it was polland spotting scope 40X times magnification at 64mm lens with metal made construction and heavy stabilized tripod . When I open the metal case … I saw the scope staying in the box with the smell of a automatic weapon and shinning metal on the sun-light … the sight that give this tool was really brilliant ! The first astronomical object that I fix was the planet Venus and first time in my life I watch the phase of this planet … When I turn the scope towards the Moon - the picture under the new scope was really wonderful ! There are so many craters , planes and other details on the lunar surface and many hours every clear nigh I stay outdoors just watching the sky with my new tool …
Often when I end my school hours I take outdoors my scope to watch the planes that pass over Sofia , under the 40X magnification first I try to fix the inversion trail after the jets and after then “climbing” to it I catch the plane in the view of the scope . I have seen many different type planes including soviet TU134 , TU154 , american Boing 747, Lockheed planes passing over Sofia two , also I have detection on “Galaxy” monster machine in the skies , under the scope US flag was well visible . Well you know how the plane looks with a naked eye in low level horizont many miles from you - it was just like small silvery point with inversion contrail after it and when the jet was getting closer and closer and you fix it under the scope sometimes it is not possible to catch all the body in the sight of the tool …
It was the shinny afternoon of 4 september 1991 when I take out my spotting scope for spying the planes that pass over Sofia , I never have in mind what shall going on after few hours of skywatch . The weather was in perfect condition for intercept aircraft - all the sky was blue and clear and only the engine inversion are making small clouds for short time . Also I have little 7X35 Sears binocular that I use to fix the distance planes before turn the scope towards them . I remember that I have loose interest after few hours of skywatch and start to un-install the tripod from the scope and put the details in case when at 15:25 hour suddenly I spot something strange on the sky - high on 85 degrees (south-east) I saw little silvery object that looks just like little silvery point on the sky standing without any movements . First I wonder what kind of aircraft must be this that is staying without any movements - it is not possible to be plane , or chopper , or satellite , or rocket ? When I fix it with the scope under the 40X magnification I saw little oval silvery object with metal look surface , also the sun reflection was well visible on his right-west side … The object looks very small under the scope -smaller than 0,02 degrees but it was well visible that this was silvery ball . Quickly I telephone to my best friend and skywatch partner from years time and after few minutes he appear in my backyard to watch the silvery object too. When he come home another silvery object many times smaller than the first one appear near the first one and start to circle around it … The second silvery object was totally not-visible for a naked eye and under the scope was very little silvery point just like the big one with a naked eye . Under the 7X binocular the smaller object was really hard target because was really too smaller but still visible . This second smaller silvery object was circling about 1,5 second per period around the big silvery object . During all the time of this observation we target this objects staying at 85 degrees with this primitive optical tool installed on a low table from the ground and it was hard job to watch under it because we are getting tired from this . With the time passing on the smaller silvery object was getting near and near on his orbits around the big one and also he lower the speed of this circling ,at 16:00 the smaller object was circling with speed 4-5 seconds per period around the big object and at 16:05 hour the smaller object was very near to the big one and circle very very slowly … After minute-tow when we take a look at that direction - the objects were disapear from the sky . We try to find them with naked eyes and the binocular on the perfectly clear sky but without any result …
After this sighting during the 90’s we talk many times about this observation and about the possibility of UFO observation . Here I must say something important that everyone must read - my friend , skywatch partner and witness of this observation think during all this years till today that “We have observation on balloon” . Yes , observation on a balloon but I have few questions and nobody can give the right answer , here are the questions -
is it possible balloon to appear on the sky , stay at one place for about 45 minutes time and after that just disappear so quickly from the clear sky ?
if the big silvery object was a balloon what kind of object is the second silvery object who come about 5 minutes later and begin to circle ? It is not possible the smaller object was the sond of under the meteo-balloon because he appear from big distance and start the circling - this is not real behavior for body that is in the construction of the balloon .
if the second object was the sond under the balloon then why the sond is silvery too ?
the real meteo balloons are really silver on the sky when they are reaching more than 12 miles where the h2 is going bigger but this balloons aren’t perfectly oval structures like this object …

Nobody can give true answer on this four simple few questions …
The next years I do every work but not skywatching - all this astronomical observations , telescopes , planes, binoculars and silvery objects are far very far for my mind for long years time . At 1997 when comet Heil-Bob pass near the Earth and was well visible on the night sky I provide few simple observations on it with 15X50 binocular but this are only few observations after six years time and they means nothing .
…15 april 1998 I was ordered to keep military vehicle outdoors (I was soldier in 1st BG Army under the command of general Dolinsky) . I don’t have any idea what shall going on this day I thought about my problems and my mind was far away from any UFO or space team . At 12:25 suddenly I spot ‘plane’ coming on different than the other planes sky pattern at 45 degrees from west straight to Sofia (Sofia location again) . I wonder why this ‘plane’ is flying on this strange flight path and also I saw that the ‘plane’ has no inversion-trail … The ‘plane’ climb from 45 degrees up to 90 degrees and pass right over my head but still I can’t separate any details of plane like body , wing , engines or inversion-contrail , I wonder what is this plane …when this object suddenly stopped ! At this moment I well remember the observation from 4 sept.1991 over Sofia again and now at this moment the same silvery UFO is standing high in the sky over Sofia again !
…But before I couldn’t do anything and react on the situation I saw another second silvery UFO coming from east and after that third UFO near the second and after the third - fourth silvery UFO ! Group of three silvery UFOs are incoming from east and seems to ‘meet’ the first coming from west ! At this moment over Sofia town very high on the sky there are four silvery UFOs ! My first reaction was emotional shock and I start running around and tell about the situation on all military that I meet but no one of them carry about UFOs and nobody gives to me binocular to watch the UFOs .They have artillery’s binoculars 6X30 and army’s binocular 8X30 .
During my problems on ground to find pair of binocular and tell the officers about the current UFO activity on the skies the four silvery objects (looks like very little silvery points) start to fly around each other (not circling just flying each other) and I saw very well that they are staying on some distance between each other . They are really too small that if single man take a look at this sky sector the chance to find them is small , but if he knows that in this direction there are four silvery objects he shall discover them . Only one driver believe my words and he saw all the UFO-show over Sofia . I live at only 5 kilometers(3 ground miles) away from this military base and I have at home russian 15X50 TENTO binocular in perfect condition but it is not possible to escape from military duty watching UFOs - this action may finish with military prison and I stay helpless without any optic and watching the UFOs just with a naked eye .
At 12:50 one of the silvery objects(possible to first) separate from the group and take south direction with accelerating speed . It makes the acceleration with algebr. Progression (A1, A2 , A3 , A4 and so on…) . I loose it from my sight when the object ‘fall’ behind Vitosha plane south of Sofia . The other three silvery UFOs separate each other and all take east direction but with slow speed , I loose them from my sight on far east horizont .
Next few months in the army I can’t stop think about this UFO observation every day , and I buy few very interesting books about UFO team (written by Helmut Lammer) . Because I have many work to keep military installations armed day and night I have enough time to read , to think and to make my calculations and hypothesys about this silvery objects . The question that cares me more than other is why the four silvery objects must stay on some distance between each other and why the small silvery object must circle about 35 minutes around big object ? My hypothesys about this is that around this silvery UFOs exist some kind of power field(magnetic or gravity field) and they must keep some distance between each other to avoid the crash between two different magnetic or gravity fields powered maybe by their engine system .
The second important question is about the highness that they are operating over ground surface ? Well I have calculations made in late 1998 that have hypothethical base for the silvery object from 4 sept.1991 that is smaller than 0,002 degrees if he is big 30 meters in diameter this means 180 KM(about 120 Miles) over the ground - and this means low orbit in space(if it is possible to be visible any object at 180 km over the surface) ! Of course that if the objects is 20 meters the distance was 120 KM , and if the object was 15 meters the distance was 90 KM and if the object was 10 meters in diameter this means only 60 KM distance(40 Miles) . Another important detail here that can help me is that the smaller object who circle around the big one can’t be so small because he can’t be visible . The smaller object was about ten times smaller than the big one and this means if the big UFO was 30 meters in diameter the smaller was about 3 meters , 20 meters for the big UFO and2 metes for the small circling object(distance 120 KM) , 15 meters for the big UFO - 1,5 meters for the small object (distance 90KM) , 10 meters for the big UFO - 1 meter for the small object(distance 60KM) …all this means that the chance that the smaller UFO is about few santimeters and the big one smaller than 1 meter (distance few miles over) is very small .
The third question that makes me think is the circling maneuver around the big UFO - why is this needed ? Is this catcher-operation and the smaller UFO must zero the difference in the magnetic or gravity fields between two vehicles before enter the mother-ship ? Well I have learn physic lessons at school and I know very well that every single satellite around Earth must have minimal speed of 7,9KM/Sec. And distance more than 169 KM from found surface to survive on orbit more than one circle around the planet . No one satellite can circle around the Earth with lower speed than 24 000 KM-hour and to stay about 40 minutes without any visible moving over one ground point - this is really not possible for today’s space tech capabilities of any country in the world . This type satellites are very high at 33 000 KM at geostacionar orbit and they are moving with 7,9 KM/sec but are synchronized with the surface position of the moving Earth and the are staying on one position many years time, but for satellite staying only at 180 or lower sub-orbital stage is not possible to be visible on that way - totally impossible ! Second - only some types of very special satellites may have this lower orbit about 180 KM and they have very short life in orbit , the second variant is when satellite have elliptical orbit like 25 000KMX180KM but in this variant staying on one point in the sky is not possible too .
…But this silvery objects are flying and moving with stopping and accelerating at some distance between 60-180 kilometers of ground surface
and they seems to have engine system very different from rocket blusters on another engine system that maybe is violating physical laws that old science know in his big books …
I know very well that this silvery objects are real UFOs - they can’t be planes , rockets , satellites , balloons or other conventional craft that international science society knows and decide to do everything to explore their nature in scientifically details and for this reason I start my skywatch practice again after seven years later but this time not to watch the stars , planets and Moon , this time I have idea to detect and fix under powerful optical tool this silvery objects who appear over the sky of Sofia at 4 sept.1991 and 15 april 1998 . In December 1998 I recover my skywatch works and start write all data about observations in the special astronomical books including date , time , optical tool used , weather condition , object of observation , and result .
On this way of hope I was so stupid to think that this silvery UFOs shall appear again over Sofia again after one-two years time of every week skywatch and I shall track them under my power tools and learn more about their high-tech… after more than two years of skywatch I really detect few very strange objects on the night sky but in daylight observation I have no success to detect again this silvery objects again and do my job . I have few enthusiast like me who want to study UFO phenomena with practicing skywatch and we organize UFO-Alert command and this little skywatch organization and every his member is armed with optic tool and if someone detect UFO anytime of day or night first he must check the object and if it is really UFO he must called to the telephone to us and tell about the true coordinates of the object in degrees . If it happened I must take outdoors all my optical arsenal and rang-up all other members about the current UFO activity including data about the object(coordinates in degrees , type of the object) . And after that they must install their optical tools outdoors and take a look under binoculars to him , take a photo-shot if it is possible and tell to other people who must be witnesses . This UFO-Alert command has three general elements - technical part(optical arsenal including power binoculars and spotting scopes) , law-part (including instructions when UFO object appears to start the alert and prepare tools for UFO-track) and cache part(the money that must be used for new optical tools and another hardware) . The Internet part of this UFO-Alert command is information-structured data-file named File99 who have few parts full with different ufo-data and the very important UFO-documents and all the information is collected only about this silvery UFOs that I have saw over Sofia , more information about File99 after few passages down .
About optical arsenal we used power binoculars like russian 20X60 Kronos( and spotting scopes like Sibir Optics scope Yukon 20-50X50( . On daylight observations we trust to the power scope with his serious 50X magnification that give 10 000 meters at 200 meters and can show well plane only few degrees over the line of horizon , at night skywatch we used the russian giant binocular because his 60mm lens absorb very well any smaller light on the nigh sky and we track very smallest satellites and check them about not-conventional behavior like stopping , accelerating , separating and so on . Really this portative optical tools can do very important work and their capabilities are serious , for example in bulgarian book “At the battle orbit” Gergin Gerginov 1986 , Military foundation , page 25 there is a table about the possibilities of few optical tools to track and details the smallest object at X distance . And for example 60X power scope) -
Distance 100KM - 1 meter object detailed
Distance 200KM - 2 meters object detailed
Distance 300KM - 3 meters object detailed
Distance 500KM - 5 meters object detailed
Distance 1000KM - 10 meters object detailed

This means that with 60Xpower spotting scope just like russian ZRT 457 - 30-60X70 can detect and view in details 2 meters big UFO at 200 kilometers distance ! Of course with 20X power binocular the proportion is the same -
Distance 100KM - 3 meters object detailed
Distance 200KM - 6 meters object detailed
Distance 300KM - 9 meters object detailed
Distance 500KM - 12 meters object detailed
Distance 1000KM - 24 meters object detailed

! Remember well that ‘object detailed’ means that this is the very smallest object that may be seen in details like structure !

About the second element of this UFO-alert - it consist few instruction if UFO object/s appear again over Sofia ,instructions for quickly movement in the town , instruction for always be armed with optic outdoors, instruction about telephone numbers that must be alerted about UFO activity (and the sky position of the object in degrees), instruction with technical data for quick installation of the optical arsenal outdoors and so on . If one member of UFO-alert detect UFO object he must rang me to the telephone faster and when I inspect the object with optical tool if it is really UFO I start all alert system at the moment .After that I faster take out my binoculars and spotting scopes and rang up to the other members and they also take out their optical tools to detect the object and take a foto-shots if this is possible . Also they must alerted other members and people that shall be witnesses of this UFO activity . During the year we have few false alerts - some members wrongly identify lights from high flying plane , planet Venera , toy-balloons in the sky and so on .
The third element are all the cache that must be used for buying new optical tools and keep all the system operational . But this information is not important to be written here .
After more than two years time of every week day and night skywatch I understand that maybe we never shall have the chance to track this silvery objects again . Yes , we detect few strange objects in the night sky of Sofia but first we can’t prove that they are really UFOs , and second our interest is the same type of silvery objects not another type of UFOs , and third after time our investigation prove that someone of them are just normal military satellites (like the satellites in formation) . And for this reason because our progress was stopped and we have no results I decide to use the most powerful information tool in the world - the computer connected in Internet .
I use Internet from 1997 but for different kind of works , not for ufo-science ,and skywatch . All the data that is about this silvery UFOs I collect in very special file named File99 - File99 is the virtual link of our UFOAlert system and collect ufo-observations data from three different directions - HUMINT(people) , UFO-Books and Internet . File99 is information sub-system for our little UFOAlert organization and must consist all the data about similar UFO sightings in other geographic points to be possible any statistic analysis here . Also it’s very important to know that File99 have informational structure and now I shall describe it -
The first element of File99 is the quick-connection link with UFO organization (I’m not allowed to write it here) that must be informed about the current UFO activity in precise geographic area as quickly as it possible . In fact this quick-link connection must be operational on mobile-digital telephone .
The second element of File99 are Scientist and Military Hotmails - all the email address of ufologists , astronomers , skywatchers , normal people who have ufo-interests and so on . Military Hotmail consist only emails of military persons from all the world who have ufo interests .
The third element of File99 is Internet archive that consist few hundred web address of UFO organizations like MUFON , BUFORA , CUFOS , webs with technical description and advice for optical tools, binoculars and telescopes , webs with Applets giving picture and position on 500 satellites in real time and so on operational cyber-information that is important for system work .
And finally the most important part of File99 are the UFO-Documents - in this part there are two documents that consist and prove similar ufo observations over other points of the Earth . Also in UFO-Documents there are data base reports about silvery UFO observations , similar ufo sightings , documents about AREA 51 and so on .
File99 Document 1
“Thank you for description of you own UFO sightings. I check my UFO database for this date , but I don’t find records about UFO on that days . But similar objects was very often sighted in USSR/Russia . For example , September 5 , 1989 , town Spassk-Dalniyi (Far East) . Many local people saw oval silvery object ;near this UFO appear second , smaller object and began to make circles around it . This sighting was described newspaper “Majak kommunizma” , Sept.9 1989 . Another similar sighting was in town Samarkand(Middle Asia) , April 14 , 1988 two UFO , the smaller circling around bugger one (description :newspaper “Rigas Balls”(Riga Voice), May 3 1988 , and so on .
Sincerely ,
Mikhail Gershtein”

File99 Document 2

National UFO Reporting Center

Sighting Report

Occured : 4/19/2002 20:11
Reported :4/19/2002 6:35
Posted : 4/25.2002
Location : Melbourne Beach , Fl
Shape : Sphere
disk circled by point , explosion

“At sunset object seen at nearly 90 degrees (straight up) bright bluish object sphere with bright pinpoint object orbiting it , about 5 second period . At 20:11 it exploded , shower of lights like fireworks , except very high in the ksy . Binoculars&telescope used to see the orbiting point , main object looked like a bright start or planet . Could see explosion through binoculars , falling debris glowing , then nothing.”

Now if anyone who read this pages carefully shall find that between my own UFO sightings and this reports from USSR and USA there are few very important connections between - first all the sightings of this silvery UFOs happened most always at april and september(some natural process in atmosphere ?) , second the locations are over one geographic line east-west on the parallel(natural process in this geographic line ?) , and third - near this towns(Sofia , Samarkand , Spassk-Dalneye) there are nuclear installations such as experimental nuclear reactor in Sofia, nuclear University in Samarkand and ICBM base near Spask-Dalneye - many people know very well that UFOs are appearing over nuclear objects and facilities during all the Cold War, maybe to inspect danger weapons or specific radiation make some physical process in atmosphere and we saw it like strange lights and this that they are UFOs, but they are just natural phenomena in stratosphere . The observation described in Document2 is from 2002 year and also if you read careful my first UFO sighting and this NUFORC report you shall find that the circling speed of second smaller UFO object was similar with the speed of the smaller UFO from 4 september 1991 in the last few minutes of the observation . It seems that the man who reported this sighting was”catching” the last few minutes of UFO activity and the this observation was really similar . But the circling operation was ended with explosion high on the skies …
…Year later in spring of 2001 I email russian ufo-researcher Michail Gershtein about the possibility that this circling operation was catcher operation in fact and may resulted with collission of magnetic or gravity fields that maybe are be powering from the UFO and are all around it and the second object must eliminate the diffierence between the two fields with circling. One year after that this my hypothesis about explosion after circling operation happened in fact but not over Bulgaria or Russia - over USA this time .
Now finally all the data collected in File99 and all the skywatch activity tracking every object over the skies of Sofia are to discover what is the nature of this silvery objects - are they human craft, natural process in atmosphere or really not-conventional alien-space technology ? We have provide hundred of observations at the period 1998-2002 just to track again this silvery objects but without any result . The only serious success are Document1 and Document2 in File99 that prove similar UFO sightings over another geopraphic points . Now we have corporation we few little skywatch groups from UK and USA and with few individuals who are watching the skies hunting with power glass UFO object too . The last information collected from many different places tell us that this silvery objects appear from many year ago over the Earth(before 50’s 20 century) and they really are flaying over one geographic line and this seems to have connection with some phisical process in stratosphere .

Links (US UFO org.)
http://www. (Interceptor web) (Satellite tracking)
http:/ (UK UFO org.) (Russian UFO org.) (About skywatch) (UFO skywatch org.) (Steve Hauser Interceptor web) (UFO data )
http:/ (about silvery UFOs) (Best optics for ufohunt ) -------------------------------
http:/ (Satellite catalog)
http:/ (Satellite detect UFO in orbit) (UFO forum)
http:/ (KLUB HLO- BG UFO forum, File99 virtual link)

written by Vesselin Alexeev Yakovov

Europe, Bulgaria

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