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Posted by Zivanovic Zivan on April 25, 2005 17:09:09 UTC

(free hypotheses controversies are unavoidably accompany science and we shouldn’t stay away from them...)
There are a great number of hypotheses and theories that have tried to explain this problem, which points to its extraordinary complexity. There are new theories about functioning of rotation, but also some other, equally important for the mankind, like: the origin of earthquakes, cancer, etc. This abstract is only to draw attention, and for those really interested, I can provide a complete theory.


Original matter- the idea: there is a threshold above which the original matter has the properties of matter; but below the threshold, it does not have the same mass and energy, or it has only symbolic values, difficult to register. The original matter was created by destruction of matter (reactive processes of big systems, spontaneous evolution of matter in inorganic and organic systems, alpha, gamma and especially beta disintegration, as well as double beta disintegration, well known neutrino), where the sub-nuclear matter, i.e. original matter, which was created afterwards, is without mass, so it is not possible that any of the existing forces could draw it. The idea of original matter is real and necessary in such theories; after all, why shouldn’t neutrino be proclaimed to be the original matter? We have to wonder, then, where neutrino goes, where it is stored and what finally happens with it.

Vacuum spaces - the idea: There are huge vacuum spaces between the galaxies, that suck in original matter from neighboring vacuum spaces and that is where original matter is stored. In its evolutionary process, every galaxy supremely dominates its matter and its space in an ideal spatial array, that looks like a honeycomb. Mass of the galaxy successively decreases, and the vacuum spaces are filled more and more. When the "death" of a galaxy has come near, life will begin in enormous vacuum spaces, which are no more filled with ionized original matter; namely, what happens is that the new material gets ionized and polarized due to its density and movement. Complete fulfillment of the vacuum spaces at a certain moment unavoidably leads to the crash of enormous clouds with differently ionized original matter and there is a great explosion. Original matter, that previously had the value of 0, has patiently waited to become a significant number, for after all, it is indestuctible. It is the tremendous crash and the tremendous explosion-and the newborn world has become in full joy of the universe. Such enormous material, cannot be gathered on a heap, of course, so its scattering around is unavoidable. By tremendous crash in the great explosion, the rotated mass made way for the rotation- forever.

Mass to mass rotation- the idea: In this explosion, the rotating mass has been cleaned. A lot of fluid, red-hot mass has fallen off; but it rotated, too, and went further from the main bit. Enormous quantity of gases stuck close to the red-heat mass, because of the cold space through which the read-heat mass was moving and the masses rotated one over the other. More compacted structures will always rotate faster than less compacted ones. In this case, it means that the fluid, red-heat mass (rotor) will rotate faster than the red-heat gases (stator); and the mass thrown away from the central material, out of which the planets were made, will have gas capsule at first, but, as a mass, it will get cooler much faster, and the crust will be made, which will rotate faster, because it will be more compacted then the red-heat, fluid mass- this is the mass- to-mass rotation, which creates the force of gravity. By this rotation, the planet will create considerable force of gravity, which gradually weakens, because the crust gets thicker, and the fluid nucleus smaller in time; the attaching rotational surfaces will become smaller. That weakened force of gravitation can be shown in different ways: sports records, always set higher and higher, are more a consequence of gradual weakening of the force of gravity than it is a result of general increase in Homo sapiens strength; thanks to it, people are getting taller- it is a well-known fact that the force of gravity has smaller values in the high mountains, so the highlanders are taller.
This planet deserves more words.

The Earth’s crust and the earthquakes: At this moment, the Earth’s crust is so thin that it can be compared to the crust of an apple (reciprocally to the basic masses, of course). In the beginning of its evolutionary development, it used to break very often, and the spilled, red-heat lava created hills and mountains. That is why there were so many live volcanoes and very strong earthquakes. As time went by and the crust got thicker and thicker, people managed to register decrease in the number of live volcanoes as well as earthquake disasters. Because of the mass to mass rotation, the crust of our planet is being smeared from inside by the fluid red-heat lava and it is getting thicker in time. We should bear in mind that the interior of the crust has never been flat and smooth but, on the contrary, always rough and bumpy; for, in the beginning of formation it often used to break and spill the red-heat, fluid mass through the cracks, followed by enormous pressure and gases. A great number of volcanoes brought to its roughness, too.
Enormous mass of the fluid, red-heat nucleus rotates over such a bumpy crust. It smears over those, now really critical rough places, making even greater hilly deformations. In one moment, the enormous bump becomes an obstacle and offers resistance to the rotating red-heat fluid mass, until one crash of the mass peels the huge bump away and it sinks into the fluid magma. In that moment, horizontal, tectonic quakes will be created and there immediately comes the next wave which hits the defected place that has previously been hooked out and the vertical tectonic quake follows automatically as a consequence; there are also some similar combinations afterwards...It is completely illogical to blame tectonic plates for the recent earthquakes. There are a lot of cracks and rough places on the cracks, but it is not true that they are moving apart and colliding. So, how is it possible to explain individual thickening of tectonic plates, because it goes further, until the very center of the nucleus and when is it possible for their collision to stop then? Strangely enough, the interior cracks between the plates do not let themselves smear, no matter that it happens under great pressure?! Furthermore, even if there were any plates, their slightest movement apart would be filled by the fluid, red-heat mass, because of the enormous interior pressure, especially when they are still, and it would move to the compact layer of the crust where it would be fixated quite firmly. There is no good reason for their existence under the crust of this planet.
Present scientific explanation sticks to the theory of plates, and they are registered-to be, by sonar installation testers in the sea depths. They can observe cracks, bumps and roughs in the crust but that is all on the surface of the crust, from where we look.
The Sun, with its enormous mass (in relation to the planets) and its far higher force of gravity, which is acquired by mass-to-mass rotation and maintained for long, supported by active nuclear reactions(which is not the case with planets), will draw the planets to itself. By formerly mentioned destruction of the mass, the Earth is becoming less and less heavy and it is approaching to the Sun out of the reasons mentioned above. Therefore, our planet is becoming warmer and warmer, so Mars will probably become a new Eldorado, as well as its satelites Fobos and Demos.

Evolution of matter- the notion: These mass-to mass rotations are not perpetum mobile, because they are created by enormous energy, initial and potential energy out of the great explosion on one hand, and the own, "operational" energy from the reaction processes that dies down and in the therminal stage of destruction totally capitulates, on the other. However, perpetum mobile is evolution of matter, which, in the rhythm of two, spontaneously changing phases: life of matter and life of the original matter endlessly continue; and all that probably happens thanks to the infinity of time and space on one hand and, the infinite quantity of matter, which can neither be looked into nor measured, on the other. This "holy" trinity enables an endless seesaw of the evolution of matter. natural processes are simple, realistic and logical, because they are spontaneous. Mass to mass rotation at all levels- high, medium and low, unifies all their forces, too, because the nature has always shown reason and organizational perfection, by its spontaneous processes- the processes of an enormous and multiplicand system in evolution of matter, according to the principle- perpetum mobile, which man has not been able to achieve up to now.
Parallely to the destruction of great systems, in appropriate conditions, the matter gave a "decent" part of inorganic structure to the organic sanctity- biological evolution. Wherever there were living conditions: atoms, molecules, molecular chains, the formation of the primitive organic systems was (made) possible. The appearance of plants, then, protozoa and mono-cellular organisms, promised many evolutionary "leaps" in organic world. Mono- nuclear organisms (ameba, etc.), with the help of ever reliable evolution, became multi- cellular organisms; finally, what happened was that the human face appeared on the horizon. What a celebration of the universe!... But alas! Today, man is angry with the nature for it has not done enough for his safety and happiness; here we refer to genetic anomalies and malign diseases, in the first place. He can hardly understand the latter. We have learnt to fight: by instincts, hiding away, mimicry; we have found anti- microbial "remedies"- but when cancer is concerned- nothing very important has been discovered so far.

Malign diseases- the idea: A multi-cellular organism makes faster progress in its evolutionary perfection than the mono-nuclear, because organization of the system is perfect. A huge number of participants, the units (cells), that work, harmoniously, like slaves on building of a great and important institution, like people in a state (the human body), with the emperor on the top (the brain); the Ministries also do their jobs ( lungs, heart, kidneys, digestive system, defense system, reproductive system)... and the slaves (cells) keep on working. The state has guaranteed them protection and safety, as it should, but that doesn’t always function best. A slave (cell), say, is in trouble, suffering , feels it as a great injustice, asks for help; it gets it from the community, but is not completely satisfied. He is sorry for getting into community at all, it seems to him that he would do better as a single, as an individual, like in the old times (ameba). An information has remained in its genetic code, about the way to strenghten his boundaries, how to single out from the community; separation, of course, an attempt to find happiness in autism. While he was in the community, he was exhausted to the maximum in many different ways, he used to pay fines and taxes and had only a symbolic boundary (cellular membrane). Now, the time has come for his revenge: now, he will plunder the community, in every possible way, and the system will, probably, not even notice it, because there are a lot of individuals (cells). He will take the quality material only, for building and reconstruction- he learnt a lot while he was in the community. and, of course, he builds a firm boundary (cellular membrane) as it once had been, gets stronger and separates; and then he multiplies, gets even stronger - he will show the society who he is and what he can do: he will ruin it from inside. And so it was.
This comical text is to indicate clearly that the cell, susceptible to hereditary malign diseases, irritated and damaged by a certain factor alters malignantly (in my opinion) because of the strengthening of the membrane, returning to the primitive, mono- nuclear persistence. (Like a federal state, decaying from inside, because one of its members is successful in an attempt to ruin the whole community; it doesn’t attach any importance to it, and the disaster automatically follows.)
The survival of an individual or species in the organic world has always depended on several factors that have been in connection with some kind of disturbance. They have always been clear, for the nature is logical and easy to understand- the enormous body of a mammoth or a dinosaur endeavored to inseminate the female animal. Unfortunately, the perfect biological system had height as an imperative, in its specialized priority function; it considerably increased in time, and in the end , their enormous weight and height led to the fatal consequence : the whole species died out.
Similarly, the creation of the same sex “antagonism”- homosexuality (gay circles), and many other disturbances, if increased in number can cause dying out. This is the evolution of matter, organic in this case.

This theory was written 20 years ago (it would be a pity not to make any comment about it)

HOMO II (the second man)

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