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Re: Talk About Aliens

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Posted by Will Fraser/">Will Fraser on April 22, 1999 18:53:07 UTC

I enjoyed and appreciate what you have to say. I noticed, when speaking about Alien abductions, that you refered to (to paraphrase) "the usual...aliens with large, black eyes and grey heads." Now I think it's interesting that it's "the usual." If the universe is so expansive, and the possibilities of organic life existing out there exists, why would a seemingly similar group of aliens visit our planet? I think that all the species out there would be interested in us, not a sole type of alien life. I'm just wary of the descriptions of supposed alien lifeforms, because although they aren't all exactly described in the same way, they all share common traits that aren't completely alike but sketchy and grey in descriptiveness. I can imagine that I might be sounding a little ambiguous myself. Anyhow, I'm just a little skeptical of people who claim they've been abducted. Oftentimes, if you were to go back and review past abduction disclosures, the description of alien technology often mirrors the popularly imagined, romanticized ufo technology of the time. And as time progresses, technology progresses, and the descriptions become more and more intricate and acquire a typical, underlying impression. I don't think the similarities are definite enough to vindicate a claim of actual Ufos existing. There's never been an instance, at least that I've heard or know of, in which a massive amount of people have witnessed a Ufo or alien sighting absolutely and plain as day. I'm just skeptical, that's all, and I have a hunch that the majority of believers suffer from a massive social norm on how to view the issue of Ufos and alien life. With X files and the buzz attributed to these issues, it isn't any wonder that the ideas of et life will become romanticized, embellished and grandiose. It's an exciting idea, I suppose. Perhaps believers do in fact suffer from a mass delusion. Perhaps this is just another way the government is pulling wool over Americans' eyes, in purposely portraying themselves in an illicit, conspiratory light with regards to the Ufo issue in order to distract us from what really matters: things like making connections with humanity - THE TANGIBLE, REAL LIFE SURROUNDING US! Who knows, but why place such importance on the issue anyway? (and I'm kind of telling this to myself, not to whomever will read this.) I've said my piece, however long and meandering. Will FRaser : To people who think there is no such thing as aliens. YOURE WRONG. Its been said the possibility of infinite matter in space, which means anything organic matter, even intellegent entities may be lying there. Think of the things that came up dealing with aliens, abductions and UFO's and technology beyond anything we can accomplish(yet)! These aliens we see have probably been around before the formation of our solar system. Probably 10000 years before us and up to the present time where they have mastered gravity, teleportation, spacecraft, and maybe all knowledge of how space works...

: Why do they visit our planet?

: Simple. They are obviously attempting to study us. But why? They're several reasons, but i have some of my own. (theories)

: 1) If it is possible that they mastered time travel, they probably saw the disaster awaiting us ahead. Maybe a nearby supernova or similar cataclysmic event on earth. So they for some reason decided to help us. By the time something bad happens, they will need to be there and take us to a place where we can continue our species. So they will gather as much information about us to care for us, yeah there are doctors among us, but they will participate in helping us and build hospitality structures and housing and colonies, all that stuff. When they abduct us and study us they gather all the info : about our body, how we function, how our insides function etc. It's probably why they do bodily testing on us. Why do you think they give certain people implants? So they can see what we do in life, maybe to monitor our body stats during activities to see what effects it will give us. They do this maybe to find out what hurts us physically(or maybe emotionally if the implants can monitor the brain activity), what makes us healthy, or simply what we like to do in spare time. They will continue till the right time until they know us. Soon, they'll become our "doctors".

: 2) WAR! (heh... I hope not:) I doubt it.

: 3) Plain scientific knowledge. Another reason may be that they study us just for the science. Its probably another catagory in their field of biology.

: Further talk about aliens:

: As you may have known, the government is around the place doing funny buisness with crashed space craft and maybe experimenting with alien technology to be a powerful nation.

: Have you heard or seen the incident about NASA catching footage of an alien craft being shot at? It was on the show "Confirmation". It took place above the earth. On the footage, an unknown craft was moving when something down on earth shot at it. The unknown craft eventually moved away. Theroies say that some Star Wars weapon had to do with something. And it probably did. Right below it was a base i think, or some observatory(I dunno, but its one of these). When people went there to talk to them, they say they didnt know about it or they had nothing to do about it. But something did happen. All i know is ... YOU CRAZY PEOPLE SHOT AT IT... AND I HAVE A FEELING THE MILITARY WAS BEHIND IT. Man, what are you guys trying to do?

: The most common alien seen are the ones with the large black eyes and grey heads. They're the ones usually who abduct us. There are stories about abductees cross-breeding with the aliens. There are again, reasons! They have a colonization project going on or maybe there experimenting with genetics. Another story that ive read about is when an abductee was brought into a ship, before they were tested, he saw the usual, a couple of grey guys but the unusual, another figure which was HUMAN-LIKE. The human figure asked the abductee about his comfortability and so on. There was also a sketch of the human figure the abductee saw. The figure looked just like a human but with a weird helmet on and a type of clothing which may have been a uniform. His eyes were a little smaller compared to a regular human. His mustache and beard was perfectly cut and did not extend out of his skin. It was just that his beard and mustache was cut differently then you would see from others. Another thing was that the abductee described the being as handsome and comforting. Could it be possible that the being could have been offspring from the cross-breeding between a human and alien? Who knows.

: There was another show going on on history channel about when i think they talked about hieroglyphics having picture of UFOS? Hmm...

: What about the past cow mutilations? Uh....

: Seen "Fire in the Sky"? Based on a true story. It seems the grey things the alien wear are a type of bio-mechanical suit.

: Iv'e enjoyed reading everybody's messages about UFO's and such. Remember, The truth is out there . . . :)

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