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Re: Re: Polar Jets Of Neutron Stars (NS) And Black Holes (BH).

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Posted by John Reyes on February 1, 2001 13:29:22 UTC

Hi mournblade

You fail to notice that our earth blocks the majority of the light spectrum , hence a brick would fall hence light is what holds the universe in levitation .

Imagine a balloon in a room with twenty people in a circle , now each person exhales a continuous breath upon the balloon of equal force , the balloon would then remain in the center , we can account for a continuous exhaled breath coming from all angles towards the balloon by hanging people from the cieling and situating them on the floor to save argument .

What happens if say any person has their breath blocked by anothers hand , the balloon would move to the weakest point of force because the breath being blocked has now caused the pressure of breath upon the opposite side of the balloon to create a push , light then being everywhere has a gentle pressure but is a tremendous force due to a weightless environment.

That is why if all the light in the universe disappeared then everything would fall to a given center or continue falling through a dark empty void , gravity is nothing but falling , it is but a shadow created by the pressence of a mass .

We cannot have the law that for every action there is an opposite reaction then have everything weightless in space !

Else the stranger ( the curvature of space ) that Einstein introduced and Hawkin's abides by and as yet not told us how it fuses or interacts with space has no meaning , there has to be a force that the earth distorts , this being light and the blocking of light is the cause why things fall or orbit the heavenly bodies .

So I now endeth my theory by explaining that a cloud in the stellar nurseries falls because of the blocking of light , to explain this then I have to expand by saying that whilst it has been thought that gravity has been the belief and the originator to cause star ignition , then one fails to understand that light makes the atoms in these clouds to become active so they move about .

As they intermingle then they would eventually create mass dark regions where light can hardly pass through until eventually the atoms of say hydrogen become dormant and extremely cold .

Hydrogen then being a very difficult gas to freeze on earth would then have no problem in space if the light energy from neighboring stars move the stellar clouds and create a dense region shielding hydrogen atoms from a given heat source.

This act of the blocking of light leaving the atoms cold and inactive would then mean that their motionless bodies would clump together as the force has been removed , they then reside in an area that only the coldness of space can effect them so eventually the exterior of the stellar clouds becoming denser due to a growing cold mass would then block more light hence the atoms feel the cold even more .

The final outcome is a spherical mass that is exposed after the collapse of the stellar cloud which then not only is cold but carries a mass according to how big the stellar cloud originally carried .

One would assume that the rate of collapse would ignite the proto star but it is not possible for two reasons, one being that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction hence the rate of collapse is form all angles and of equal proportion , the second reason is that the atoms all carry the freezing conditions of space and as they fall with a process that can take thousands of years then they contain the freezing conditions as the mass builds up to form the sphere .

The sphere having then formed would then either had taken the majority of the stellar cloud to expose a newly formed sphere or it remains hidden due to a rate of collapse that was too quick which then had caused a halt in the process a bouncing off effect if you like , eventually this would start again when the remaining atoms accrued a second dense stage in the remainder of the stellar cloud .

Now due to a sphere having been exposed then one would ask how the sphere ignites , well the law that I have mentioned above having an effect upon the build up of hydrogen atoms in conjunction with the coldness that also creates their inactivity , then an action and opposite reaction means that the sphere is really light compared to the mass size that it is so a nearby source of heat radiation would now heat this mass of cold hydrogen.

The heat from a nearby star would land upon the mass and heat it up , this creates the atoms to excite and also adds to the incoming radiation due to the act of friction which then the heat having no choice but to increase would then penetrate deeper and become yet even hotter .

This then means that eventually there would form a build up of cold pressure as a cold core would then start to become condensed due to the incoming heat , the exterior would at some stage start to give out a glow ,eventually the point of ignition would be due to the heat being consentrated which is caused by the mass having a spherical shape , that is the heat continues inwards to a point but increasing as it travels else a joint of meat would not cook in your oven , but you could try it with a frozen piece if you get the point.

Anyhow this increase in heat eventually creates a proton -proton reaction and we have then an ignition of a star . The cold core would then contract and become denser as each cycle of fusion fuel is depleted , this creating the star to burn brigther due to the cold core density increasing as we see with our sun every eleven years and is also the cause for stars to be variable, the fuel being denser means a higher efficientcy in its fuel burning , some stars would be made of a range of elements so fusion at times would look like gunpowder that has damp patches thus creating a pressure build up of matter due to the interacting coldness of space , a proto crust if you like which contains the material viscosity that eventually expells due to the increase in pressure wanting to escape from the cold core hence our planets being formed from the ejection of matter and the same for the structure of the universe as well as our earth and the origin of our moon .

One may well then ask what creates the sun to spin , well like I said I do not have all the answers but I feel that the cold core being forced into a more compact space due to the inwards force of heat would then have cause to force the electrons into a tighter space thus creating a magnetic field by which a rotational spin would occur , I believe that here is where plasma is produced to create this effect , the rest then is old news , much data has been had on prominences etc , but one cannot dismiss that the reason for the spots to have a cold umbra is due to a cold core being exposed , and one cannot dismiss that the surface of the sun is colder than the corona due to this too .

That then is my reason why a solid mass object can exist in our galactic centers and why there would have been stars bigger than the galaxies that created a consecutive expansion cycle that one would assume is today expanding .

Gravity is not our creator but God the light and the life , a supreme being , a God of no shape or form , an energy and my only equasion to explain this is C=MC2 for it was light that first appeared upon a mass in the beginning as we see today upon the earth .

Believe what you will of science but gravity cannot be united with Almighty God for he is like he said the light and the life the alpha and omega , his creation of a huge sphere is the only thing to have caused him to rest on the seventh day so little faith those have who believe in him yet also believe science for a little speck of a beginning be it a quantum wiggle or wave has no meaning of existence without a creator that would need little effort to create , we do not know how small is small and we do not know how big is big so the microwave background radiation coming from everywhere means that our part of a universe is but a speck withing an endless unseen sea where even bigger galactic islands could exist and that these galaxies are part of .

The universe as I see it is a perpetual universe where matter collapses and explodes to reform again , a point where those who postulate that the universe may have a big crunch is non existant due to the time it would take to collapse for matter would have time to reform again and produce light to counteract this.

Occam's Razor or not then I dread to think what science was expecting , I doubt it will find a G.U.T or a T.O.E , then again what you lot expected or how you would react, for if science uncovers either of the two above I very much doubt that it will be the end to understanding the mind of God .







and best wishes in your quest to everyone and may you all find a reason to open the door.

John Reyes


John Reyes

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