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Rockets And Tuberculosis And Physics

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Posted by Alan on March 8, 2006 07:55:05 UTC

From stuff I wrote on "tuberculosis":

"solution may be to allow cattle to socialise without eating (have areas of land not covered in grass: they tend to make areas like this actually) and to eat without socialising (more variety in the paddock: not such an even pasture). Can explain further, but internet access is infrequent at present.

(As a pattern of information: I propose that "tuberculosis" = "about tubes" i.e. "tunnel vision" i.e. an anti-dote to "tunnel vision" i.e. to "too much of the same thing" i.e. "lack of variety".
Solution: mix things up (keep some "wild" in the cattle)."

"First, these tuberculosis ideas are not "developed much" (at least, in the sense of quoting scientific literature) here, as I do not have easily accessible computer/ internet means to compare the ideas against the known science of this subject.

But some comments:

1. Everything that is said about something; IS (obviously) something that is said about it. So everything that is said about tuberculosis is (obviously) something that is said about tuberculosis.

2. Logic: it is possible to compare and contrast the varying patterns of information associated with "tuberculosis"; and search out common ground to find underlying, simple patterns.

3. Physics: I have found that physics (which concerns itself with "every way an event can happen" that is "the mechanics of meetings" that is "quantum mechanics"; IS "logic" (which is why if you try to be logical about physics, you are trying to be logical about logic; which requires inventing imaginary categories (or 50-50 s)(i.e. Schrodinger's cats)(i.e. 2-dimensional space-times)(i.e. Minkowski-space-times)(space-time = "anywhere within limits" = "number" as to count say "oranges" always involves the base (self-referent) "orange" and various ways of oranges being different to each other (being numerous).

4. Math-free analysis: if each word / concept in a sentence (such as a sentence containing the word "tuberculosis" is given maximum space to be defined with respect to each other word/ concept; with minimum repeats; you get "a Riemannian metric".
This creates shortcuts in making the connections needed to go from "A" to "B" in looking at an information-based problem.

The idea is to find common ground between the concepts; and when the the concepts coincide with the same pattern (usually a much simpler pattern)("integration" in as many ways as possible); I separate them
by the least amount possible (with minimum repeats i.e. by one step only)("differentiating" them by one step only).

This results in maximum freedom for the concepts to interact (in physics this is called "making the time the least and quantising the action (which becomes a singularity or "black hole" i.e. an "event horizon"; seen only by its gravity).

Basically what I am saying is:

physics is about information (it is logic); by freeing physics from the constraints of mathematics and applying it to information itself; you can make short-cuts in puzzling over things like :"what is tuberculosis and what (if anything) to do now?"

It so happens that:

the private space-craft "space-ship One" eases its way into Earth's atmosphere by having a complex air-space-craft surface structure so designed to allow more give-and-take between the space-craft being deflected by the air and the air being deflected by the space-craft; than is the case for the more direct, less wobbly re-entry of the NASA space-shuttle.

It so happens that, AS A PATTERN OF INFORMATION, this difference seems to mirror the underlying pattern of information known as "tuberculosis".


metaphors. analogies. onamatapoeia, and gut instinct:

In analysing science puzzles in this way; one can make rapid connections by admitting all data (so if you have a feeling two ideas are linked, that feeling is a fact; it can remain in view; by not censoring ones thoughts one can get clarity at high speed)

Metaphors are metaphors; analogies are analogies; but can be useful in finding underlying patterns (for example: by imagining a (say) automobile with tuberculosis, you might get a useful angle on it).

Onamatapoeia: "short" sounds short; "sharp" sounds sharp; without even checking Greek or Latin whatever
origins of words; the mere sound of a word can often provide a shortcut. It so happens that the "tube" in tuberculosis is a valuable give-away on seeing what in simplicity tuberculosis as a pattern of information seems to involve.

5. Demonstration:

Looking at some information on "tuberculosis" from the on-line encyclopedia "Wikipedia":

"Tuberculosis (commonly shortened to TB) is an infection caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which most commonly affects the lungs (pulmonary TB) but can also affect the central nervous system (meningitis), lymphatic system, circulatory system (Miliary tuberculosis), genitourinary system, bones and joints."

I have already found "back to Earth" as in "back to a ground state" as in "back to a base" is a useful translation of "bacteria" as a pattern of information.

In this case: "myobacterium" = "my back to Earth" = (as a pattern of information) = my home base.

Now how curious then; as if "tuberculosis" is a way of giving a creature "room to mix things up with the environment (which is what the complex tail structure does for Space-ship One): then "my home base" seems most apt a pattern here!

Quoting: "...most commonly affects the lungs...":

how apt!:

As "the lungs" are "your breathing configuration space". And it is "breathing space" as in "room to take-in and let-go aspects of ones surroundings; that the complex tail structure in space-ship One provides.

So OF COURSE tuberculosis will "most commonly affect the lungs" as it IS "the lungs" as in it IS an extra room to breathe; so add it to "lungs" (to "breathing configuration space") and you get a clash in defining "configuration" (lungs x 2 requires "a configuration"; but the concept "configuration" is already there in "lungs"; so you get an uncertainty in "configuration" which gives the pattern (from differentiating the concept configuration by one step only) : 2 ways to configure i.e. a T-junction.

BUT a "T-junction" is " a central nervous system" (from a very simple pattern of information perspective) (as a "system" is "a fixed point of reference; "nervous" is "shaky" ; "central + nervous" = "central shaky" i.e. "2-3 points of reference"; + "point of reference" = "uncertainty* re: 2-3 points of reference" . The "*" denotes a clash here as "2-3 points of reference is already "uncertainty" so differentiating the two perspectives on "uncertainty" I get "globalised uncertainty" i.e. "a margin for error" i.e. a "my grain" i.e. "a my room to go with my ways" (note the sound "my graine" and "my grain" seems to reflect a similarity in concept also).

Oh: I seem to have made a mistake...?

I had an idea a word beginning with "M" was what I needed, but on checking, the word was "meningitis"; so what happens now I found "migraine"?

("meningitis" I found could fit the idea of "meaning gitus" and from that I tried "unceertainty gitus" which gives "uncertainty *uncertainty" i.e. "relative uncertainty" i.e. environmental input-output i.e. remote-control ...)

(hey: "my grain" would mean I've got a space in front of me; and that is what you have when you use remote control! .... but to have both patterns would require a difference )

Quoting again:

"Tuberculosis (commonly shortened to TB) is an infection caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which most commonly affects the lungs (pulmonary TB) but can also affect the central nervous system (meningitis), lymphatic system, circulatory system (Miliary tuberculosis), genitourinary system, bones and joints."

At this stage things are getting a little untidy; its looking a bit like complex analysis..... (3d-3d so an imaginary 4th dimension held constant as a ...a tunnel effect......a 4th dimension which when added to the passage of time (3d + 3d) gives linkages outside time: a 5th dimension; a fixed chemistry; an imaginary environment; a shelter; a means to juggle the environment with the environment; a memory chip (a means for storing and processing environmental feedback so as to soften ones environment by passing it through itself so allowing one to slip more easily through the environment with lessened strain.

A way to soften ones encounter with the environment by sorting environmental information through itself; a kind of floating with the environment by letting the environment have time to sort itself so as to move more softly.

Sounds like space-ship ONE's "carefree re-entry"....

I had the pattern "margin for error":

well looking at:

"..... but can also affect the central nervous system (meningitis), lymphatic system, circulatory system (Miliary tuberculosis), genitourinary system, bones and joints."

This seems logical in that "lymphatic system" IS
the body's "margin for error" so of course TB could effect it....(in one-step theorising say?)

but 2 margins for error = circulatory system!

So TB can affect circulatory system you might logicalise.....(in one-step)

but it would then be "miliary" (involve a milling about pattern?) as the job of TB is to give a circulatory system bonus where things are crashing in on one?

An organised circulatory system is what bones and joints are...(they allow muscle energy to be moved about?)



Using a free association with ideas with caution:

tube er cool osis

tube hesitate contracted osis

Integrating / differentiating this:

Hesitate = contracted if environment passes by (in one-step type logic)

so tube hesitate contracted osis =

if environment passes by tube 2-d contracted osis

"2-d contracted when environment passes by" gives pattern

buffeting by the environment

now add it all togther and get:

tube buffeting by the environment osis

= maintaining a fixed direction, osis

but "osis" suggests the concept of "maintaining a fixed direction"

so differentiating these two perspectives on "maintaining a fixed direction" gives (in one-step)

gives "a personal channel" i.e. a comfort zone in going i.e. the ability to keep going when the going gets rougher because you have a way to buffer your interactions with the environment.

TB is nature help, not you think?


also I wrote:

> TB used to be called "consumption"! How appropriate
> if
> it is nature's cure for being over-fed (for being
> denied breathing room in one's interactions with the
> environment (hence
> the link with lungs: lungs are a living creature's
> physical breathing
> room: tb focuses on these as this is the path of
> least harm).
> Consider the private space-craft known as
> "Spaceship-One":
> The NASA space-shuttle gets very hot when
> re-entering
> Earth's atmosphere: it charges straight in to the
> air
> although at an angle. It lacks "breathing room" re:
> its interaction with the air (it gets "over-fed
> in-so-far-as a lot of air collides with it in a
> hurry;
> with a build-up of heat occuring, due to
> insufficient air-to-craft
> negotiation space to re-distribute the incoming air"
> one might say...)
> In contrast to the NASA space shuttle, Burt Rutan's
> "Space-ship One" has a complex tail structure that
> allows it to "talk" to the air: it pushes the air,
> and
> the air pushes it; but there is much variety in how
> this takes place due to its spread structure. It has
> what they call "a carefree re-entry". It wobbles its
> way into the atmosphere.
> It's as if the engineers gave it "tuberculosis": a
> special breathing space to allow it to slide gently
> into the atmosphere without getting too hot.
> If one analyses the information patterns associated
> with tb with these kinds of ideas in mind the
> subject
> of t-b seems to become more navigable


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