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Posted by Bob Sal on June 22, 2001 17:59:58 UTC

Hello World;
I for one, do not believe Language Removedís (Alien Space Ships) have ever visited Earth. I donít believe they exist. I believe life is unique to Planet Earth and the vastness that is the Universe belongs to us. But let me stick to the subject of UFOís. UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. If you donít know what it is, to default to Language Removed is ludicrous! There are many trivial explanations for things people see flying around in the sky. If I can come up with trivial explanations, minds way more brilliant can come up with better. Now I have no plans on trying to explain everything people say they have seen. I donít know what they saw, lets call it a UFO, which I canít stress enough is not an Language Removed. I do intend to point out some things people mistake for UFOís and call Language Removedís. In 1990 there were 400 satellites in orbit around Earth. Today there is over 8000. Not all, but quite a few are visible to the naked eye. This is new emerging Hobby. Satellite watching. They flare or brighten when the sun hits them just right. They look like a small dot moving across the sky slowly. Sometimes 2 or 3 at a time. Absolutely, people are reporting these as UFOís. "They even took my picture". When I hear that, I know it was an Iridium flare from a satellite. And, I get and argument from people who never heard of an Iridium flare or know satellites were visible with the naked eye. They believe a Language Removed took their picture and are very proud of it. I find it quite funny.
Next, the US Government has many secret projects going on we donít know about and may never know about. One project I did read about is the Nuclear Plane. Thatís right. For many years the Government has been trying to develop a Nuclear Plane or Helicopter or Hover Craft of some sort. I believe this explains the many people who have been burned by something they saw up close. You think the Government should come clean and say sorry, you walked into a secret project. Of course not. Remember. Itís a secret. Of course the abduction thing is easy. How many pictures have you seen of that stupid Alien with the triangle head and big eyes. If someone was rendered unconscious and dreamed they were abducted, thatís the guy they will see. Ask any Psychologist.
Auther C. Clark wrote about many encounters with UFO's he explained away. If he was there, he could explain it. One in particular was at a picnic. This sparkling light was hovering in the sky. Hundreds of people saw it. So did he. It hovered for qiute some time. "UFO, UFO". Everyone went home with a story about the UFO which I'm sure they really called an Language Removed. Everyone except Mr. Clark. He waited. He followed it. Finally, it came to the ground. Get this. It was a huge spiders web that had somehow floated extreamly high an became encruster with ice crystals. This made a spectacular sparkling giant snow flake that hovered in the sky. Very unusual. That day hundreds of people went home with a stupid story about an Alien Space Ship. One went home having seen a sensational natural phenomena.
This last one gets complicated. Itís the compilation of unrelated stuff Iíve read over the years that all of a sudden comes together and makes sense. I donít remember all the dates I read this stuff or even the order but believe me, this is a possible explanation for a real nice UFO sighting. Ever see that home video, they show it on all the UFO shows, taken from a hill top with the grid of city lights below. Above are some small lights that appear to hover over the city in a V formation. As you watch, some lights go away, some come back. This actually made the news (canít remember the city) and the mayor addressed the subject. He said someone was displaying these lights and he wanted to get to the bottom of it. They never did. Must have been Language Removedís right! Check this out. Many years ago I saw a report on TV. New technology that allowed a ground based telescope to not only see a Russian Space Craft but to look right in the window and see who was in there. Two days later another TV report from the Military. This was top secret information, they wanted to know how the station got the tape. Never heard about it again. In the last 5 years or so the Astronomical community has had a major breakthrough called Adaptive Optics. This is technology that accounts and adjusts for the atmospheric disturbances that distort the image in a Telescope. The bigger the Scope the more the distortion. It just went into use on the biggest Telescopes in the world last year. The Primary Mirror is actually bent and reshaped to conform to the atmosphere continually and a spectacular image is produced. It works by looking at a star close to object being studied and seeing how the atmosphere effects the stars image and adjusting the Mirror accordingly. What does this have to do with Language Removedís? The problem is there is not always a bright star close to the target object. So a Laser was developed that can project a false star in the sky. They use the false star image to adjust the mirror. Any object can now be viewed with Adaptive Optics. A few months ago, I read that the Adaptive Optics technology was a secret Military Project to track Russian Missiles in Space. I think this was the technology leaked out a few years back. In 1996 they gave it to the Astronomical community. I believe those V shaped lights over that City were the first experiments with the false star laser. It would certainly need to be tested over a city. Iíve seen other home video of similar lights moving around in the sky, darting in and out behind clouds in the daytime. Certainly for a military application it would need to work in the daytime and clouds. I think this is the answer or at least a possible answer for these videos. Certainly itís easier to swallow than the Language Removed thing.
Of course all this is just my opinion and you can believe what you want. People want to believe the unbelievable is true. I believe there are UFOís. I donít know what they all are, thatís why we call them UFOís. The masses believe theyíre Language Removedís. Clear Skies.
Thatís it;

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