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Mars UnEarthed: Response To "Like It Or Not An Opinion" By Gobeo

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Posted by Tripp McCann on March 5, 2001 21:06:28 UTC

Hi Folks..
Post has been long delayed due to my frustration over the inability to include imagery directly into postings on this bulletin board which is either due to geocities or new bulletin board software.. and also my having had the flu. My apologies...

This posting is in response to Gobeo's posting "Like It Or Not An Opinion" and is referring to the following image:

Reference Image:
You may wish to RIGHT click this link and open it in a seperate browser window for ease of reference.

The above image consists of 10 thumbnails lain out in a numbering system like this:


#1: Taken From "Lagoon, Ridge and River"

First off, the scale bar seen in this image applies only to this image and the anomaly therein and does not apply to the other thumbnails. Had you all actually been showing an interest in these and the web site -- done your home work -- none of you would need to question at all where these anomalies where from, nor what they show, including you, Eddie. Just because you are lazy and expect these things to resolve themselves for you visually like a picture of Aunt Ethel and Uncle Fred and are not willing to go and examine the larger image and become familiar with it is THE LAST REASON to question my evaluations of the imagery which were arrived at after weeks (3 to 4) of detailed work and made putting both my personal and professional reputations on the line; You can not learn to appreciate what is ABERRANT without having learn to recognize what is normal morphologic structure.

Having said this, Picture #1 is taken from the midst of "The River" itself and is a structure that is eroded by the flow of that river exposing parts of it including a "spine" and complex ribbing structure. Either this is some sort of fossilized BEAST.. or it is an exposed structure originally beneath the river itself.

A larger picture of the "River" containing the anomaly, which is labeled as "ANOMALOUS "RIBBED" STRUCTURE" is here:

The Overall Discussion of "The River" portion of "Lagoon, Ridge & RIver":

Anomaly Confidence Level: 9 of 10.

#2: The Ship
This "Ship" is actually 3,000 feet long, approximately the same length of 3 US Naval Destroyers parked end-to-end.

The object is not a structure like the Huston Astrodome. Despite being on the edge of a sheer cliff, it has 1/3 of its structure hanging off the edge of the cliff. It also shows undershadowning beneath the curled edges of its lower margins showing it is not immediately attached to the cliff upp ledge.

It has a shape similar to a "tortoise shell" with complex compound curves and an axis of implied symmetry The thumbnail in this image is artifically colored to make it stand out and given a tone/color to enable people to visualize the metallic albed resolution that the dome has and its reflectance in its sides of the lower surround cliffs.

This object is NOT a frozen water body. A water body would not be convex and would not have 1/3 of its shape hanging off the edge of a cliff into the air. It is not any sort of volcanic doming as such doming would have shattered the rock cliff and made the area more or less unstable, certainly not able to suspend 1/3 of the mass in the air.

The object is giving off amazingly LARGE steam plumes of steam which rise ATLEAST some 60 feet into the air.. and also there is condensate runoff able to be seen streaming down over the convex edges of the ship, onto the ledge and running down the cliff face.

The Ship Details:

Anomaly Confidence Level: 10 of 10.
Confidence Level That This is A Flight Capable CRAFT: 8 of 10.

#3: The "Tower"

The orignal Mars UnEarthed discussion:

The Tower is a 6.3 kilometer needle tall. This amazing monolith is 12 times the tallest building of the world, The Taipei Trade Tower, and casts a long diffuse shadow from its base. The very fact this object is able to STAND and not collapse under its own weight makes it an AMAZING engineering feat itself!

Beyond that, the Tower is in truth a very large "Smoke stack".. You will note in the larger image on the Mars UnEarthed Site, that the Tower has clouds trailing down wind from it. On closer inspection you will note that the tower has slight whitish lines emanating from the white mark at the Tower's top and expanding in the direction of the clouds. These clouds are from "exhaust" coming from what is essentially a "smoke stack". The cooling of this exhaust in the cold Martian air leads to the exhaust able to hold less moisture. The exhaust becomes saturated as it cools and the moisture condenses out on dust particles which form these clouds. The most proximal cloud to the "Tower" demonstrates more well defined and curved leeward edge do the the pressure of the movement in that direction. The cloud more distant from the Tower/Stack, seen near the edge of this image, shows more diffuse boundaries as wind has cause the cloud to dissipate and break up. Both of these clouds show slight undershadowing, as is common..

This is not a "surficial feature" forming a "V". It is a towering monolith with a long shadow.

The "Tower" is also covered in the area covering "Lagoon, Ridge & River." This area is covered with non-natural, artificial constructs:

Anomaly Confidence Level: 10 of 10.

#4: The "Bunker"

The Bunker Presented in "Tracked Area & Bunker[Part 2 or 4]" on this Bulletin board.

Bunker: Occupying a large portion of the south-west quadrant of tracked_area3jpg is a feature I refer to as the Bunker. The face of this bunker is a curved vertical face, facing out in a south-easterly direction. The bunker face is recognized by numerous arced linear paralleling lines of shelves, indentations and edges. The top central edge of this appears to have squared protrusion which rises above the rest of the bunkers face. The lower central portion of the bunker is marked by a pentagonal feature which appears to be a metallic plate situated in the center of the Bunker face and oriented symmetrically to the vertical, with the central point downward. This plate has a darker metallic albedo with possible metallic reflective banding across it. There appear to be regularly placed dark "dots" (bolts?) around this pentagonal plate's borders.

The back portion of the Bunker is highlighted by linear features which I believe to be a supporting beam infrastructure. These beams delineate a roofed area which has a slightly discolored whitish tint from that of the surrounding topography which is not enclosed by this roof. These beams and associated roof lines delineate a main building area with a smaller structure coming off it to the north. This smaller attached structure has only a singular diagonal beam line across its roof. Vehicle "tracks" can be seen ending abruptly at the margin of this smaller roofed area and I believe it may indeed serve as a housing for the "ATV/buggy" itself: The ATV/Buggy actually ENTERS into the building of the bunker from the rear! (See DETAILImage Below).

In the south-west corner of the Tracked_area3.jpg image, there is a feature labeled "Entrance in Bunker Wall". This feature appears to be a darkened portal or access in the shadowed southern face of the bunker.

Overall image contining "Bunker" in Lower portion:

Bunker Back Portion Detail:

Gobeo, frankly I am amazed even your untrained eyes do not settle in on the uniformity of the curves .. the parallel arcs of the bunker face. Also the present of the "pentagonal plate" on the bunkers face is also a dead giveaway of a highly artificial feature.

Anomaly Confidence Level: 10 of 10.

#5: The "Temple"

Originally presented on this bulletin board at "The Temple [Part 4 of 4]"

Anomaly Confidence Level: 10 of 10.
Thanks for your vote of confidence on this one Gobeo.

#6: The "Lagoon TEETH"

Originally presented on Mars UnEarthed at:

9 or 10 equilateral triangles in a linear equally spaced formation beneath the surface of a fluid body... yes a fluid flowing body.. "water".

Thes equalateral triangles show the diffraction of the linear lines of the triangles from the surface waves on the fluid bodies bending and defracting the light from these triangles, visually displacing the straight lines of the triangles.

If you have any questions about there being fluid water on Mars.. large deep fluid bodies I suggest you look at the below links:

Intro to Water World:

The "River" of "Lagoon, Ridge & River":

Anomaly Confidence Level: 10 of 10.


Originally presented on this bulletin board as "Observatory & Factory [Part 3 of 4]":

Overall Image:
Shown Two adjacent "Observatories" are indicated as letter "B".

"Observatories": Two large adjacent structures atop a ridge. The two structures rise abruptly, vertically from the soft arc of the ridge curve itself. The left side structure has a whitish reflective dome atop and the right side structure has a darker dome. These structures are called "observatories" as a result of their situation atop the ridge and their striking domes atop. Down slope beneath these two observatories there are two squared "bays" or access openings into the ridge itself.

Anomaly Confidence Level: 10 of 10.
This is structure and the a very abrupt deviation from the normal topography in a manner that cannot be explained by any sort of normal morphologic means.

#8: "The PORT" Building

Previously presented on this bulletin board as "The PORT [Part 1 of 4]":

Reference Image:

Shows a cliff with a large ledge. In the midst of that ledge, also in lower enhanced image, is a rectangular structure, the lower floor of which is elongate. The right hand edge of this structure has a curved jointure between the northeast wall and roof line. The second floor is more squared and turned at a precise 45 angle to the lower structure/ground floor. The roof of this second floor is a large dark circle (black), which I can't help but compare to our own landing pads for helicopters atop tall buildings and on ship decks.

Up and to the right from this "building" structure, in the reference image, is a culvert or open topped pipe, with fluids streaming from its end. These fluids can be seen blurred in this image from their motion. Erosion from the fluids can be seen going down over the ledge and down the cliff face. Steam from these fluids seems to be emanating from the conduit and appears to be flowing west north/west direction, casting a shadow on the ledge area behind the "building" structure itself.

GOBEO!... A MARTIAN FACE? C'mon! This thing has so many squared angles and A solitary prominent circle in the midst of these squared rectilinear angles!.. HOW does one make a "FACE" out of this? Perhaps you've been watching too much Hannibal the Cannibal. This is a structure..and an amazing one at that!.

THIS is what set my search going into this area because it *SCREAMS* ARTIFICIALITY!
Anomaly Confidence Level: 10 of 10!!! WhoooHAA!

#9: "The TUBES"

Original Presentaiton:

Description: Glassy semi-transparent linear TUBES with a regular convex, cylindrical shape having diameters ranging from 140 YARDS and greater!! Tubes have a regular supporting arch structure. Evident "craters" associated with this linear structure do not have typical impact crater shape and are, in fact, connected to the TUBES.

Gobeo.. a "wave of water that was instantly frozen"??! My god man, that is just unreasonable.. a waven frozen? and where's the rest of this "WATER"? IF it were solely water, it would have been dessicated (dried out) and pock marked by wind driven sands eroding in a very short time.

Outfront i have to tell you I wish i could realistically give this anomaly my own confidece level of 12 out of 10 points. YES.. thats right. The primary anomaly, the Tubes themselves have associated vents and numerous indicators of artificiality which are stunning and overwhelming indicators of artificiality and construction of mind boggling proportions. These are enumerated on my web page.

We are looking at glassy semi-transparent tubes which are hollow and have a diamter of 140 YARDS and greater... which would tower of someone inside that tube by a football field and a half..atleast!

The thumbnail image you see at #9 shows an area i call the "node" which is a bump representing the connection of two of these "Tube" sections to unite them. This "node" cleary evidences TWO simultaneous or seperate constructions later joined, it is the only way they could have come about with such a union.

The tubes are shown to be hollow. The tubes have somewhat regular supporting arches that are more resilient and thereby made of a different material than the main Tube body itself, as shown by the collapse of a Tube section due to a failing limb wall of the tri-radiate fracture and the landslide shattering the Tube itself yet leaving the arches intact. This is another indicator of their artificiality: dual modes or materials used in construction. The connected vents that limbs of the tubes connect to demonstrate that the overall system is NOT some sort of volcanic form, nor a frozen flow nor any natural geomorphologic formation.

These TUBES are why I, myself and others began their indepth search of Mars. They are AMAZING and show a method of construction that is of enormous scale and is made in situ . The varying arch distance supports this. It is not a structure meant to display engineering beauty and culture, but rather a utilitarian feature.

I myself believe this structure is surficially an attempt to deal with discharge of volcanic gasses and deminish geothermal atmospheric thermal gradients, thereby minimizing storms resulting from such thermal gradient extremes. On a broader scale, it could be said that these Tubes represent a desire to "Terraform" Mars -- or make its climate more habital.. and less extreme.. a sort of "greenhouse gass" warming done using the planet's own natural vulcanism.

Confidence Level: BIG 10 of 10
Theory Condidence Level: 8 or 10

#10: "Tech Structure"

Thumbnail Source : central region of image slighly to the right labeled "Tech Structure"

Original Presentation: On Astronomy Bulletin Board
Mars UnEarthed: "Tracked Area & Bunker [Part 2 of 4]":

Nestled in a topographic "low", a small valley amidst trending ridges in the approximate center of the above "Thumbnail Source" image there is a feature labeled "Tech Structure' or Technical Structure. This "Tech Structure" feature is somewhat elongate and is trending in a S/W to N/E direction. The structure's north-eastern end has a whiter albedo making two parallel features appear to be metallic "rails" catching the sunlight. The south-west end of the tech structure appears to be giving off thin, wispy semi-transparent smoke which trails off in a west, north-west direction. This "Tech Structure" has evident tracks on both its eastern and western sides showing the structure itself has had to be circumnavigated by the vehicle. The eastern tracks are clearly evident in the thumbnail image itself.

This parallel "rails' on the north-east end of this structure with their metallic albedo as the sun reflects off them, the clearly evident smoke coming from the south-west end of this structure and other features make it clear that this is an artificial structure.

Dont know what to say if you dont "see" this except that the analysis of aerial imagery requires that you first begin to appreciate and recognize the topography and geomorphology -- that which is normal -- before you can recognize abrupt deviations from that normalcy and recognize artificial detail.

Confidence Level: 9 of 10

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