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Re: Another Subject For A Book...

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Posted by Keith S. Maynard/">Keith S. Maynard on December 7, 1997 02:31:46 UTC

Some of you may have read some of my off-the-wall posts to the first Blackhole forum. Like I've said before, us writers are very imaginative, and rarely think about reality. So, if any of this doesn't stick, please let me know, AND WHY. First of all, I don't think that there are only three dimensions. I think that there are many different dimensions, and that they're so close to us that we might be acting in them, or by them, every day. Like the salmon swimming in a lake, who knows only of his underwater home. Suddenly, what he thought to be a tasty worm turns out to be a fisherman's hook, and he is yanked violently from the water. Suddenly he realizes that he's been living next to this whole other world the whole time, and he didn't even realize it was there. He'd even looked out of the water at it, from time to time. How obvious it now is, although everything is obvious in hindsight. We live in the third dimension. Now, what is the the definition of dimension? The dictionary defines it as being (1) measure in one direction: one of three or four coordinates determining a position in space or space and time. (2) the range over which or degree to which something extends. (3) one of the elements or factors making up a complete personality or entity. In short, a dimension is basically an element of the universe concerning the way things exist or travel through space. Dimensions are factors making up the universe. Therefore, every possible way to exist and travel in the universe is a dimension. Do you think that there are only three possible ways to exist and travel in this universe? I don't. Who's seen Men In Black? At the very end of the movie, an alien has a bag of marbles, and in each marble is a universe. Imagine that: our universe in something like a marble, or a box. Now suppose that a hole is punched or cut in that marble or box: a black hole, and everything close to the hole falls out. A fly that was inside the box flies out. Where does it go? Let's say that there is another universe next to or even surrounding ours. Imagine the box was being stored in a garage. So, a beam of light, or a chunk of rock, or whatever, goes throught the black hole and into another universe. As I type these words, I hear a tiny voice yelling at me from the corner of my mind. It is the voice of Logic. He yells: WAITAMINNIT! That can't be right! You can't go out of a black hole. Me: True, but somewhere along the line, the fly stopped going into the hole in the box and started going out of it. The out is a white hole. Logic: Hold on! White holes can't exist! Me: No they can't, at least, not in our universe. Suppose the other universe is based on something completely different, something that is the complete inverse of what this universe is composed of. Wouldn't it make sense that a white hole could exist in such a place, where the laws of our universe don't apply? If they could, only white holes would be able to exist in these universe, so there would be a way into them, but no way out. Logic: Even if this was true, there would be no way to travel through a black hole. The gravity would tear you apart. Me: Only if I was in the form of something that gravity could harm. Thanks to Einsteins's brillant (and famous) quotation, we now know that matter can be converted to energy, and vice versa. Now, suppose we were to find a way to convert something, maybe even ourselves, into energy, and find some way to keep it stable (kind of like Superman, in his latest incarnation). Then we could enter a black hole, travel through the worm hole, and be spit out the white hole. Once through, we could turn convert ourselves back into matter, supposing that this universe supports matter. Logic: Sounds like something a writer would come up with. Come to think of it, the only thing that I can imagine to being the complete inverse of matter is anti-matter. A universe based completely on anti-matter? It's one of the infinite possiblilties. Most people think of things existing in only three ways (hey, three dimensions, three forms of matter, I'm beginning to see a pattern here...), solid, liquid, and gas form. Logic: What about light? Me: Einstein believed it to be, to state it breifly, really thin and spread out matter. But, supposing that there is life after death, what are our spirits made of? Certainly not matter, and maybe energy, but energy isn't very stable, in the sense that matter is. Perhaps our astral selves are made out of some different material, that act somewhat like a combination of energy and matter. And yet, it is unaffected by anything in this universe. Perhaps the "parallel" universe is composed of this very same material, and perhaps our dreams are not dreams, but rememberances of our wandering spirits in some distant universe, walking a world that has been shaped by the psyche's of billions of other souls, a world where our fears are physical manisfestations that hunt us in our sleep. In other words, astral projection. Our spirits leave our bodies while we sleep, and goes who knows where. Since none of the laws of this universe applies to astral things, it could go anywhere, even through a black hole. It's an interesting theory, but I'm getting off track. Logic (He's very far away, and I can hardly hear him): I'll say. Me: Anyway, back to dimensions. Think of the different ways in which we exist in this universe. We have three dimensions, that much is obvious. But how else do we, or could we, exist or travel through this seemingly vast universe? It's pretty simple really. I felt like the fish getting yanked out of water, when someone told me what they thought to be the fourth dimension. Sure, we exist in three dimensions, but what happens to us as we get older? We change. Why? Time. Time is the fourth dimension. Without it, we would simply move around, unchanging, and the universe would be uncomplete. Logic (a little louder than before): That's the most logical thing you've said all day. Me (I ignore Logic's comment and continue where I left off.): What else? Well, I didn't bring up the fly traveling through the hole in the box for nothing. The fifth dimension, I believe, would be traveling through a wormhole, between universes. The sixth would being doing it through time. How else can we exist? Since we can convert things into energy, than perhaps the seventh dimension is existing as energy. Perhaps existing as energy has a whole list of other dimensions that goes along with it, like matter does. Who knows. As I look at the stars each night, I become less and less sure of myself, and the more off-the-wall my theories become. But I am also become more and more uncertain of what the wall is, and in what dimensions it exists. If anyone ever wants to discuss something like this, or any thought provoking subject, please visit my new site, The Discussion Page, which has been set up for that very purpose ( Or visit my companie's page at Isn't that just the coolest URL?

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