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Posted by Kent Benjamin Robertson on July 5, 2004 00:30:21 UTC

(It is academically established that since 1900, everything written and in print is somehow directly influenced by four authors: Darwin, Marx, Freud and Nietzche.
According to authorities in Contemporary Literature, Einstein (TIME magazine's MAN OF THE CENTURY)is not included in this remarkably portentous list. There appears therefore, to be several cirriculum skipping, historically revisional schools of thoughtless Mako, Blue, Gray and Hammerhead sharks in the milk, here... Swimmmingly moving right along:

Bkparque's (Who needs no introduction?) HALF VAST (Originally, 2/'71 dated) L.A. Free Press New Gravity reviewed) UNIVERSE.
(The condensed epic of vandals who took the handle and can't afford the scandals in their sandles, adventurously continued:)

Written and posted by Kent Benjamin Robertson on May 25, 2004 19:38:06 UTC

There are several other posts at other net locations - of Bkparque's quotations from THE EVOLUTION OF PHYSICS by Einstein & Infeld, for example.
Mr. Parquette appears to be attempting 'normalize' himself (a formidable endeavor), by shifting from parroting the works of lesser known people and authors, in and extended effort to take credit for the work of others - 'making the big time at boarding house Ben's (K.B. Robertson', for example - more recently quoting Einstein, having formerly posted a series of would-be disclaimers that 'K.B. Robertson (KBR) does not represent Einstein.'
A superfluous statement of the obvious. Whereas, K.B. Robertson does non mathematically translate Einstein's work, as no one has ever successfully done before.

There are countless antipodal disparity's between Bkparque and KBR, clearly accessible and easily readable on the internet, to say the least. One of them being that KBR openly and good naturedly states of himself that he's 'an Einstein groupie', and has said this for decades. These are hardly the words of a person who is attempting to 'displace', or 'best' Einstein. Au contraire.

Whereas, Parquette, for all of his contorted descriptions and vicious proclamations aimed at KBR, comes in to increasingly sharp focus not only as a charleton plagiarizer and cravenly covetous model of profanity-spouting, beezlebub finger-pointing foul play, but also as an overtaken, publicly exposed pretender - the most important proof he's ever authenticated.

Until he took an aggressive interest in KBR's work, years ago going on to tell his email pen pal, 'Victor Was Right' (then stationed at, that he (Parquette) planned, six years ago in Sacramento, to intersect KBR in Santa Cruz and usurp his (KBR's) work. Then gamely going on in a now world wide - if obscurely known - effort to do so - before then, Parquette had no Astronomy Net or Unified Field, or Theoretical Physics star to hitch his reeking road apple and meadow pie wagon to...

Parque introduced himself to KBR, feigning overtures of friendship, visiting the latter - and his friends - in his home on a nearly daily basis for over a year; showing sincere interest and respect in everything about physical science that KBR wrote or spoke of.
Volunteered to post it on the internet and then did so, with KBR's blessings... Parquette then went on in his internet postings - as 'Posted by Brian Kirk Parquette',to 'Authored by Brian Kirk Parquette.' Interesting that he still vehemently denies this, since it's repeatedly proven on the internet in sites he can't alter, erase or hack out... ('He's all over the net'.)

Given the historical fact that KBR had published, since 1959 (in essay format), and since 1970, published and sold out five hard copy editions of his book in over 41 bookstores and internationally merchandised by mail order through the Portola Institute's WHOLE EARTH CATALOGUE, one may only marvel at the psychotic departure from reality Mr. Parquette was required to make, in order to seriously attempt to claim authorship of a book that was - however obscurely, in small press - that well known and distributed - already having thousands of readers and (still) enjoys an avid and vigilant if modest following - literally decades before Cryin' Quirk Carpette was born.

Since being inevitably overtaken by his own megalomaniacally frustrated, copy-cat efforts, Parquette transitioned to steeply bad rapping KBR and notably picking up an undeniably impressive (*rofaco inspired) following to help him do so.
(*refer through .cc/machine_2 thru, /machine_3 and /machine_4.)

Below is an extracted excerpt from 'Bkparque Vacuum'' as it appears at another site (besides this one on the Astronomy Net), in response to a windy Einstein & Infeld quote from their co-authored book THE EVOLUTION OF PHYSICS; copied, pasted and posted by Bkparque.

The following post at that site, by 'Yanuri', aptly comments: 'You copy well'; summarising of Parquette's data entry of Einstein & Infeld's work: 'So what?'
It seems Mr. Parquette suffers from what he falsely projects on K.B. Robertson - namely an undeserved association and identification with Einstein.

The posted ('You copy well') replication is reduplicated below. It appears without the somewhat cumbersome codex, at several other internet sites.
Whereas, pre-dating this run of copied excerpts from Einstein & Infeld, Parquette chronologically appears in a series of posts commenting on '*the 4th, 5th & 6th dimensions of gravity, electricity & magnetism.' Often the unprecdented statement(s) are inocently issued by others: whereas Parquette shows himself in most of these discussions - the featured *titular statement of which did not appear on the internet or anywhere else until it was authored, printed, published and distributed (Along with 'Gravity Is The 4th Dimension') by KBR and his publishing and distributing sponsors, including THE BOOKPEOPLE, in Berkeley.

Presently, the data-entry/copy & paste work of the most original source of plagiarized information on GOOGLE: Mr. Brian Kirk Parquette...
(*Refer THE EVOLUTION OF PHYSICS, by Einstein and Infeld. Apparently Bkparque reins himself in on any attempt to take credit for authoring the work, though he posts it as though he did...)

Other posts at other locations referring to *gravity, electricity and magnetism as the 4th, 5th & 6th dimensions', respectively, are examples of the *same statement - alternately subjected with alternately blameless and sinister intent - that has emerged 'all over the net' in the past four years, while having no precedent before that time (late '99): with the published exception of having been printed and distributed in hard copy small press books, beginning in essay form in 1959, going on to be published and distributed in small press books in 1970, in five more - sold out - editions, to 1999.

The above series of examples at this location is attributed to a characteristically hidden, unaccountable misanthrope 'identifying themself as 'Unimportant' (whereas the codexed prelude to this message - referring to the origin of the message preceding it, includes the unsuprising information:
">>". (Along with 'hacker', 'bomber' and 'stars', and 'pirato')

Notwithstanding the manifest - quite inescapable - fact that the statement 'Gravity, Electricity & Magnetism are the 4th, 5th & 6th dimensions', is originated by and unique to Kent Benjamin Robertson's (KBR's) authorship of THE NON MATHEMATICAL REINSTATEMENT OF EINSTEIN'S PRESENTLY ABANDONED UNIFIED FIELD: Gravity Is The 4th Dimension... (

What B.K. (Ex Parte) Parquette commissioned himself to entitle, 'version one' - having, enthusiastically volunteered to post it on the internet in late '99 - since then, cavalierly dividing that original work ('version one' - the work of KBR), into seven other 'versions', copiously based on and routinely quoting at length, verbatim excerpts from K.B. Robertson's work (the ever blossoming indomitable daisy, thriving triumphantly at the top of Parquette's incorporated and rapidly expanding manure pile), while inserting his own improvisations (via his 'velcro'-'versions' - two through eight).

For all his earned reputation as a hearsay ring-leader, Parquette is himself rumored to have boasted that he nationally popularized playing with - and otherwise co-variantly jerking - his Johnson in public, before Michael Jackson normalized it as network TV protcol, thereafter and ever since unzipped as formal and street etiquette. Reliable sources adamently assert that this is the only thing known for sure about Parquette's charismatic ability to shape-shift himself, as a chronically compulsive and versatile, Neverland - here and gone - changeling.

Getting back up to speed-reading, continued:

Consider Homer's ILIAD or ODYSSEY posted by an overzealous literature dilletante, so covetous of those works as to divide them into eight renditions; thereby spellbinding himself and no small number of uninitiated readers that the first rendition (which the reader may not even know of) is accredited to Homer, while the other seven of his ad hoc versions - divisions and revisions - 'authorize' the dexterously resourceful, improvising parasite to hold himself out as the author of them, without mentioning the original author ('version one').

Ponder the whacked out, CrackerDogJacking revolution in creative plagiarism that arises from this abject megalomaniacal buffoonery...
Alexander Dumas could be the obscurely recognized author of 'version one' of THE THREE MUSKETEERS, whereas Bkparque - and other name calling 'whackos', 'crack smokers', Bob's Big Boy franchise impersonators', and 'homosexual child molesting speedball shooters' (enter in GOOGLE '', then enter 'Kent Benjamin Robertson', and behold the labors of Brian Parquette and his accumulating minions) - could simply abrogate the original author's work with 'version two, three, four etc.'; chalk himself up as the author and exclude Dumas' THREE MUSKETEERS (for example) as the author of 'version one'.

James Fenimore Cooper may be completely excluded from THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS in the same manner, along with John Paul Sartre's BEING & NOTHINGNESS - simply by dividing such work into however many versions, revisionally re-written by a correspondingly number of authors, all of whom 'escape' the bane of plagiarism by way of the tactically ingenius numerically divisive employment of slicing and dicing whatever piece de resistance or sonnet they wish to place on their menu while excluding credit from the original ('version one') chef...

Simply add or subtract an extra sprinkle of this or that spice, condiment or seasoning to or from the standard ingredients and publicly accredit yourself for the original recipe, while excluding credit for and the name of the ('version one') founding culinary artist.

Add or subtract a few lines of Matthew, Mark or Luke, eteteras, and revise Biblical chapters to be the first or surnamed title of whomever deigns to add, subtract, whimsically or cosmetically revise this or that punctuation mark or passage.

Consider the advantage of how many more books, talent and authors (and how much less confusion?) there would be in such a typographically festive world...

Thomas More's UTOPIA and KARL MARX's Communist Manifesto might soon be 'co-authored' by innumberable ingrates attaching their S.A.G. name as authors of countlessly assignated and improvised 'versions'. Various - HELTER SKELTER - renditions of Francis Scott Keye's STAR SPANGLED BANNER might be sung at sports and social events and political rallys. (Variety - and the 3 stooges - being the spice of life? Depending on what municipality, county, or state they were germinated in...)

The constitution of the United States similarly decimated, might revolutionize democracy - and vary from village, town, county or state. Babble-on and/or Sodom & Gommora might be reconstructed and brought back in to balefully jabberwoking vogue...

The famous list of penned signatures on 'We the people', could vary with whatever presciently inclined individual or cult deigned to revise it - or perhaps certain 'versions' of it might appear under singular, varying - instead of 'co' - authorships.
An amendment might be added to allow for, legalize and sanction 'multiple versions', based on 'free speech and recourse to grievances.' Not unlike the witholding of the evidence proving who murdered JFK, in the oxymoronic name of (What?) 'national security'

Whereas, it is much more realistically and easier, to simply recognize the pilfering genius of Brian Kirk Parquette as the unlaundered jack-a-dandy he (and his amazing apprentices, understudies, followers, imitators and fan club memberships prove to be) while simultaneously denying themselves as only humanly being ('all over the net').

We now resume our regular internet entry format.

(The comprehending may optionally express or withold their compatibility and/or compliments, whereas, those who've made an art of missing points such as those made here, cannot afford to catch on, and probably never will.)

KBR recently received a letter asking how BkParquette and his flunkies can avoid the fact that they've already and ineradicably committed themselves to patently proven proclamations of 'authorship' of KBR's work, 'all over the net', on BBS stations they cannot revise, erase or otherwise control.

Not to exclude an ex officio, schizoid 'pro bono' attorney who has volunteered to defend Mr. Parquette and some of his more recent sychophants hailing from the Empire State; with Mr. Anonymous ProBono clarifiying that the Empire State ('hard earned reputational') element, in attacking and pillaging KBR and his work, has done so only 'by quoting statements made publicly by KBR, or persons with direct knowledge of KBR' - that this is 'Very smart', and that the (Clarence Darrow endorsed?) burden of disproving the wild eyed accusations and amphetamine - speedball and crackpot pipe smoking - (short & stout/handle and spout defiling) allegations posted on the internet rests upon KBR...

('Pro bono' Commentary thereby instantly establishing himself as a pillar of credibility and probably one of the milling, unwashed multitude of consistently anonymous, false email address depositing personalities Bkparquette and several of his worm eaten apple polishers have fabricated, as carriers of fecal specimens on the net...)

Other forthrightly sincere internet profilers have simply followed the WWW dotted lines and internet paper trails; caught up with the issued science, art, tort and legal codex bandits and replied that the issued whackos aren't able to withdraw or eradicate the subjected - very long necked and big tailed - commitals...
That the marinating brigands have since commenced what appears to be a diversionary series of efforts at quoting Einstein, Infeld and other scientists, while (at least momentarily?) discontinuing their formerly posted and unrelentingly famous effort to accredit themselves for the work of Rembrandt, Monet, Michelangelo, Spinoza, Johanas Salk and Alexander Fleming...

Synchronically carrying on as though they've never heard of any of those original thinkers, healerss and/or artists, haven't cul de sac'd themselves permanently on the WWW internet and that they are 'doing their own thing' - such as the excerpts preceding this message, where Mr. 'Unimportant' refrains from admitting his directly influenced reason for asking why pi r is squared, telling his readers, 'Don't ask me, ask Mother Nature'... (Nobody does it - squarely and thickly slices Sicilian pizza - better?)

This ongoing seriatim and it's multiple version cookie cutters ('who may come into some money') promise to become more interesting; in sharper focus - auguring more deeply into mainstream conciousness - after September of 04, when their only recently innovated Kamikaze Kollege celebrated graduate class leadership - has arranged a culmination of previous formal courtly appointments - will be more closely arbitrated and scrutinized by the minority of presently excluded authorships of NOT WHO YOU THINK I AM/ KNOWING YOU HAVE NO HEMMIES, the PECULIARLY SHOPPING CART PHILOSPHER-inspired original versions of WHAT HAPPENED and are due to truly fathom ENOUGH of the indisposable importance of THE REALITIES OF LIFE.

The so far generally uncelebrated, inevitably crowd and court pleasing gifts of each contributor to this word and world twisted, girl scout cookie nibbling,leadership scheduled global community spectacle - having yet to be 'discovered' by their elaborately misinformed public relations managers and legal representatives, as well as the court proper, all of whom are surely predestined to be spellbindingly enraptured.

(The forthcoming - ingeniusly arranged, fool-proof planned - Autumn festivities will include legal and dictionary interpretations - and entertainingly futile denials - of the meanings of ('self employed'), multiple perjury, the molestation and abuse of power relative to toddlers and senior citizens, as well as the multiplication of felonies and the definition for collusive malice aforethought and compound conspiracy ('In my kitchen! ')...
Including the forensically proven, feloniously repeated, deadly employment of firearms and a telling overkill of cruel and unusual punishment.

- Kiitos Palia

P.S. GRAVITY IS THE 4th DIMENSION: The Reinstatement of Einstein's Presently Abandoned Unified Field Theory, is accessible at

Reader's who consider worthy any material on the above addressed menu, are welcome to share it with whomever and however they please; with the simple request that no alterations be made from the original text or authorship, unless clearly marked and identified as alterations.

K.B. Robertson. Correspondence: ( or

Constructive criticism and sincere argument is gratefully and respectfully invited and welcome.
Thank you for reading this post,
K. B. Robertson


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