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RE: RE: RE: RE: Evolution

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Posted by Andy™ on October 23, 2000 16:43:07 UTC

I have read several chapters of the bible and Genesis being one of them, I do not remember the part about life starting in the ocean? Please can you give the direct location of that part.

Right now, I don`t have my bible with me so I can`t point out the exact place (verse). But, I`ll get back to you on that one.

I also believe that the theory of realitivity can easily explain the first 15 billion years of our universe into 6 days, only recently has our intertial frame of reference been created. But the fact is that for four of those days earth was created and our frame of reference did exist, the earth was rotating and day and night had been

Actually, day and night were established before earth was formed. When it was still "void, and without form." God said he separated light from the darkness.

The bible states that man came first

Heavens no! The bible states that man came LAST. Day six. Not first.

(again if you have the place in Genesis please tell me so I can correct myself)

Just open the book and look for the heading "day six." if your bible has a similar layout to mine.

but evolution says that man were one of the last (according to age of earth) creatures to be created, and certainly we didn`t evolve into an image of God but into a creature that is the most well adapted to survive.

Actually, if you think about it (I`ve said this before to tenacious, I think) the only thing that truly separates humans from animals is our eternal soul. Sure, most of us are smarter than most animals, but intelligence is something that animals (and we) can develop. Our bodies are made up of the same stuff, unless someone`s found silicon-based life while I wasn`t looking.
God has no body. God`s a spirit. The part of us that is "in God`s image" is our soul, not our bodies. Therefore, when God said let us make man in our own image, he could very well have simply endowed us with our eternal soul, since our bodies aren`t in his image.

To truly learn about creation, you must have more than a cursory reading of genesis. It takes study in the original text, and study of other commentaries written in the same time period. English is a horrible language to translate the bible into. It`s similar with evolution, really. You can`t hope to understand evolution simply by sitting through a science course, or reading Darwin`s book. It takes much more study than something so simple.

I agree that every Christian is not born into christianity, (that part was vague and generalized thanks for the correction)

Most people have the same generalization. It is the belief of a large and loud sect.

but those people were influenced by others or an event that for some reason or another they believed was God`s will. But the choice to switch to christianity is not self created it is introduced

By that line of logic, almost every choice isn`t self created. For example, you choose to turn left rather than right because of circumstances introduced into your situation. You choose to go grocery shopping because your cabinet is empty. Did you truly choose to go shopping? By this logic, no. You were guided to that option because of the circumstance.

because of someone, something, or some event that said that God must have intervened for you to still be alive. It all comes back to your enviroment and any sources that you choose to belive along the way.

Believe it or not, there are situations that are completely un-explainable. Not saying that God steps in and makes certain things happen at all times, but I am saying that there are some situations that are unexplainable. If a person chooses to interpret it as being divine intervention, I see no other explanation that works. Here`s an example from first-hand experience. We were riding along on the highway. We were on an overpass riding in the far left lane next to the barrier. Beside us, in the left-center lane was an 18 wheeler. We noticed (too late) that there was a weight-station exit very near and the truck needed to get into that weigh-station. Apparently he didn`t check his mirror because he pulled right over into our lane. Our exact position was at the joint that joins the cab of the truck to the trailer. in the millisecond that it took for me to blink, the truck was on the off ramp, and we were unscathed. NOW, I have no idea how the truck got from just about to a. crush us, or b. send us off the overpass to the off ramp riding beside us (left side) going into the weigh station. But I do know that we didn`t slow down and no truck is strong enough to speed up to get in front of us and off onto the off-ramp in the blink of an eye. I know he didn`t get behind us, because it was a heavy traffic day and there were cars behind us. How`d it happen? I don`t know. My mother decided it is divine intervention, I don`t know. But, point is, there aren`t any better explanations available, so divine intervention is perfectly legit.

I wouldn`t give that copperfield guy that much credit though. Jesus was obviously good at influencing people and making them believe what he wanted them to. It is posssible that "miracles" could have been mis-interpreted and documented
incorrectly and that Jesus was not dead when he was removed from any cross that he apparently "died" on. It easily could have been a hoax.

If there`s one thing the Romans knew how to do, it was crucify people. Notice, he was scourged, nailed up, and hung there all day long.
I`ve studied Roman crucifixion techniques along with the scriptural account and the following is a small part of what I found.

When you are scourged with a nine-tailed whip which has pieces of jagged rock and glass in the tips, each tail is roughly two feet long, the whips wrap all the way around your body, then the centurion pulls. The jagged edges tear and drag through your back, around your midsection, and around your other side to be released so the centurion could repeat the process. It doesn`t take long for that process to cut deep into the midsection, slashing intestine and vital organs. Being professionals, the Romans knew not to overdo it, because then the prisoner would die right there, so they stopped soon enough to still have him alive enough to hang on a cross. After the scourging (he probably only had 5-10 lashes) it wouldn`t much matter if he were tied to the cross, or nailed there. He was as good as dead anyway. But, he was nailed there. The nails were placed at the base of the palm, to hold the body firmly, so the flesh wouldn`t rip and the body fall from the cross. In that nail place, there are several blood veins (it`s very close to where suicidal people slit there wrists) that bleed severely when cut. Not only are his midsection, back and sides wide open and bleeding and getting dust and grime inside of the open wounds, now he`s bleeding from the wrists. He then hung there for several hours before dying. After a prisoner is apparently dead, the roman guards check every prisoner to be sure. The centurion stabbed Christ in the side and blood and water came out. When blood and water separate in the body, guess what? You`re good and dead. The prophesy of Christ`s legs not being broken came true then, because Christ was already dead, and there was no need to break his legs. Legs were broken to allow the prisoner to be no longer able to push up with his feet to get a gasp of air. Basically, they suffocated when their legs were broken.

So, John, Jesus was good and dead. Even if, by some miracle he WASN`T there is no way he would have survived such wounds in a dank tomb without medical attention. Heck, there`s no way he would`ve survived WITH medical attention of the time.

I`m not a material person I like to think of myself closer to a philosophical person that makes decisions based on the reasoning, evidence, and credibility of any one side of an issue, Science makes more sense and does have solid grounds on
which to base its thinking.

Science, like anything, is governed by the minds that interpret its facts. Reasoning is well and good, but it is influenced by personal bias, however so slightly. Evidence is/has been/will be often misinterpreted and when even if it is corrected later, it is never corrected loudly enough for the majority to learn about it.

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