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Posted by Kent Benjamin Robertson on July 22, 2004 21:06:54 UTC

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Posted by Kent Benjamin Robertson on July 22, 2004 19:10:08 UTC

- Cicero
Today, 09:23 PM 21 July 04 Tuesday #57 K. B. Robertson
Join Date: Jul 2004
Posts: 9 "TYPE=PICT;ALT=Smile"
- Cicero
(*This is the posted - 7/21/04 - message that 'JaKiri' (I LOVE THIS SHOW') expunged from its placement in the Science Forums Debate on
...It - the obliterated post - begins with a post, on another subject, at another forum, on 10 June 04.
‘Clerk/Secretary’ J. Rawson (who anthologised eleven pages of updated information on physics and forwarded them to me; also posted on the net for the benefit of everyone.), transferred K.B. Robertson’s post (Ph.D DOES INDEED MEAN DR. OF PHILOSOPHY) to a more trafficked location; as will be shown - compliments of *‘Clerk/Secretary’ (*IT’S A SHAME TO HIDE SUCH GOOD STUFF), forthwith:

Blackholes Forum Message

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*Posted by Clerk (aka, 'Secretary' - *J Rawson) on June 10, 2004 16:39:33 UTC...
(The day after Kent Benjamin Robertson replied to a 2001 posted message posted by ‘Alexander’, which KBR wasn’t aware of until 9 June 04, when he replied to Alexander’s post - 'CAN YOU PLEASE USE MATH TO SUPPORT YOUR PHILOSOPHY' - on the Astronomy Net...)


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Posted by *Kent Benjamin Robertson on June 9, 2004 21:35:42 UTC

(Review of the previous post, by 'Alexander', followed by *KBR's response)

By Alexander, 6/8/2001

"Because this is physics/astronomy place, not a philosophical magazine. Physics has nothing to to with opinions (blah-blah-blah...) - that is area of phylosophy. Physics is about verifiable by observation numbers/phenomena. It does not make sense to say that space is 3-dimensional (or 20-dimensional) and time is 5-dimensional unless you can support it by observation and math.

"So, any observed facts or math to support your foggy opinions?"


Equus' (KBR - Kent Benjamin Robertson's) Response:

I was told of a series of replies to my posting of 'Xeno's (alleged) paradox'.

The first response by Alexander surprised what few correspondents I am blessed with, who told me of it. The word 'please' is actually employed; though awkwardly followed by the fly swatting proclamation - 'Physics having nothing to do with opinions' - as though the explanation for the flaw in *Xeno's (alleged) paradox at issue here, as an intro to related discussions...
(*the exclusion of time from the spatial test object motion of A to B, where, when the distance between A and B is endlessly cut in half:
A never arrives at B, as long as the element of time is excluded from the issue...
Whereas, certainly when point A is your home, and point B is the airport, the traveler does in fact arrive from his point of departure, to and at his destination. The same is true of wherever his reserved flight departs from, to arrive at it's destination. That is the real proof of Xeno's - perhaps deliberately sans paradoxical - pudding.).

Several forums and bbs messages on the net accurately point out that mathematics can be ambiguous and even self contradictory. This is hardly a newly observed or understood fact, about 'mathematics'.

Whereas: with regard to the employment of math as applied and responding to and describing the physical universe: this is called *'metric mathematics'. It's objective - and obligation - is to describe existential conditions; events; that is, 'what's happening' (independent of any anthropomorphic observation or description of it).

(E=MC squared, for example, is not merely 'mathematics', it's an ongoing physical event - quite indifferent to whether people know about or properly describe it, or not... )

The other kind of math is called *'non-metric' mathematics, having an earned reputation for being able to prove or disprove anything at all, including the feature of two flawless formulas - side by side - that mutually contradict each other.
The former type of (metric) math is obliged to adhere to describing events in space-time that occur, with or without human observation or mathematical application.

We may properly - if quaintly - spell clue, 'clew' (Old English); perhaps properly spell philosophy 'phylosophy'; whereas, such trivial anachronistic minutiae - however mesmerizing to their newly indoctrinated, hocus-pocus practitioners, have no authority to exclude 'philosophy' from physics: is to forsake altogether the fact that all academic ranks of 'Dr.'
Certainly including physicists and mathematicians - are Ph.D's - Doctors of Philosophy/Philosophical Doctors.
(In Newton's era, there was no cirriculum nomenclature as 'physics'. No indeed. It was called 'philosophy'.)
Hopefully this will clear up you 'foggy opinions' on the meaning of your quaint spelling - and smugly arrythmic doggerel; while offering an alternative spelling for what you sooper scientifically prove not to understand.

'So, any observed facts or math to support your foggy opinions?'
- Alexander (Please?)

(Apparently mixed in with the herd of mathematicians and Physicists who know not - and aggressively refuse to know the meaning of E=MC squared...)

It was not Einstein's 'opinion' that the recognized 3-dimensional universe of space and time, is actually the generally unrecognized 4-dimensionally inseparable space-time.

You seem to think that the 4, 5 and 6 dimensions (for example) of gravity, electricity and magnetism are a matter of philosophical opinion, rather than very substantially proven, previously unrecognized mathematically and geometrically established facts of 'hard - sine qua non - science' (math, experiment and geometry, not necessarily in that sequence).

Please refer to the condensed book on Gravity Is The 4th Dimension at
(It's about a two hour read. Caution: Person's afflicted with disordered or abbreviated attention span may experience drowsiness or enuui in the course of this perusal. All others are admonished that it may take six to eight weeks for the attentive reader's socks to quit rolling up and down... Thank you. Prego.).

If and when you do in fact do that: please return to this forum and continue with your irreverent, non-mathematically or philosophically supported 'blah-blah'.

("Those who take free seats at a Noble Event are often compelled to hiss and boo." - Anon)

Presently, it appears that your courtesy - the usage of the word 'please' - is the only appropriate communication in your (inadvertently) memorable missive.
Sincerely thanking Alexander (as another dauntless ennui?).

On the other hand, the benevolent surfers who brought this forum to my attention were surprised to see that its replies aren't what has otherwise become a recently engaged and ongoing tradition of odious name calling and hazing of - lying to and about - this author (KBR) 'all over the net'.
That incumbent phenomena - along with its identifiable trespassers, having created and still apparently in the process of directing, producing and casting their own self-condemnative WWW net legacy - will soon enough join the other documentary books, journals, novellas, anthologies and essays on the ('KBR is a slacker and doesn't work') menu at

(Not to be confused with thru _4 ; from which all the turbulent, name calling deluge of 'reverse confessions', self flagellation - gridlocking, word-walking - and galloping guilt, is about...)

In the interim, I can only be grateful for the - however wayward - sincereity of qualified entry 'Replies' and Commentary' so far...

Until further notice, I consider the entry and subjection of Xeno's Paradox, and it's (perhaps deliberately faulted, consciousness expanding) exclusion of time (the 4th dimension, including gravity-time-motion) an appropriate and non-mathematically comprehensible introduction to related subjects (which also wrongly exclude the 4th dimension of time, such as the Big Bang theory): as the issued, other, more impingent subjects follow that discussion (Xeno's Paradox) in the starting missive (above), especially as applied to and more comprehensively described and applied in GRAVITY IS THE 4th DIMENSION: The Reinstatement of Einstein's Presently Abandoned Unified Field, w'out Mathematics, at the cited website.

I remain, respectfully thanking the Astronomy Net (and Science Forum) staff & administration, and all of the sincere contributors to scientific and philosophical *reason for being (*Raison d'ete - Montaigne, Voltaire, Monet).


Now, an editorial word about the oracularly inspired words from the one of the prevailing (‘Website Master’?) sponsors at Science Forums It concerns a post entitled THEY CONDEMN WHAT THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND, and the reasons one ('Webmaster' apparent) - 'JaKiri' ('I LOVE THIS POST- Doomy doomy doom do-doom doom') - very promptly - removed it, hours after it was posted, 21 July 04, Tuesday.

Please note the series of posts, via *google - on the *Science Forums (General Science listed, TEMPERATURE) Debate, in order to enjoy the sequential continuity that led up to the following statements (continuous with the above post by K.B. Robertson entitled: THEY CONDEMN WHAT THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND - Cicero).

The prompt obliteration of this post by 'JaKiri' (‘I LOVE THIS SHOW’) is easily understood, upon the reading of the series of posts that preceded it (at Science Forums, General Science - TEMPERATURE), and JaKiri’s - altogether too familiar - Censorship Solution, for the debate JaKiri started and vanquished himself in, with Equus; who was consistently diverted from the ‘on topic’ forum subjection - TEMPERATURE; where Equus (K. B. Robertson) was attempting to subject and promote various facts, questions and answers about (cold) ‘fusion’, as a solution to the ominously culminating global energy problem(s).

In order to pick up on the sequence of communications that preceded the below posted statements by Equus (K. B. Robertson), please enter in google: Science Forums Debates (on the '
General Science' subject of TEMPERATURE.

Beginning on page 2 and proceeding - off and on - to page 3, before JaKiri masterfully painted himself into a corner, consequently crowded himself with and wrapped himself in intrigue and duplicity...
Unable to withstand the heat that he attempted to project on Equus - when it was reflected back on him, JaKiri applied his (ex officio, 'WebMaster') power to exempt himself from his own undoing, by removing K.B.Robertson’s - consistently documented - reflections.
('Truth is a sword, only to those who deny it'. - Anon )
As is shown at the cited - TEMPERATURE - location on the Science Forums menu, under 'General Science, JaKiri not only boldly lies about and then urges his readers to ‘blame Ray Ray Bradbury, don’t blame me’ (for what JaKiri was caught lying about, regarding the title FARENHEIT 451); then going on to say he burned K.B. Robertson’s lucidly revealing response (Quoting JaKiri, no less), due to it’s ‘unreadability’; closing with name-calling (‘You idiot!’) the 63 year old author of 7 books and 12 essays. Some of which are posted at .

This entire - above and below - message will be posted at the Guest Sign In Commentary, at the bottom of the above issued website URL (KBR’s website); where it will probably be promptly ‘hacked off’, as so many other posts like this one have already been disappeared from that location, for much the same camouflaged ‘reasons’ (‘unreadability’) as those alleged by JaKiri.

(Since the above paragraph was written (7/22/04, Thursday 1300 hrs EST), this record has gone to his 'Guest Sign In Commentary' at the bottom of his website at and learned that in fact, he is ('mysteriously') disallowed from - hacked out of - entering a Commentary in his own Guest List.

This, and the hacking out of caustically contentious, malevolent and profane entries in that same Guest List Commentary, has been happening frequently, since the invariably anonymous raiders and their entries were consistently overmatched by KBR's responses; requiring the Guest Sight invaders to hack out their soundly vanquished insults, lies and unfounded arguments, along with KBR's indomitable (much coveted and equally resented, denied, covered up and deliberately misquoted) repartees.

For this reason and others, the ongoing post is presently located in othr forum locations, with hopes that it will be left only to fair contention, and not the blight of collusionists & collaborators (NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY?) who have a growing - archived - history of maliciously intruding on any post by Kent Benjamin Robertson, when they can't obliterate his work, as it is protected by a firewall (at , and at thru _4 ) for example.)

Indeed, JaKiri (A webmaster at Science Forums - General Science TEMPERATURE file) and no small number of other similarly tree’d and apprehended charletons, pretenders and vandals, have been routinely hacking out and otherwise censoring a series of internet manure slinging episodes, wherein the fecal spattered, specimen frolicking rowdies are pneumatically hammered down (in their places with bright shining faces?) for what they aggressively initiate, prolifically lie about, and/or blame others for...

Wherein, it’s not difficult to see why the Sensorship WebMaster, JaKiri (in this case), declared his self-induced undoing, unworthy of leaving on post, due to ‘unreadability’...

(The narrative and inserted quotes of Equus’ - consequently censored - response, remarkably foreordain JaKiri’s craven removal of them ).

And now, back to the cited, regular broadcasting schedule.

Equus turns his attention from Alexander, of 2001, to JaKiri, of 2004 (Re: ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive'; etceteras, squared...):

< TSA - The Starfleet Archive >
Today (21 July 2004)

Sayonara3 enters a protest against censorship by anyone, certainly including JaKari, in this case.
'There's no need to edit out his posts. We all have the option of reading them or skipping over them as we see fit.'

Signing off with his motto:
For the love of Jebus, is not a technical resource.

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Today (21 July 2004), 08:09 AM
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Posts: 6 censorship

"Sayonara is right, no one has the right to edit out anyone else's post. This is just rude. If you don't like the post just skip it. If you can't understand it, ask for clarification."

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Today, 08:16 AM
The Resourceful One
Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: Good Ol` England
Posts: 4,884

"Except where it breaks forum rules ie/ overtly offensive language.
"Where the rest of the post has been of some merit, profanity editing isn`t against the rules or being rude. it`s just keeping it clean.
that`s my stance/2 cents worth :)

MAD, BAD and DANGEROUS to Know! :)


This last entry by MAD, BAD and DANGEROUS to KNOW is directly implying that JaKiri may have ‘profanity-edited’ it. Meanwhile, there is not one word of profanity in the censored message, or any other of my (KBR's) messages.

The following messsages proceeded a matter of hours after the above entries:

1. Quote: (JaKiri beginning with Sayonara’s previous post) Originally Posted by Sayonara³
('There's no need to edit out his posts. We all have the option of reading them or skipping over them as we see fit.')

JaKiri - the self described teacher, and would-be omnipotent, ego-syntonic keeper of stolen posts - responded:

"He'll never learn otherwise. I have it stored it if he wants it back."

(*As though KBR’s censored message is completely controlled - to be pleaded for; in the clutches of the craven, name calling - "I LOVE THIS JaKiri manipulated SHOW"....)

'Doomy doomy doom do-doom doom'
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Today, 09:20 AM #62
Doomy Doom
(*Note the tweedleDee
& Dummy, echoes between
JaKiri’s Doomy doomy doom-doom doom, and, that of Sayonara3's Doomy
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: UK
Posts: 6,429

"If it gets that bad, the *Coventry option is preferable."

(*This codex is not explained by Sayonara, although ‘the Coventry’ is a location in England, where a WW II bombed out church of that name, remains as a war memorial - exactly as the Fascist-Nazi bombs and V-2 rockets demolished it - burned and censored it, rubbled it out... Take note that Sayonara3 ironically hiels from the United Kingdom of England; continued...)

"Then people have the option of haemorraging bandwidth if they want to read it."

(*You bloody well right?)

< I saw a squirrel! (704Kb DivX) > < TSA - The Starfleet Archive >

For the love of Jebus, is not a technical resource.

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Equus - KentBenjamin Robertson’s - latest - post is shortly forthcoming, here. It remains to be seen if and for how long it is permitted to be posted. It may be that KBR has been permanently banned from any Science Forums posts on whatever subject, as long as the cited Friendly Fascists maintain ('Unreadability') control over altogether too readable communications.

(The first thing Ado Hit took control of, when he became Chancellor in 1935, was communications of all media, newspapers, teletype, magazines & radio - TV was not yet a public medium, though it was being experimented with in international laboratories.)


Today, 01:21 PM #63
K. B. Robertson
(*The insertion of
‘Quark’ here is not explained.)
Join Date: Jul 2004
Posts: 10 (KBR entitles this post:)


Best regards, Campers:
Well, heck: Not knowing whether this post will be likewise smothered out or not, on these notably germane subjects of book-burning and totalitarian censorship, I will proceed as though this were a 2nd Amendment respecting forum, while entirely agreeing with 'editing (out) profanity', as Y2 (quasi-evasively) put it.

Gotta say: it certainly was an unexpected - downright melancholy - surprise to see Indigo and Sayonara3 take their stands as they did. Since each and both of you, along with myself had been previously engaged in several on and off contentions; I can only observe that there is still some integrity left in this world, and I for one, was impressed to see it...
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Posts: 5 Indigo

K. B. Robertson is a self proclaimed scientist. He never replies to where he's been employed or what his credentials are. He thinks if he uses long words, some of them made up or misspelled and long posts he will "razzle dazzle" everyone into thinking he knows what he is talking about. His posts have been removed from at least three forums for flaming. The only posts he seems to make are what someone else wrote and he says the same thing over and over. He also seems to think that he can insult people who don't agree with him instead of just having a debate. He can't debate because he doesn't have the background or information. If you don't agree with him he will put you on the web and call you a pedophile. He did this to a number of people and others he calls rogue CIA. He has a persecution complex and thinks everyone is out to get him. If you want to stay out of his sights then do not reply to anything he writes.

Last edited by Indigo : 07-17-2004 at 06:18 PM.

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+Exhibitionist Collaborated Effort To Displace Fusion Power
Originally Posted (+In response to) by Indigo

Indigo wrote:
K. B. Robertson is a self proclaimed scientist.

(*Indigo is self-challenged here, to find any statement in any of my works that self proclaims myself as a scientist.
I have for years, however, deemed myself a 'science writer.'
(Because: that's what I am - what is ostensibly manifest in my work; what I do and have been doing - in small press essays and books, nationally and internationally distributed publications, sold out in scores of book stores - for over forty years. On the other hand, at times and in certain of my works - as 'Mediocre' (Aussie beer mug icon) recently and keenly observed in his recent post, 'you write like a historian or journalist'. This ‘science writer’ gratefully takes that as a compliment.)

Indigo wrote:
He never replies to where he's been employed or what his credentials are.

(*These issues have indeed been subjected several times by the cited rowdies, but they don't ask ; instead - as archived records sustain - there are a series of - non -interrogative - proclamations that 'KBR has never worked', 'lives on handouts from the government', 'faces charges of welfare fraud', 'has been arrested dozens of times and has (in his writings) told hundreds of lies' 'sexually abuses and molests children', 'is a murderer and rapist', is facing serious federal charges', 'guilty of firearms violations', fornicates - or is fornicated by - dogs..", “was in childhood a social pariah and petty thief”.

(* 'Enter " + '' - it's cool."

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