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Calgary Centre, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Amateurs and professionals dedicated to the furtherance of astronomy and related sciences.
Visited 10541 times - Selected 3 days ago
California Association for Research in Astronomy - CARA
Responsible for operation of the Keck Telescope.
Visited 7662 times - Selected 3 days ago
California Tubular Design
Maker of colorful telescope tubes. They seem to hide behind an astronomy-mall web page.
Visited 5937 times - Selected 3 days ago
Camarillo Observatory
This site is dedicated to those individuals interested in performing asteroid and comet astrometry, using simple off-the-shelf equipment! If you are tired of taking pretty pictures with your CCD camera and want to perform some real science read on...
Visited 5410 times - Selected 3 days ago
Cape Breton Astronomical Society
Club serving Nova Scotia.
Visited 8574 times - Selected 12 hours ago
Carl Zeiss, Inc., North America
Zeiss manufactures a wide array of precise optical, electronic, and mechanical devices and components. Sometimes known as "The Great Name in Optics."
Visited 5620 times - Selected 3 days ago
Carter Observatory, The National Observatory of New Zealand
The Carter Observatory is located in the Botanic Gardens of Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. It was opened in December 1941, and owes its origin to funds left by the business-man, farmer, and politician Charles Rooking Carter.
Visited 6127 times - Selected 3 days ago
Carton Optical Canada, Inc.
Supplier of several types of optics including binoculars made by Alderblick.
Visited 6451 times - Selected 3 days ago
Catseye Collimation
Specializes in an easy-to-use "NIGHTTIME" Newtonian Collimation system featuring the CATSEYE(tm) Cheshire eyepiece. They also offer the solid oak CATSPERCH(tm) adjustable Observing Chair.
Visited 6097 times - Selected 2 days ago
Catskills Astronomy Club
Amateur astronomy club 2,157' high in Mag 6 skies of Sullivan County, NY
Visited 8844 times - Selected 3 days ago
CBA Brno
CBA Brno is a group of variable star observers using CCD cameras for their work.
Visited 7514 times - Selected 3 days ago
CCD Land
Nik Szymanek's Astronomy Web Site. Here you will find details of activities in astronomy and CCD imaging.
Visited 7913 times - Selected one hour ago
Celestial Products, Inc.
Celestial Products publishes astronomical graphics, calendars, and other goodies.
Visited 7533 times - Selected one day ago
Manufacturer of Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes.
Visited 6377 times - Selected 3 days ago
Central Montana Astronomy Society
CMAS holds public star parties at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, Great Falls, Montana, on the first Friday of the month.
Visited 8486 times - Selected 3 days ago
Central New York Astronomy Club
Serving central New York State, CNYAC is a diverse group that includes people of all levels of interest and experience from amateur to a few professionals.
Visited 4605 times - Selected 3 days ago
Central Pennsylvania Observers
CPO was formed in 1997 to promote interest in amateur astronomy and observing the wonders of the night sky.
Visited 8175 times - Selected 4 hours ago
Central Texas Astronomical Society, Inc.
The Central Texas Astronomical Society, Inc. is a Non-Profit scientific orgainization with over 115 members. We are in the process of constructing an observatory.
Visited 8981 times - Selected 3 days ago
Ceravolo Optical Systems
High Definition Maksutov-Newtonian Telescopes.
Visited 8053 times - Selected one day ago
Charlottesville Astronomical Society
"Promoting the Enjoyment of Observing and Learning for All" CAS meets on the first Wednesday evening of each month in the University of Virginia's historic McCormick Observatory, which was built in 1883 and houses a 26 inch Clark refractor, the twin of the telescope at the U.S. Naval Observatory.
Visited 6012 times - Selected 4 hours ago
Chippewa Valley Astronomical Society
The Chippewa Valley Astronomical Society (C.V.A.S.) is an amateur astronomy club in Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley.
Visited 6745 times - Selected 4 hours ago
Clear Sky Institute, Inc.
Clear Sky Institute was founded in 1993 to create research-grade telescope control and astronomical analysis software for UNIX systems, particularly versions running on PC hardware. Today our flagship commercial product is XEphem, the accurate and reliable interactive planetarium tool for all UNIX systems including Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris.
Visited 8745 times - Selected 3 days ago
Club d'astronomie de la Peninsule acadienne
Club serving New Brunswick.
Visited 7408 times - Selected 12 hours ago
Coeli Software Products
Producers of acclaimed Stella 2000, Adastra, Coeli, and AstroTray Virtual Observatories, along with the educational titles Sky Quiz, Visual Planets, and the New Windows Dictionary of Astronomy.
Visited 6632 times - Selected 3 days ago
College of St. Catherine Observatory
The observatory is open to the public. Information is available on web site or by telephone.
Visited 5120 times - Selected 3 days ago
Collins Electro Optics Llc
Image intensifiers for astronomy use.
Visited 5667 times - Selected 3 days ago
Company Seven, Astro-Optics Division
Company Seven is a resource for the international professional and amateur astronomical community.
Visited 6704 times - Selected one day ago
Compare Infobase Pvt. Ltd.
Directory of astronomy web sites.
Visited 5084 times - Selected 3 days ago
Computer Optical Products, Inc.
Founded in 1983, COPI is an innovator in the design of optical encoders.
Visited 5962 times - Selected 3 days ago
Comsoft was founded in 1990 as a software consulting company providing telescope control and satellite tracking services to the amateur and professional astronomical community. Products include PC-TCS(tm) and SATPRO(tm).
Visited 6411 times - Selected 3 days ago
Cookbook Ccd Camera Home Page, The
Here is a guide to Cookbook CCD Camera Information.
Visited 7400 times - Selected 3 days ago
Cool Observatory
A Amatuer Astronomers website featuring CCD images,how to, and a many links to cool sites.
Visited 7275 times - Selected one hour ago
Coronado Technology Group
Coronado Instruments manufactures optical instruments for Solar observing. In addition to dedicated Solar telescopes they manufacture Solar instrumentation and offer consultation on Solar instrument projects.
Visited 5556 times - Selected 2 hours ago
Cosmos Pat-El Trading
The largest Astronomical center in Israel. "CosmoS" provides astronomical products and professional guidance to educational institutions and amateurs.
Visited 5782 times - Selected 19 hours ago
Coulter Optical
Telescope and optics manufacturer. Purchased by Murnaghan Instruments. Maker of Odyssey line of telescopes.
Visited 15605 times - Selected 3 days ago
Cutler of New England, Inc.
Makers of hand crafted telescopes.
Visited 5237 times - Selected 3 days ago
Cyanogen Productions, Inc.
This company markets the "MaxIm DL" image processing software, and MaxIm DL/CCD imaging software which controls CCD cameras, autoguiders, filter wheels, telescopes, and focusers.
Visited 9530 times - Selected 2 days ago
Cygnus-Quasar Books, Books by John Kraus
Book topics include Radio Astronomy and antennas.
Visited 5328 times - Selected 3 days ago
Cyprus Astronomical Society
Cyprus Astronomical Society was established in 1990 by a group of professional and amateur astronomers living in Cyprus.
Visited 7294 times - Selected 3 days ago
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