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God's Duties?

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Posted by Alan on August 24, 2001 07:51:54 UTC

Thanks for your comments.

The idea is:

God = Existence = Love. God loves creation, lets it be, and it IS.

Now; God is Three in One. So Existence is Three in One. It appears that the relationship of Existence IS Existence. God's duty is to be present as the ultimate boundary-demarcation of every distinction, every differential.

Also to demarcate the boundary of every integral. God's 'duties' if you like, is 'letting be'. It looks like there's a kind of contract between two existents and God.

What is the job of honesty in a court case? To allow true patterns to be differentiated. What is the job of accuracy in physics? To allow an understanding that delivers greater freedom. What is the job of the creation of Chess rules? To allow the freedom to play any Chess game.

The more physicists identify the true rules of the Universe, the more freedom they have to play.

I'm going away for a few weeks, here's a rough idea of something I figured out:

1. Physicists look at nature and try to work out what is going on. Both mathematicians and physicists talk of an apparant underlying simplicity, super-symmetries and so on, that seem currently obscured to them.

2. Why not start from the other end of their journey? Start with the most infinite absolute quality of all; EXISTENCE; and work back through not theory, but REALITY!

3. When Niels Bohr said "No phenomenon is a phenomenon unless it is an observed phenomenon" he missed the point. More accurate would be: No phenomenon is a phenomenon unless it is a DISTINCT phenomenon.

4. Obvious, because if there is not at least one difference between pattern A and pattern B; then A and B must be one and the same. There would be only the one: pattern A also called B. To exist at all; pattern B must BE DIFFERENT; at least different from EXISTENCE.

5. Everything a physicist does is reducible to the following: making a comparison C between at least one pattern A and another pattern B. And a pattern must be at least a dot on a background, i.e. a 'change' with respect to the background. In fact, you need a change per change per change
self-referent arrangement.

6. Neurologist Oliver Sacks writes, in "A Leg To Stand On"; that humans must be "self-referent through and through". Humans frame, compare, and match patterns. (Look around the room: you are constantly framing groups of objects into temporary sets (patterns); and reframing new groups; and hopping your focus of attention from one attention-focus to another. (Or you can just soak in a more general awareness).

7. The basic triangle: pattern A, pattern B and comparison C is like the triangle: premise, warrant (premise 2), and conclusion; found in any sound argument. I propose that this interdependent triangle underpins all physics phenomena.

8. It has to; just as it unavoidably underpins everything a physicist does. Its scope goes far beyond physics.

9. The problem with superstring theory is the strings still occupy ten-D space-time. With pattern-match theory (or reality); you can have numerous 'dimensions' previously not accounted for. By 'dimension'; I mean 'states of being, that patterns may occupy'.

10. The current space dimensions are subsets of the larger set that may include spiritual dimensions and creativity-dimensions outside the familiar creative-dimension of space-time.

11. Absolute simultaneity: this concept plays a role in relativity and space-time theories.

12. With pattern-matching; it plays a much wider role as the patterns may occur in dimensions outside those considered by physicists.

13. Consider a game of 'musical chairs'. When the music stops; some children have chairs, others have 'gaps'.
A photon is like a group of superposed musical chairs games. Given that mass = frequency, and energy = frequency; may I suggest that the basic foundation of the observed Universe is: pattern A (multiple musical chairs games); pattern B (multiple musical chairs games), and comparison C (multiple musical chairs games). (Like three false-vacuum contributors; like Dirac's oscillations filling space (but three fields of them).

14. Take pattern A: In the musical chairs analogy: say a child has a chair in this group of games AT THE SIMULTANEOUS OCCURENCE of a child having a chair in the pattern B games at the SIMULTANEOUS OCCURENCE of a child having a chair in comparison C game. Obviously C can be regarded as a 'clock' or 'music stops' or 'time' game; but need not be. Simultaneity can be expanded into concept like 'locality'.

15. So we have a match between three games of such basic nature that it is NOT necessarily in our familiar dimensions; but may occur in any three dimensions. Consider: by drawing multi-inter-dimensional pattern-matching frequency diagrams, you can explain any physics phenomenon. A CHANGE (change per change per change)
PER CHANGE (change per change per change)
PER CHANGE (change per change per change).

16. This multi-interdimensional pattern matching can make lucid all manner of mysteries; may I suggest. I have run many physics ideas past it and other ideas and it seems to work (It's so unavoidably, accurately, basic; how can it fail?).

17. Consider: Place two fine mesh net-curtain fabrics in front of each other and you get MOIRE patterns. You get interference fringes as grids and gaps line up with your angle of view. Look at a spoked wheel spinning at a particular speed; and you can get an appearance of a pattern travelling backwards slowly around the wheel opposite to the spin direction. (No wonder Feynman talks of 'particles moving backwards through time' - just a pattern, moving back relative to another pattern (time-game). Welcome to multi-interdimensional relativity!).

18. May I suggest that all the observed forces, energy and matter and interactions might be INTERFERENCE PATTERNS from other-dimension 'grids'. This is very abstract; these other dimensions I suggest are 'match' dimensions; they are where the 'matches' between the (unobserved) internal 'musical chairs games groups' of observed phenomena are represented.

19. Example: the mystery of the double slit experiment is solved: because each photon leaves a 'match trace' of its internal multi-game pattern matches in a 'match' dimension. The next photon also leaves such a trace. The interference can thus take place in this other dimension and map its effect back into the ordinary dimension. That's how the photon 'knows' the other slit was open when photons are fired one at a time through the two slits and yet still produce an interference pattern.

20. When you look at the subject of patterns; you find there are conservation laws analogous to physics conservation laws. Quantum mechanics works just as a probabilistic approach to, unobservedly complex superposed musical chairs games, would work. But reality is more correctly described as CREATING, not indeterminate.

21. The smaller the scale physicists investigate; the more unpredictable they find reality to be. Physics is built on a false premise of predictability; ultimate reality is totally unpredictable; the very essence of freedom and liberty. It may be man's fear of the future (lacking faith in EXISTENCE (God)) that leads to his desperation to try to control nature by predicting it.

22. Predicting may be a legitimate game to play; as a GAME; but man I think is invited by the CREATOR to play with the patterns in a creativity dimension (eg. in space-time).

23. Here I should note: man appears to be three interdependent patterns: physical body pattern; soul pattern; spirit pattern (compares body to soul). When man compares the body to the soul and finds the patterns MATCH perfectly; then so that the two can be different they must exist in different dimensions. Humans (once born and say over a few hours old) may be regarded as being in the 'wrong state'; where there is confusion over the three patterns; and where his spiritual attention is distracted by mapping itself partially into an imaginary future. If man were in the 'right state'; he may well be able to map the pattern of his body from one location to another instantaneously. (No wormhole technology needed: he is his own 'stargate').

24. It seems to me that there might even be a double-helix structure built of numerous dimensions that creates yet more dimensions. (Consider: map space-time geometry onto not curvature, but helix-twist). It seems to me that the basic triangle: pattern A, pattern B, and comparison (pattern) C; whenever two patterns match perfectly; in order to preserve a distinction or difference so that same-patterns don't become one but are two; a new dimension must be created.

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