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Re: Follow Up

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Posted by John Reyes on January 29, 2001 02:53:22 UTC

Hi Al

I believe that you have an open mind , those that haven't I believe to be stubborn but anyhow your question is one that many on this planet would like answered , science will not let this occur .

When I was in my twenties I had a thought , now do not ask me what lead me to this thought , I just seem to remember the question it posed , that is if you take away white you would be left with black , at the time it meant nothing to me and the question never arose again that was until 1996 when I entered into cosmology .

Today I ask myself that question in a similar contex , if you were situated in the center of the universe just floating and looking around what would happen if you suddenly saw that all the light disappeared , everything would become black , what then if after the light had disappeared all the blackness disappeared , what would you see , could you tell if there had been any change in your surrounding space .

Unless our eyes are adapted to the unknown then we have to accept that what we have been allowed to see is only available through visible light so if there are any other types of wave lengths not noticible to us and our machines then it is not possible to detect them unless we know what kind of a machine to build , science is trying to do just that in detecting the force of gravity .

It has had no success because it simply does not exist and is just a fluttering idea born out of common sense . One can add up all that scientific research and it will be found that 90% is still speculation , all built on that fluttering idea , we once made tools from flint and bone and the knowledge was passed on , today science passes on its speculative findings , an enormous amount of research based on gravity , some ideas are so unorthodox that one could almost believe that the moon is really made of cheese , I believe that somewhere along the way science has lost one of its tools , hopefully common sense will be found again .

Recently you posted your opinion on how the big bang was started after I posed the question why do blackholes contradict with the big bang density , you mentioned blowing up a balloon that you could keep filling up with air that represented a blackhole falling into another and another and so on until the balloon had popped which is the big bang .

Well lets see if I use your first balloon then it being a blackhole then its existence is just not possible . Many seem to think that the universe started from a singularity not ever considering that if the big bang was the start of space and time then where would the event horizon exist , it also means that there had to be a universe before this one which then brings us back to the same question where would the first event horizon exist.

To give some of my intuitive thoughts on the big bang then consider a balloon being the primeval atom , its deflated and in your hand ,( Now I assume that you are perfectly capable of blowing up a balloon ) so go on blow up this balloon for your kiddies birthday party as a thought experiment that has all the nescessary ingredients, well that did not take you long and your kiddies party went according to plan due to the effort you put into it.

Now lets do that again only now you are the force of gravity that is going to blow this balloon up till it pops , so go on blow it up , ''whats the matter'' you are looking a little red in the face .
Now the reason why you could blow the balloon up for you kiddies party is because there was an external area for the balloon , and the reason why the party went according to plan was that you had all the right ingredients and the effort , this just cannot come about with the big bang .

To start with the power of your breath ( gravity) had to be just right , if your breath could not blow it up enough then nothing would become of the party , if you blew it up too quickly then your breath was too strong and the party would have been and gone in a second , but no your breath blew the balloon up just right so that all the ingredients became laid out for the party to be enjoyed , too much of a coincidence with one shot don't you think .

Next we have to consider the reason why you went red in the face , its simple really , there is nothing that exists today that has not got an outside area to it , this I have mentioned before , but the big bang postulates that there was no before the big bang and that there is no outside to the universe , well to me I find it intuitively impossible even in a thought experiment to see how I could blow up a balloon with nothing on the outside .

Another confict is that your party can only come into existence in a time dimension that was there before the big bang created it which also means a space , an outside area else it would be impossible to come about .

The big bang is more complicated than science thinks , not only does it have to accept the above criterior but also has to have the correct strength in order for the stuff of bodies to be created .
If a man was going to be executed by a death squad of ten men and suddenly the order was given to fire and after hearing the combined ten rifle shots the man remained breathing and the press came up to him after he had been exonerated and asked him ''what do you make of that coincidence '' his simple reply being there was no coincidence they just simply missed , one begins to wonder if the man had grasped the significance of what has just occurred and the possibility of it happenning , so I find it impossible to accept that there was no divine creator .

You ask where does the matter go when it collapses into a blackhole , the reality is that blackholes just simply do not exist , everytime I come on sites like these I always see others leave new found evidence of blackholes , and as one can see it has happened , the fact remains that science feels threatened , not I , science is being attacked more now than ever before simply because its explanation of the big bang just simply cannot be fused with the understanding of the human mind and its intuition , so how on earth does science expect us to accept that all the matter in the universe can simply appear from nowhere let alone be compressed into such a ridiculous area is beyond comprehension .

So my answer as to why blackholes contradict with the big bang is based on my intuition an eccentric and insane one at that so you tell me or you decide who has erred , because given the amount of matter in the universe which I estimated a long time ago to be in the region of around around 85 trillion tons , then how could an ordinary star form a blackhole with an event horizon yet 85trillion tons of mass is made out to have resided in the primeval atom and could not create a blackhole , the reason being because as mentioned it would have to have an event horizon and that would mean an outside area , failing anyone accepting this then the sheer mass of so much concentrated matter is beyond unsound reasoning , a fallacy that has to cause science to seriously question the way how it not only teaches but how it portrays and percieves the universe with laws that need to be revised by the removal of gravity because this force is not our creator and will never become united with the one and only force where it not only explains the universe but also has the characteristics of DNA itself .



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