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Deare4st Dr. Wheeler

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Posted by Brian Kirk Parquette on March 13, 2002 22:30:45 UTC

Deare4st Dr. Wheeler

With all due respect, are you even aware of the Junk that is being published in your name, all the years of hard work, and the last stages of a brilliant career only to take the 3d shortfall? Why Mr. Wheeler would you exclude Mr. Robertson and Myself (the smoky dragon?) and claim to be the master of poetry? refer:brian's physics asl(american sign language0.) We all have problems Dr. Wheeler, please let us know when and where it stops....Here it comes again.
The Mean Green Biological Flying Machine
The green-traveling-luxury sprung-from-a-tree then blossomed into a riot of widely scattered continental green rivers of support for all of the likewise and corroborating revolutionary life forms that depended upon and flourishingly followed grass-green logarithmic tributaries of touraine, sprouting rivulets and aquatic capillaries; galloping and flying all about and over the contiguous EuroAsian Continent. A Supreme Organic Entity unto itself: the great EuroAsian Continental Green Grasslands River Dragon. Steppe-Mother of Nomads, Civilization and War.
Periodic drought over the Eurasian grasslands forced the Kurgans westward into Europe and southward into India and Iran in search of grazing land. The first wave of invasions into southern and eastern Europe between 4400 and 4300 BC, was followed by a second wave of assaults on Central Europe between 3400 and 3200 BC, and a third penetration into Western Europe and Scandinavia between 3000 and 2800 BC. - BEYOND BEEF: Neolithic Cowboys, J. Rifkin
Taming The Wild Horse
"The domestication of the horse changed the situation, opening up the grasslands of Eurasia to bovine pastoralism. The introduction of herding Into the Eurasian grasslands marked the beginning of a 6,000 year journey of pastoral conquest and domination that has now extended to the range lands of the American west, the tropical forests of Central and South America, and the arid plains of the Australian outback.
"The Kurgan people were the first to breed horses that could carry human mounts. These first horsemen of the plains proved a formidable force in human history. The horse gave great mobility. From atop their mounts they could manage large herds of cattle over vast regions. With the help of the horse, the Kurgans conquered the Eurasian steppes. creating the first great nomadic cattle empire in human history. The horse also gave the Kurgans a powerful military advantage, which enabled them to over-run much of the Eurasian land mass in the ensuing centuries."
- BEYOND BEEF: Neolithic Cowboys - J. Rifkin, p. p. 26 - 27

Way Back When Black, Yellow & White People Were All Green
Evolution invokes grass. Grass emulates evolution. Humankind emulates and invokes evolution and grass. Yes of course, squared.
It is noteworthy that Nature was not wasting her time with the extraordinary experiment of human consciousness: until she could afford It. The revolutionary grasses offered that cornucopian luxury. The tree found a way out of countless untold failures to sustain and perpetuate itself as a traveler; that way was the seed-casing and its grassy-flowering contents. Certainly an immense journey all by itself - from statically vertical columns of trees to horizontally rolling, tufted carpets of grass. Buckminster Fuller wrote I SEEM TO BE A VERB. He seems to be right.
Reality Check, continued:
"As regards any question of, 'Why didn't Einstein say gravity is the 4th Dimension'? He did. And categorically. Einstein said and proved that gravity is the 4th Dimension much more eloquently and elaborately; much more absolutely than I or anyone else ever will. We could reference an abundance of Einsteinian non-mathematical quotes at this time, quotes - in other words - finding gravity the 4th Dimension. Instead, at this time and in the name of brevity, well presently reference what is literally the best-known mathematical formula in the world. The direct, non-mathematical translation of which irrevocably proves - as it always has - that gravity is the 4th Dimension. The formula is E=MC2. The direct non-mathematical translation of which is: 'Energy equals Matter times the speed of light, squared'.
In grade school as well as jr. high school, I would hear other students ask a question which I have since then learned is also familiar to many others; that question being: "Inthe formula 'E=MC2', why is C (light; field energy) squared (Out of M < Mass/Matter/ Particle>; which is perceived as a static, non-expanding, non-field)?" I may have asked the question myself, but I knew less of mathematics than I do now. But others did ask that question, and that is understandable enough. The teacher's (ubiquitous) answer, which I have also learned since then is familiar to many others, was not so understandable. That (alleged) 'answer' being: 'It (C squared) actually isn't necessary'.
This answer, it will not surprise some of you to know, is quite standardized as a response to the question, 'Why is C squared, in the formula E=MC2?'
All are implored not to take my word for this. Simply ask the next physicist or mathematician you happen in to. If you pursue this question, you will get that answer or its equivalent. I had no understanding of mathematics whatsoever, and yet it still left me and many others wondering:
'If in fact it isn't necessary, then why did Einstein include it in the formula?'
One may again reasonably ask, 'What is the speed of light squared from?' Of course the only answer is, 'The speed of light (C - celeritas constant) is squared from (out of) Matter'.
Smoke On The Perrier:
*latitude (*Breadth, width, extent from side to side, distance north or south of the equator, cartographically imbued horizontal lines on a - Cartesian coordinate - marked globe, measured on a meridian. In navigation: latitude is determined by the azimuth measured distance of a given star, north or south of the ecliptic; the ecliptic being the projection of the earth’s equator upon the ever - seemingly - rotating celestial vault...
Whereas, longitude is the right angle - upright, north and south running - converse of all of the above horizontal considerations; navigationally determined with a sextant. The instrumentation of azimuth and sextant, measuring latitude and longitude respectively; when accompanied by an accurate chart as well as a chronograph, and an up to date Ephemeris, is all any adroit navigator requires. Herein, the reader will also - perhaps unexpectedly - learn that an accurate chronograph (timepiece), as well as accurate instrumentation for measuring the relative and real motions of heavenly bodies, was inspired to invention, development and application, by Western Europe’s urgency to accurize navigation and develop navies, birthing the ‘Age Of Exploration’, so as to escape the Euroasian continent and its masters, the Chinese Mongol Horsepeople: All of this and more, proven herein by the record, which authenticates itself on the foundations of the some of the greatest writings, by world class past and present historians - from Herodotus, to Socrates and Plato, to Voltaire, Clausewitz, Gibbon, Bury, Liddel, Wells, Durant, Bronowski, Spuler, Phillips, Chambers, Trippett & Keegan: the enormous contributions - and some apparent errors - of whom are anthologised in the foregoing.).
All of this is to review and clarify the context in which it is an observed and acknowledged physical fact that *no two or more physical entities ever actually touch or contact each other.
On the other hand, this conclusion is reached by way of the unanimously agreed upon and yet quite incorrect assumption that the field produced by atomic and sub-atomic structures - which Thompson refers to as 'disturbed areas' - is not a physical constituent of those structures.
Although it is proven that any two or more material systems never actually contact each other, it is invariably observed and agreed that they do have, to say the least, an 'influence' on one another. Which influence must, because they do not touch or contact, be attributed to conflicting field forces.
On this premise and for this reason, any answer to any question or consideration of whether or not two or more bodies touch, is entirely dependent upon the popular as well as literal interpretation of what is actually meant or circumspectly intended - in what qualified context - by and in the practiced; applied terms: 'Matter' and/or 'physicality'. Discontinuity is as a concept, displacing continuity; where the latter manifests in patently measured reality. A political coup in theoretical physics. Nobel Prize material in the FixQuick department of hasty discoveries. A series of historically obscure quick fixes (little denials), culminating into what only now emerges as a major cover-up. A Real Sign Of The Virtually Artificial ('L.H. Oswald acted alone') Times.
Ostensibly, contemporary physics refuses to acknowledge or term an energetic field entity, Matter(instead, grotesquely calling it an 'unstable; disturbed area'), even though that field entity disallows the simultaneous occupation of its space by any other field entity. That is to say summarily, these two qualities observed of field entities are quite literally the formal definition of matter. That definition being: 'That which possesses inertia and occupationally demands 3-Dimensions of Space'. That is Fact #3.

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