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What Would Elvis Say About This?

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Posted by Alan on February 2, 2004 07:51:25 UTC

I admit I skim read your post, not reading all detail.

I thought a "silly" thought: what would Elvis say about this?

Some quick comments:

A lot of Christianity makes sense to me.

Try this: "Why do you call me good master, only God is good".

This seems to be like what I discovered re: the relationship between physics and mathematics.

I discovered in the mid 1980's recalling from when I was a newborn baby. Amazing insights are known about the human predicament by newborn babies. People apparently are deliberately repressing their baby recall; and have constructed so elaborate a "act" for the adult world that they have almost concealed from themselves that they are acting.

What do I know from when I was a newborn baby?

After I was born, as it was no doubt customary at the time, I found myself separated from my mother. I also found that people did not seem to see me: by that I mean really see me: see my spirit: for a new baby is body and spirit as one harmony.

I found "this world was all wrong". My twin and I knew what each other was thinking (as if we had access to a universal pool of consciousness in which "all things are known and made transparent" (a phenomenon predicted by Christianity: when that which is in secret is shouted from the rooftops").

Why were not the adults in the world in harmony? Why were they more like walking corpses? Out of touch with the universe?

I tended to die; but it didn't work!

My spirit transcended my body and may have occupied a space as large as my future adult body. I hestitated to "change state": as my twin would have seen straight through this; he also hesitated.

A Mexican standoff? Dying doesn't work; the world seems all wrong (people do not seem to see me spiritually or communicate what you might call like say "telepathically"; now what do I do? a possible seemingly dodgy way to pseudo-cope? but each would see through the other if he "changed state"?

What I mean by "changing state":
One goes from having one's spirit transcending one's body and being even the size of one's future adult body to: one's spirit entering one's body and seemingly becoming condensed say into a small area somewhere behind the eyes.

Well: we each made the "state change" . At the moment of this change (a change I think might occur commonly among humans shortly after birth) I "saw my future" right up till.....

During my early baby-hood and childhood I wanted to maintain my connections with reality; but intense pressure from the ways of this world you might say made it more and more difficult to keep "original-me" intact.

Eventually "real-me" seemed to occupy less and less of my waking hours until horror of horrors, was largely exiled into sleep? But survived in wake only in "code".

This "code" tried to sabotage my life as a young adult; fortunately I uncovered it after meeting a sympathetic listener and carrying out an investigation/ exploration of my consciousness of largely of my own invention. (See the post "Five dangerous experiments")

I picked up the idea that the present incorporates the past and the relevance of history. I investigated what goes on in my head at the boundary of sleep and wake and made many very spectacular discoveries.

Also by adopting an attitude of not denying anything that exists I let reality be and this meant not rubbishing me-as-young-child from perspective of me-as-older.

Barriers to recall broke down allowing much greater internal transparency and awareness through my history.

I have been raised as a Catholic and am able to compare the following:

what I understand the Catholic faith to teach;
what I discovered about consciousness and what I knew as a newborn baby;
more recent: what I discovered (and thank you Dr. Dick for your ideas) about mathematics and physics.

What I find is:

"Jesus Christ" is the true nature of human beings; this nature is manifestly obvious in every newborn baby; and can be seen in anyone (Jesus taught: "What you do to the least of my brethren, you do unto Me")

the end of time: when I "changed state" as a newborn baby it was like my engine stalled, my clock stopped, like I fell out of time into a time warp:

as a newborn baby it seemed I could teleport as I considered doing this to return to my mother's side but felt it was not something people were geared up for! But I can say that to be in "the right state" (where instead of dragging your body through space and controlling it like a neurological puppet on a cerebral cortex string; your every move is one with the universe) it feels as if the very air parts to let you through.

Now that is curious because I now have a formal demonstration that what we call "the laws of physics" are voluntary! Dr. Dick's insight about circularity in physics is more serious perhaps than he understands: it appears that only COUNTING binds the laws.

Now what I have found out about NUMBER and counting is amazing; it matches say awesomely with numerous parables about "the kingdom of heaven".

Here is a demonstration:

when you read what I have written you presumably will object to anything I say that seems to impose on you. That is: you like freedom, and do not want to HAVE to think this or that right?

Consider: I wrote "it matches say awesomely..." why the "say?"? Because rather than dictate to you and say "this is the way it is" which would seem like bashing you over the head with a number I put "say" there as it means "your opinion is allowed for here (so you don't have to judge me as right and you as wrong or vice versa because why call someone "good master" as ONLY GOD IS GOOD. "Where two or more are gathered in My Name, there am I in the midst of them".)

Jesus Christ seems to be telling us that God is with us; he invites us; being open to the Holy Spirit involves keeping communication possibility open to hear God speak to us one might say (but you see your opinion is listened to here (except I'm struggling to pay internet cost so might be a bit limited in my response!) because between us there is GOD (isn't that what this means?)

Our system of numbers forces things together by saying 1+ 1 = 2 when in fact it is only this 1 and that 1 and whether they get together as 2 is a question of what Christopher Langan might call "conspansive duality" and what Dr. Dick might call "adding unknown data to a set of numbers ; adding unknown data and subtracting any one item so the numbers are still unique" ; and what Chris Langan might call "infocognition"; and what John Cramer might call "transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics" and what Lee Smolin might call "the thing and the screen" or something.

It seems that a revolution is unfolding in physics and mathematics and Jesus Christ is at the center of it.

The End Of The World:

we know of a day prophesised when "Heaven is wedded to the Earth" and we know of a day when the dead shall be raised.

Newborn baby perspective on this: in the fully alive state one sees this world around us is created from a kind of bountiful ocean from Heaven in that its like a deep ocean of God's bounty (the Miracle of the water into wine teaches us of God's bounty).

The end and the beginning are all around us; the end of time is the end of counted time, of a mathematics assumption that numbers are equal sized and equal spaced; it is a state of mind?

Rising from the dead: what does it feel like to rise from the dead? If the living are like corpses; they too can rise from the dead?

Seems to be incredibly gentle, wondrous experience. Like a dead number is one which can only form limited factorisation groups; for that number to rise from such constraint would be the release of the artificial walls and allowance of all possible factorisations.

When you rise from the dead your body is transparent to your history; your infant stem cells are still with you in a mystical sense; you suffer no disease.

When we are in love with all humanity we are no longer walled in by artificial constraints.

What about Elvis? The King of rock and roll?

"Rock" might be like when 1 + 1 agree on how they are going to be a 2; "roll" might be how they roll about figuring out what kind of "2" they're going to make.

What happened in the temple with the money changers?

Remember the story when the risen Jesus walked with someone or some people and they didn't recognise Him initially?

Do you really think Jesus fashioned a whip etc. ? I think that this image we read might be a mental construct of those who saw Him. It would require only for Jesus to stand at the door of the temple for the money changers to be filled with terror: because they would see what they were doing... to them it would SEEM as if He had fashioned a whip and drove them out......

For what is a whip anyway? It is partly in the mind of the beholder? Does reality ask for our agreement? "For if you had faith as a grain of mustard seed, you could say "move" to this mountain and it would move".

Does the universe respond directly to our input? In the movie "Sphere" people dreamed of things and they happened. Curious. We are told that "more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of". Curious.

Getting a bit lost here!

To quote from "The Hunt For Red October": "my morse code is so rusty who knows what message I'm sending" or something....

How do you understand what I write? To quote Morpheus from the Matrix "Do you think the fact that I am stronger than you or faster than you has got anything to do with my muscles IN THIS PLACE?"

Now I am not claiming to be stronger than you or faster than you; but what is going on here?

I think that we are reaching out to each other through the "pool of consciousness where all things are known and transparent" and this idea that we make sense of English language squiggles may be either a free creation in Heaven or if we seem dependent on it perhaps a muddled viewpoint?



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