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Posted by Kent Benjamin Robertson on July 22, 2004 19:10:08 UTC

- Cicero
Today, 09:23 PM 21 July 04 Tuesday #57 K. B. Robertson
Join Date: Jul 2004
Posts: 9 "TYPE=PICT;ALT=Smile"
- Cicero
(*This is the posted - 7/21/04 - message that 'JaKiri' (I LOVE THIS SHOW') expunged from its placement in the Science Forums Debate on
...It - the obliterated post - begins with a post, on another subject, at another forum, on 10 June 04.
‘Clerk/Secretary’ J. Rawson (who anthologised eleven pages of updated information on physics and forwarded them to me; also posted on the net for the benefit of everyone.), transferred K.B. Robertson’s post (Ph.D DOES INDEED MEAN DR. OF PHILOSOPHY) to a more trafficked location; as will be shown - compliments of *‘Clerk/Secretary’ (*IT’S A SHAME TO HIDE SUCH GOOD STUFF), forthwith:

Blackholes Forum Message

Forums: Atm · Astrophotography · Blackholes · Blackholes2 · CCD · Celestron · Domes · Education
Eyepieces · Meade · Misc. · God and Science · SETI · Software · UFO · XEphem


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*Posted by Clerk (aka, 'Secretary' - *J Rawson) on June 10, 2004 16:39:33 UTC...
(The day after Kent Benjamin Robertson replied to a 2001 posted message posted by ‘Alexander’, which KBR wasn’t aware of until 9 June 04, when he replied to Alexander’s post - 'CAN YOU PLEASE USE MATH TO SUPPORT YOUR PHILOSOPHY' - on the Astronomy Net...)


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Posted by *Kent Benjamin Robertson on June 9, 2004 21:35:42 UTC

(Review of the previous post, by 'Alexander', followed by *KBR's response)

By Alexander, 6/8/2001

"Because this is physics/astronomy place, not a philosophical magazine. Physics has nothing to to with opinions (blah-blah-blah...) - that is area of phylosophy. Physics is about verifiable by observation numbers/phenomena. It does not make sense to say that space is 3-dimensional (or 20-dimensional) and time is 5-dimensional unless you can support it by observation and math.

"So, any observed facts or math to support your foggy opinions?"


Equus' (KBR's) Response:

I was told of a series of replies to my posting of 'Xeno's (alleged) paradox'.

The first response by Alexander surprised what few correspondents I am blessed with, who told me of it. The word 'please' is actually employed; though awkwardly followed by the fly swatting proclamation - 'Physics having nothing to do with opinions' - as though the explanation for the flaw in *Xeno's (alleged) paradox at issue here, as an intro to related discussions...
(*the exclusion of time from the spatial test object motion of A to B, where, when the distance between A and B is endlessly cut in half:
A never arrives at B, as long as the element of time is excluded from the issue...
Whereas, certainly when point A is your home, and point B is the airport, the traveler does in fact arrive from his point of departure, to and at his destination. The same is true of wherever his reserved flight departs from, to arrive at it's destination. That is the real proof of Xeno's - perhaps deliberately sans paradoxical - pudding.).

Several forums and bbs messages on the net accurately point out that mathematics can be ambiguous and even self contradictory. This is hardly a newly observed or understood fact, about 'mathematics'.

Whereas: with regard to the employment of math as applied and responding to and describing the physical universe: this is called *'metric mathematics'. It's objective - and obligation - is to describe existential conditions; events; that is, 'what's happening' (independent of any anthropomorphic observation or description of it).

(E=MC squared, for example, is not merely 'mathematics', it's an ongoing physical event - quite indifferent to whether people know about or properly describe it, or not... < TSA - The Starfleet Archive >

For the love of Jebus, is not a technical resource.

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Today, 08:09 AM
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Posts: 6 censorship

"Sayonara is right, no one has the right to edit out anyone else's post. This is just rude. If you don't like the post just skip it. If you can't understand it, ask for clarification."

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Today, 08:16 AM
The Resourceful One
Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: Good Ol` England
Posts: 4,884

"Except where it breaks forum rules ie/ overtly offensive language.
"Where the rest of the post has been of some merit, profanity editing isn`t against the rules or being rude. it`s just keeping it clean.
that`s my stance/2 cents worth :)
MAD, BAD and DANGEROUS to Know! :)


This last entry by MAD, BAD and DANGEROUS to KNOW is directly implying that JaKiri may have ‘profanity-edited’ it. Meanwhile, there is not one word of profanity in the censored message, or any other of my messages.

The following messsages proceeded a matter of hours after the above entries:

1. Quote: (JaKiri beginning with Sayonara’s previous post) Originally Posted by Sayonara³
('There's no need to edit out his posts. We all have the option of reading them or skipping over them as we see fit.')

JaKiri responded:
He'll never learn otherwise. I have it stored it if he wants it back.

(*As though KBR’s censored message is completely controlled - to be pleaded for; in the clutches of the craven, name calling - "I LOVE THIS JaKiri manipulated SHOW"....)

Doomy doomy doom do-doom doom(*Indeed)
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Today, 09:20 AM #62
Doomy Doom
(*Note the tweedleDee
& Dummy, echoes between
JaKiri’s Doomy doomy doom-doom doom, and, that of Sayonara3's Doomy

Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: UK
Posts: 6,429
"If it gets that bad, the *Coventry option is preferable."

(*This codex is not explained by Sayonara, although ‘the Coventry’ is a location in England, where a WW II bombed out church of that name, remains as a war memorial - exactly as the Fascist-Nazi bombs and V-2 rockets demolished it - burned and censored it, rubbled it out... Take note that Sayonara3 ironically hiels from the United Kingdom of England; continued...)

"Then people have the option of haemorraging bandwidth if they want to read it."
(*You bloody well right?)

< I saw a squirrel! (704Kb DivX) > < TSA - The Starfleet Archive >

For the love of Jebus, is not a technical resource.

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Equus - KentBenjamin Robertson’s - latest post is the following. It remains to be seen if and for how long it is permitted to be posted. It may be that KBR has been permanently banned from any Science Forums posts on whatever subject, as long as the cited Fascists maintain control over altogether too readable communications.

(The first thing Ado Hit took control of, when he became Chancellor in 1935, was communications of all media, newspapers, teletype, magazines & radio - TV was not yet a public medium, though it was being experimented with in international laboratories.)


Today, 01:21 PM #63
K. B. Robertson
(*The insertion of
‘Quark’ here is not explained.)
Join Date: Jul 2004
Posts: 10 (KBR entitles this post:)


Best regards, Campers:
Well, heck: Not knowing whether this post will be likewise smothered out or not, on these notably germane subjects of bookburning and censorship, I will proceed as though this were a 2nd Amendment respecting forum, while entirely agreeing with 'editing (out) profanity', as Y2 put it.

Gotta say: it certainly was an unexpected - downright melancholy - surprise to see Indigo and Sayonara3 take their stands as they did.

Incidentally, Indigo, in response to your previous question(s) 'Does anybody think we're a ClusterFlocking conspiracy'?
Perhaps I should have used the word 'collaboration' in place of 'conspiracy', since the latter adjective - no matter how correctly used - is stigmatized as 'incredible' (ever since THE WARREN COMMISSION determined that 'Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone'; JFK was not triangulated in Dealy Plaza, and that he did 'shoot himself'.
Any other interpretation or proof is relegated to the wild-eyed, bizarre, dope addicted, commie, faggot pinko 'conspiracy theorists'. Whereas, about 50% or more of ongoing national and global corruption consists of enormous conspiracies, especially between the 'corporate state' and the 'government'.)

On the subject of 'profanity', which was notably and irrelevantly initiated by Y2 (MAD, BAD and DANGEROUS to KNOW), in response to messages by Indigo and Sayanora3, after *JaKiri 'Last edited' (razed) Equus's 'THEY CONDEMN WHAT THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND' - Cicero...

(*"I asked you for readability, but OH NO."
- JaKiri's 'explanation':
for replacing KBR's post with JaKari's innovated - ex parte, proto parlanced, ex officio - 'readability clause'.).

Whereas, the - altogether far too readable - content of the post JaKiri deigned to ‘exclude’, revealed him for the charleton, prevaricator and finger pointer he has (quite recently, if not historically) proven himself to be (In the experience of this record archived).

Premise of 'readability' has been issued before - a subjective matter of perspective that varies with the reader(s). I have acknowledged in the past that 'readability' is indeed a germane consideration, while certainly not by any axis of strong contention, especially at this point, under these circumstances. Moreover, there are literally thousands of readers who find my work not only 'readable', but worthy of recommendation to others.

The slippery entry by Y2 - MAD, BAD and DANGEROUS to KNOW implies that JaKiri may have ‘profanity-edited’ the 'Zero'd' post.

Meanwhile, there is not one word of profanity in the censored (Farenheit 451, Ray Bradbury issued) message, or any other of my messages, for that matter. Whereas, I have seen any number of profanities practiced and published in the Science Forum, and many, many other (steeply profane, 'unedited') forums, bbs's, websites and what have you (What you have).

Any who would allude to my usage of the (exemplary) word 'clusterflocking' as profanity is marooned with the mundane fact(s):
neither 'cluster', nor 'flocking' are anywhere near even being slightly unsavory. Put together they get their levititiously conveyed points across (same applies to 'whoopass', as it was, and continues, to be applied to those who most belie it):
speaking of which, is just exactly why JaKiri 451'd my post - he ostensibly trapped himself, and no one needs to read the post he Ray Bradburied, to see from the posts that preceded the ('readability' claused) purge - that it very clearly was done to avoid public embarassment; at trapping himself in a whopping flip-flop, urging myself and any other reader to blame his (conspicuous and growing) lies on Ray Bradbury (author of FARENHEIT 451), and or Bradbury's editor's... ("451 Farenheit is not the burning temperature of paper, he says it's an arbitrary number he just made up... (Paraphrased)." - JaKiri, in a ('Non-sensical, idiotic') statement posted less than a week ago.

Indeed. What a fascinatng coincidence.

Bradbury (known for his vigilance) simply threw a guestimate at a numbered dart board (three times?) and came up with 233 degees centigrade - 451 Farenheit. (Amazing.)
Che la coincidencia!)

Compounded with 'blame', and the transference of it on to someone else, in some other place ('my copy'), at some other time ('Blame it on him, not me'. ) I see... ('Blame' is certainly the 'operatively word', here...)
Moreover, from what (acknowledged) limited experience I have with and upon the WWWnet (by whatever other names), when profanity occurs, or even non-profanity that the editor(s) deem to disagree with:
the omissions are generally confined to the replacement of the rejected word(s) - in manners such as this: '#X&*+$? - etceteras, while allowing the commmunication, post, letter, what have you, to continue.
I have seen this happen many times when the #*%/+! word wasn't even profanity at all...

(For example, I have seen the word ‘Nazi’, edited out. One may only wonder who wished to censor that word, for a Fascist phenomena that is conspicuously and internationally rising... The latest example of which is vigorously demonstrated by JaKiri - a great cover name for a budding Fascisti...)

In parallel simile, and colloquial legal parlance, Mr. 451 JaKiri is (however vainly and unreadably) 'cooking the books'. Were he a corporate state employed CPA, he would be guilty of embezzlement (under special circumstances: enter in google: '', 'Brian Kirk Parquette' 'gravity is the 4th dimension', 'unified field' and 'Kent Benjamin Robertson', and/or thru _4.)

This ignonimous event (and many like and far surpassing it) will find its craven 'editor' - and what he 'edited out': posted in various forums and public post locations on the net; culminating in a much more extensive report in a firewall secured documentary - on an internet website - in the near future. Meanwhile, the story - in many variations - continues to be 'told and retold', 'over and over', 'all over the net'...
(And so it shall: As You Like It.)

Sincere gratitude to those who read the series of (Science Forum: GeneralScience: TEMPERATURE p.p. 2 - 3) posts relating to this so-described incident of 'non-readability' - and others very much like it.
(A national phenomena of dysfunctional communications. Refer, High School graduates who are functionally illiterate; THE UNREALITY INDUSTRY:The Deliberate Manufacture Of Lies & Falsity & WHAT IT IS DOING TO OUR LIVES - Mintroff, and, AMUSING OURSELVES TO DEATH, the author of which may be found in the bibliography at

Ciao, Prego y Gratzie mille
- Equus (Kent Benjamin Robertson)

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