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Parallel Universes

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Posted by Jack on January 5, 2000 05:52:46 UTC

I am a blue collar tradesman, and on the side I consider myself to be a "un- educated backyard scientist" I am not a very good writer, and my grammer is not very good either, so I will jump through my parallel universe ideas the best I can. My ideas are based on Religious beleifs. Spiritual feeling beleif. The material world. People who I have watched, heard, or read about and learned from.

CHAPTER 1. ___________ In the very beginning,(before the "first story of creation" which is written in the bible) something thought. This thought could have been the first moment in creation, and it came from "who could ever explain?" To me a story is based upon something, so in the first story of creation which is in our bible did our creator make a story which functions on the laws of the first creation where Something thought. This first story of creation was created inside the first original creation and that is what we are living in now.

"Who could ever explain?" is where our creator (Thought) came from, and we may never know what it is. It just does not compute.

CHAPTER 2. __________

Going back to Thought, this would have been the first moment of time. I describe this time as a . or count or frame. Next, this Thought began to realize it had thought (It thought about it's Thought). By doing this it created another moment of time. A chanel or travel was produced when it thought about it's Thought. . __________ .

This thought of it's thought was not a motion of time. Instead it was a count or a frame (picture). Example - First thought has it's own . 1 Second thought has it's own . 2 Travel to each other and exposing it's thought with it's other thought makes both frames have the same thought. 1,2 .___. 2,1

It thought and thought, and kept on thinking, until it had alot to think about. Eventually it built up a critical mass. It had so many frames it was able to create a circuit for itself, where this Thought (creator) was able to be in one frame, no matter which frame it was, and it's first thought and all it's other thoughts would be in that frame also, because of exposers.

1,2,3 .

3,2,1 . . 2,1,3

CHAPTER 3. _________

1,2,3 .

3,2,1 . . 2,1,3

When the thought is in one of the frames, it could end in that frame and continue in another frame, and continue it in a sequence. Otherwords; a one, and a two, and a three.

CHAPTER 4. _________

Eventually it thought again, with all of it's thought combined together. It componded. When it traveled to the other frames, it exposed this componded thought. This is my idea about the original BIG BANG, because it began to expand itself with Knowledge Pressure Friction Weight gain Etc. , until fuse or circuit began to overload.

This big bang or expansion is not in a motion state. It is in a frame state. Pictures Light Photon Thoughts

In this big bang or expansion, it kept expanding with compond thought until the Thought (creator) began to create prehistoric matter, and then eventually created man, and our future which has not begun yet, and all of this was a monogram. All of creation was completed in the original big bang, but there was no motion, just picture frames to travel to.

CHAPTER 5. _________

Going back to the last paragraph in chapter 4 and the last paragraph in chapter 1, I was talking about the idea of a complete "original big bang which had no motion" and about the "first story of creation" in the bible.

If traveling from point 1 to point 3 in a large area it would seem long. But if traveling to point 1 to point 3 in a small area it would seem short.

The frames which are part of the original big bang contain all of the complete creation because of the exposers.

If the Thought (creator) went into one of those frames and produced another big bang, there would be less travel, which would produce a motion affect (the frames would be tight together).

This could be the creation we live in (the first story of creation) and is lawed by the original big bang. This way the Thought (creator) could produce much faster, for example creating the heavens and earth in seven days (including rest).

This may be the reason why we are puzzled about why prehistoric animals have lived millions of years ago, and man only about ten thousand years.

Yes, evolution took many years, but some how the bible fits in with it.

The "first story of creation" is based on the original big bang.

CHAPTER 6. ___________

So out of all the frames in the original big bang, only one was selected by the Thought (creator) to make the " first story of creation".

Now I will talk about man. Man has a Flesh - heavy real matter Mind - light real matter (electricity?) Soul - matter from creator (lightest known matter)

Every person is a individual and each person has it's own soul. The soul is a storage bank that records everthing about what the mind and flesh had experienced. I beleive our creator (Thought) created us souls, and made them individual from one another.

-------------------------------------------------------Realizing that we are all alive and living today, instead of (god only knows) years before, or in the future which has not come yet, I find it differcult to beleive it was simple luck. If it is simple luck that we are alive today, then why has not everybody won the lottery jackpot yet, since the odds in winning are greater. ------------------------------------------------------- Many times before this life we now live in, we may have began in that first frame which the creator produced the "first story of creation" , and in that frame creation we learned about god, while we lived among evolution. And as we all died in this first frame long ago, our souls which is the lightestof all matter (image of god?) were able to travel to the other frames, taking our beliefs of god with us, and then begin life over again, living with both evolution and religion, and when we die in that frame, we begin again in another frame, again and again and again, our souls inside our monogram bodies that are in every frame. This will happen repeatedly, with the possibility of altering our lives a little different, hopefully for the best. Eventually we will have a revealing from our creator, and it will be up to the creator when it happens.

QUESTION? - If I have many monogram bodies in all of those frames, but I am here, you are here, and we both know we are here, how come we do not sense our other bodies?

ANSWER - I don't know, I'm baffled with all the ideas about it.

If a forty year old person dies on January 1, 2000 for example, this person may leap into another frame that is December 31, 1999 and not die on January 1, 2000, but instead live on to a ripe old age. Or when this person dies on January 1, 2000 this person may leap back to childhood, and while growing up this person could live beyond January 1, 2000.

Everybody must of had experienced the feeling "Did I do this before?" This could be a tapping of a past life.

I now conclude this article on my beleifs and ideas about parallel universes.

If the Thou CHAPTER 2.

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